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Posted by Tim Bryce on November 19, 2012


– How and why the term “Teabagger” is used.

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Whenever I write a political column that is conservative in nature, I am often accused by my liberal readers of being a “filthy Teabagger.” I have found this expression to be rather amusing. They might also compare me to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, FOX News, etc., all of which are designed to suggest we are fanatically evil and bent on distorting the truth. I have my own views on these entities which I have shared in my columns over the years, some things I like, some things I do not. However, I cannot dismiss them out of hand when I compare them to the liberal media who spins their own doctrine.

Although I am not a member of the Tea Party, I have met many of them over the last few years. Frankly, I have found them to be articulate in their concerns, and nothing more than conscientious citizens. Not once have I heard one of them utter a racial expletive, call for the assassination of anyone, or any other gruesome activity. They are simply unhappy with the course the country is taking. Their beliefs can be condensed into three simple points:

* That the government should abide by the U.S. Constitution, thereby guaranteeing our freedoms and liberty.

* That big government and over regulation inhibits business and, as such, should be reduced.

* That the government has a fiduciary responsibility to operate within its means, meaning to operate within a balanced budget.

There may be other minor considerations, but these three points represent their principal concerns. They also want their government representatives to subscribe to these rules and have been very instrumental in getting people elected who share their views. Further, they see government officials as servants of the people, not the other way around. Frankly, I have a difficult time refuting their arguments which is why I am occasionally accused of being a “filthy Teabagger.”

I find this expression interesting as it is intended to vilify people thereby sabotaging their arguments. By their baseless accusations, liberals and the media have cleverly clouded the public’s perception of the Tea Party, and turned “Teabagger” into a dirty icon resulting in a Pavlovian response.

Interestingly, the media teaches the public it is okay to ridicule, criticize and condemn the Right. Not surprising, attacking the Left is considered off-limits. As a small example, if the Republicans were in charge of the White House now, the press would unmercifully attack them for Benghazi, the Budget, the Economy, and the many gaffs of the Vice President. Needless to say, this hasn’t happened. The hypocrisy of the media is overwhelming, yet the public seems unconcerned.

Whereas the Tea Party is unfairly vilified, the left has carte blanche to openly attack conservative candidates and celebrity supporters on social media using vicious discourse, e.g., Stacey Dash. Yet, the media never seems to take them to task over this. Again, hypocrisy in action.

Frankly, I see nothing wrong with the word “Teabagger,” but treat it more as a compliment as opposed to a condemnation. Maybe instead of being offended, we should simply say “Thank you.” Being polite usually confuses the left. As an aside, I am actually quite “clean”, which is more than what I can say about a lot of my liberal opponents.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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  1. Tim Bryce said

    A J.S. of Tampa, Florida wrote…

    “You always do a great job of putting things into the proper (happens to be mine as well) perspective. Thanks”


  2. Tim Bryce said

    A J.D. of Land O Lakes, Florida wrote…

    “Although I don’t really consider myself a member of theTea Party, I agree with all of their tenets. The opposition has no strong arguments against the Tea Party views other than a basic disagreement (screw the Constitution, big gov’t to solve my problems, spend like a drunken sailor). When they run out of intellectual arguments, they have to resort to name calling, with terms like “racist” and “teabagger”. The instant those terms get used, the person using them has admitted defeat.”


  3. Tim Bryce said

    A B.M. of Washington wrote…

    “Excellent article. The left seems to think that name calling is the reasonable way to deal with anyone they disagree with. It is very immature and really rather pathetic.”


  4. Tim Bryce said

    A D.T. of North Carolina wrote…

    “Here Here!”


  5. Tim Bryce said

    An N.M. of Montana wrote…

    “Love the article. Excellent write.

    I love tea and crumpets. I use the ” tea bag” It makes wonderful tea!

    When you ignore someone it hurts their egos. It also takes my b/p down a good 5 points. The back and forth tit for tat is so immature and accomplishes nothing.

    I agree with the political correctness of words. Our skins have become too transparent. We need to toughen up like we used to be in America. The rate we are going not being able to say “this or that”, because we may offend “them or those” the English language will simply disappear. We can go back to speaking gibberish..”


  6. Tim Bryce said

    An A.H. of Jacksonville, Florida wrote…

    “Good article. My take:

    Never heard the term “filthy teabagger” I hear “teabagger” but consider it as follows:

    Party: Republican, Democrat, Tea Party

    Slang: Conservative, Liberal Teabagger (teabagger just because no one has come up with a more mainstream name that has stuck)

    Don’t think “filthy teabagger” “hypocritical liberal” or “fat cat conservative” (etc etc etc) advances anyone’s cause to garner support from anyone other than the people who already support them.

    Don’t think any of the conservative commentators you mentioned are “inherently evil”, but are paid to present the conservative to far right conservative viewpoint only. As such, I view them, like Bill Mahr and Keith Obermann: as entertainment – not news.

    I am probably fiscally conservative and socially liberal. I don’t think the global financial collapse on George Bush’s watch was his fault or the amount of time it is taking to come out of it is Obama’s fault, anymore than I think the worldwide price of oil could be controlled by any US president. I don’t think the debt, which is a HUGE issue is one party’s fault, but both party’s fault. I watched a good round table of the CEO’s of Honeywell, Blackrock, UPS, and NASDAQ. Each one of them talked about politicians as the issue, not liberals or conservatives. There was a great line by one of them (I think the Honeywell CEO): “Republicans say they won’t address revenue increases without entitlement reform and Democrats say they won’t address entitlement reform without revenue increases – sounds like there is a deal there to me” (I think I got that quote right).

    I have become (based on my real voting record) the “we” that wins or loses the election for either party. Well, not me personally, my vote, more like “the royal we, you know like the editorial” [The Big Lebowski – best movie ever].

    Keep the faith – love the banter, slur filled or otherwise!”


  7. Tim Bryce said

    A P.L. of Orlando, Florida wrote…

    “Very true. They are people who feel we need to restore our honor and values of America, the way it was for many years.”


  8. Tim Bryce said

    An L.R. of California wrote…

    “The pernicious will always vilify that which might be endanger their horrific agenda. All we can do is press ahead and pound home the righteousness of our belief in the Constitution. Never give up! NEVER.”


  9. Tim Bryce said

    A G.B. of Oregon wrote…

    “Good work product – the Progressive left see the Tea Party as a significant threat to the 120 year effort to make the Constitution a “LIVING DOCUMENT” which it is not. They have used the courts to permit the legislature and the executive to usurp power. The court actually gave itself usurped powers outside of the Article III limits. It is standard procedure for the Progressives to call names and disparage all that show their movement to be in violation of the Constitution. They lose the debate on the facts and just slander the opponent using straw men and red