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Posted by Tim Bryce on October 31, 2012


– The variables we know about our current president.

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In less than one week we will know who will serve as our president for the next four years. Forget the polls. As I have said all along, this comes down to a few key variables we have to keep in mind when we’re in the voting booth:


It’s no secret our economy can be described as lethargic at best. Our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is at a paltry 1.3% and only reached a high of 4.1% in the last four years. The federal debt is now in excess of $16 trillion ($6.4 trillion added over the last four years), and we’re now in excess of 100% of the GDP. Translation: we’re spending more than we bring in.

The United States has dropped to #3 in terms of exports (with China and the European Union ahead of us). The balance of International Trade in Goods and Services is now at -$42 billion.

The federal deficit has grown to $1.2 trillion over the last four years and we have been operating without a budget for the last three years which is inexcusable.

Other indicators of economic woes include:
– The country lost its AAA credit rating.
– In 2011 we experienced 1,410,653 bankruptcies (96.61% of which were consumer filings)
– College loan debt now exceeds credit card debt.
– Average gasoline prices have risen $1.85/gallon to $3.86/gallon over the last four years.
– Food stamp recipients have risen from 32 million to 47 million (+46%)

It is rather remarkable the president discarded the report of his own Council of Economic Advisers which basically concluded it was necessary for the government to cut spending.


Despite the president’s stimulus/bailout programs, there are still 12.1 million Americans unemployed (officially). Understand this though, another 2.5 million persons marginally attached to the labor force in September had not searched for work in the previous four weeks.

Those worker groups particularly affected include: teenagers (23.7%), blacks (13.4%), and Hispanics (9.9%).

The country experienced 43 continuous months of +8% unemployment. This represents the president’s entire term of office, almost.

Interestingly, the president failed to meet with his own Jobs Council for more than six months.


With U.S. oil exploration and drilling slowing to a crawl, Americans questioned why the president would throw the government’s weight behind Brazil, a country that also received a $2 billion loan for its state-owned oil company from the U.S. Export-Import Bank. Meanwhile he has turned his back on the Keystone Pipeline which would help the country become more energy independent while creating thousands of much needed jobs for Americans.

The United States still imports over 341 billion barrels of oil, most of which from OPEC and Persian Gulf countries, thereby cementing our dependency on this dangerous part of the world.

While energy costs have nearly doubled as a percentage of the annual family budget, heavy handed regulations from the EPA are making what we pay for energy an even greater burden on our families and our businesses.

The administration’s “War on Coal” has forced the industry into retreat, eliminating 1,200 jobs and closing eight mines in Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The president has created a regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal, America’s most abundant, reliable resource.

And there remains no policy or course of action for energy independence, despite having considerable gas, oil, and coal resources in our possession.


It is no secret that 13 million illegals currently reside in the United States costing taxpayers an average amount of $1,117 per household. Efforts by states to stem the flow of illegals has been rebuffed by the federal government in the form of lawsuits against them. Interestingly, a new lawsuit was recently filed by federal immigration agents against Homeland Security for policies they say prevent them from doing their job of defending the Constitution.

Then, of course, there is the failure of “Fast and Furious” which cost the life of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, and destroyed the credibility of the president’s attorney general, the country’s first sitting member of the cabinet to be held in Contempt of Congress for withholding documents related to the scandal.

The attorney general has also been at the forefront of prohibiting states to secure their borders and implement voter identification programs. In addition, he has been an active proponent in implementing the Pretrial System which has jeopardized security by putting criminals back on the streets as opposed to properly processing them through the courts.


True, the president is recognized for his approval to eliminate Osama Bin Laden, but the rest of his foreign policy can hardly be called credible. The Muslim Spring led to the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, not democracy. It also led to our ambassador in Libya being killed and our embassies attacked, which is strongly reminiscent of the Carter administration. No matter how the president tries to spin it, we are still engaged in a “War on Terror.”

The Muslim Spring also marked a turning point for the United States as the administration adopted a policy of “leading from behind,” whereby we allowed other countries take the lead in determining policy in the Middle East, thus putting into question our country’s credibility as a superpower.

Defense has been significantly weakened. For example, we can now only fight in one major arena, not two. This is unlike when we were forced to fight in both the Pacific and Atlantic regions during WW2. There is now a strain in America’s relationship with two of its traditional allies, Great Britain and Israel. Should war come again, we may very well find ourselves alone. A recent Pew Research poll reveals the president’s approval ratings have dropped considerably among foreign nations, including Muslim countries.

The biggest concern though in foreign policy is our hands-off position regarding the buildup of Iran’s nuclear program, a potential powder keg in the making.

UN Agenda 21, which the administration has quietly embraced, is perhaps the biggest threat to the country’s freedoms as defined by the U.S. Constitution. This is a program the administration hopes will pass before the people recognize it for what it is, a genuine threat to the American way of life.

In these dangerous times of foreign intrigue, you have to question the wisdom of dodging the presidential intelligence briefings.


The president’s Obamacare reform is his signature piece of legislation, yet it is still opposed by the majority of Americans. The complexity of the law has had an adverse effect on business who still doesn’t understand its ramifications. After it was studied by the Supreme Court, Americans were surprised to learn it represented the largest tax increase in U.S. history.

The president also touted gay rights, not only in terms of marriage, but in the military as well. Meanwhile, the existence of God came under attack.

More disturbing, this administration has fostered the cultivation of a Nanny State whereby freewill is supplanted by the will of the government. This has changed the face of America from “the land of opportunity” to “the land of entitlement.”


This sounds more like the work of an apprentice learning on the job as opposed to an experienced leader and manager. The next question is, do we stay the course or pick a replacement? Staying the course means you approve of the condition of the country as mentioned herein. True, there are people who will vote by blind devotion along partisan lines, but I would like to believe that voting for a person means you feel they are the most competent to do the job, not because of political ideology. Party politics are nice, but supporting job competency is more important, now more than ever.

Some would argue Governor Romney would not do as well as the president under the circumstances. One thing is clear, he cannot do worse. President Obama’s label as an “empty chair” president seems justified or, as I am reminded, “While Nero fiddled, Rome burned.”

I don’t want to give the impression the president is a complete failure. After all, he did succeed in making Jimmy Carter look like a star.

“If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”
– Barack Obama, February 1, 2009

Keep the Faith!

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  1. Tim Bryce said

    A W.A. of the Dominican Republic wrote…

    “Your chart gives a concise and clear picture as to what has taken place in the past 4 years. How long can the president continue to blame our economy on Bush, especially when Obama made the promise to cut the deficit in half? One can easily see, that he missed the mark by 11 trillion (5.5 trillion is what he said it would be after 3 years but instead it has increased by 5.5 trillion). He had 2 years to get anything done he wanted to get done, including passing a bi-partisan budget. So what does he spend those first 2 years doing, getting Obamacare passed and government bailouts and investments with our money into solar and wind companies that went bankrupt. Shovel ready jobs were not created and he and his cronies laughed when they announced that “I guess shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as we thought, ha, ha, ha.). And now we have the Benghazi tragedy, where our ambassador to Libya was murdered along with 3 other men and the president will not even give a press conference regarding this. Understand, that my wife and I don’t live in the US anymore, but we want to make sure that when we fly back to see our children and grand children that the US is still a Republic and not a Socialist country moving toward a one world government. If you really want 4 more years of the same, then you will definitely get what you voted for and God help us all.”


  2. Tim Bryce said

    An M.B. of Clearwater, Florida wrote…

    “I am very glad you mentioned Agenda 21. I’ve been trying to warn friends about this for a couple of years now, but they have no idea what it is unless they live in places where it’s implementation is fairly far along already, like Oakland, California. Those people are in deep doo-doo. I would hate to be a homeowner there now.”


  3. Tim Bryce said

    What bothers me is that the Obama administration is so flawed, they are either horribly inept or acutely aware of what they are doing (I suspect the latter). It has all been by design, certainly not by accident.


  4. Tim Bryce said

    An M.B. of Clearwater, Florida wrote…

    “I totally agree with you. Obama is no dummy. He is a brilliant socialist who is determined to bring us to our knees in order to implement socialism, which of course will end up being a communist dictatorship as it always does, because human nature is not advanced enough to make socialism work. Jesus was a socialist, but most of us are not Jesus or even close. At the same time, signs of fascism are everywhere, confirming what I’ve always believed….. Fascism and socialism are not opposite ends of a line, they are the ends of a circle. It matters not whether governement owns the means of production or whether huge, multinational corporations fund politicians and own them and therefore own the government, the result is the same either way, slavery and subsistance for the people. But, as Hitler said, tell a big lie and tell it often enough and people believe. People believe this is the most free country on earth, which could not be further from the truth these days. Our press is ranked 37th freest, and I watch Russia Today TV online to get real, uncensored news, something I never imagined I would be doing! We are in a very big cage, so big we can’t see the edges of it, but it’s a cage nevertheless. The owner of that cage is central banks, which are the REAL rulers of this planet and have been for a long, long time. Jesus knew who the bad guys were way back then. The one time he was violent was when he dragged the userers from the Temple and whipped them. If Obama or Romney don’t do what they say, they will end up like Kennedy, who signed an edict that we would start making our own money again 3 days before he was killed, thus ending the usorious extortion of the Federal Reserve. I don’t believe in coincidence, and as a gun user, you know the chances of Oswald making that shot at a moving target, with that crappy gun are about the same as your chances of winning the lottery when you haven’t even bought a ticket. I don’t think they (the bankers, led by the Rothschilds and a few other families; the Rockefellers in this country) have let anyone get near being on the ballot for President since Kennedy, unless he was already in their pockets, so our elections are really dog and pony shows to preserve that illusion of freedom I was talking about before. That is why we get the same thing, no matter who is elected, and what we the people want is ignored. Armed resistance is futile, for obvious reasons, though I believe it may come to that if Obama tries to use the UN to take our guns. We need a massive, passive refusal to comply that will bring them to their knees. That is the only way to take this country back, IMO. They have the power, but we have numbers for now. Their Operation Garden Plot will put an end to our numbers, so we don’t have a lot of time to grow some cojones. We have to stop paying our income taxes (which are illegal anyway, since 36 states never ratified the 17th ammendment), en masse, stop taking on any debt (which is what the banker parasites live on), en masse, stop paying property taxes, en masse, stop leaving our foreclosed houses, en masse, and so on. Our oppressors have done a bang up job of whipping up all sorts of animosity and divisions between us to prevent that, and I am not optimistic at all. It’s a damn shame. Ben Franklin predicted this, and all other Democratic Republics have devolved into dictatorships before us. We need a rapid evolvement of consciousness into human being 2.0, or the fat lady will be singing very soon. “


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. of Largo, Florida wrote…

    “I fear for my kids and grandkids. I hope the moron and his minions lose in an avalanche Tuesday”


  6. Tim Bryce said

    A C.W. of Tampa, Florida wrote…

    “As always, an excellent write. You have presented a plethora of information for any one individual to assimilate and process.

    When Mr. Obama was elected to the honorable position of POTUS in 2008, I openly admit that I was disappointed. I feared he lacked the knowledge and experience to do the job effectively and efficiently. Upon subduing my disappointment and considerable deliberation, I decided that perhaps I did not give him enough credit and should, at the very least, afford him an opportunity to prove himself. To this day, I can find very little information about the man, (a fact I found disconcerting during the 2008 campaign). I bought what I believed to be his autobiographies, studied them and came away alarmed. As I read his books, concern and dread is what I was left with.

    I was raised in Europe during the Vietnam era. Socialism was alive and well and I was afforded an education in foreign politics most Americans cannot comprehend. You might say, I was ahead of the game living in a Socialized Nation and just across the Berlin wall; Communism threatened my families’ very existence on a daily basis. On top of all that, we were stationed in Europe because my father served in Vietnam and was shipped overseas so as to not be over exposed to a most ungrateful Nation. I learned allot about totalitarianism and Liberty in those influential years of my youth.

    Upon finishing Mr. Obama’s books, I came to the conclusion that this man had a deep hate for our Nation, its role in the World and our Capitalist Society. Like so many Americans of today, he misunderstood what Capitalism is; and like most Americans, he was too lazy to learn the difference between Capitalism and Corporatism. In his books, he is decidedly anti-Colonialism, as were our founding Fathers. However, his purpose in life is not to illuminate the oppression of Colonialism but, rather, to destroy what he describes as the evils of Capitalism. You have adequately described what he has done with his term in office and it requires no iteration from me.

    I gave Mr. Obama the benefit of the doubt for his first two years. He squandered those two years upon forcing a non-healthcare reform bill down the throat of the American Nation. I stood against this legislation as I correctly perceived it as a massive tax bill and a form of Socialized Healthcare. I was right. The Senate, behaving like school children, has disregarded their obligation to the Constitution and the American citizen. Lacking any semblance of a balanced budget has plunged our already indebted Nation further into debt. We are now on the brink of absolute bankruptcy with no indication of hope or change.

    My vote will be cast for Liberty, or at least, the best chance for Liberty. Mr. Obama has failed me as an American citizen, has failed my Nation as a whole and failed the World as a leader. I do not know if his opponent will do much better as, should he win the election, he will inherit a much greater mess than the current POTUS did in 2008. As a Nation, our Liberty is in dire jeopardy and risk. America, whether it be Democrat or Republican, must consider its Liberty above all else. I do not believe that either party is interested in preserving Liberty for anyone but themselves…in and of itself a violation of their sacred oaths.

    It is my hope, indeed my only hope, that America considers its Liberty while casting their ballot. This is an exceptionally important election and we, as a Nation, a FREE Nation, can no longer afford the oppression and inconsideration of Party Politics. America is the last bastion of hope to any individual that would live free. We owe it to ourselves and our descendants to vote intelligently.”


  7. Tim Bryce said

    A B.M. of San Francisco, California wrote…

    “Excellent! This article lay’s all out plain and simple. Anyone with even the slightest cognitive abilities should be able to understand that Obama has failed and failed very badly. We can not afford four more years of his insanity.”


  8. Tim Bryce said

    A J.S. of Skidway Lake, Michigan wrote…

    “Actually, this looks more like the work of an apprentice NOT learning on the job. If there were any indications of improvement, I could see why some would choose to re-elect the president, but clearly there are none. The US is in bad shape, but we have so much more to lose and cannot risk another four years of “change’. “


  9. Tim Bryce said

    An M.S. of Naples, Florida wrote…

    “Thank you for sending me your article where you really pound the liberals with economic facts. I can see why they are upset about it.

    Tim, it is very important that you continue to write and defend authentic conservative values. As such, please accept my respectful suggestion that you include the sacred defense of the unborn. We cannot defend property and rebuild our economy– if Americans continue to be exterminated through abortion. I would love to receive your feedback.

    It is my pleasure to be in touch with you.”


  10. Tim Bryce said

    An O.B. of Macon, Georgia wrote…

    ” I am almost scared still that the current president will be elected again. If he does not get elected look out for something to happen before the end of the year that lets him stay in the drivers seat,,,which will trigger war.”


  11. Tim Bryce said

    An M.M. of New York City wrote…

    “Anyone with even the slightest cognitive abilities should be able to understand that Obama has failed and failed very badly

    That leaves out a huge number of Americans.”


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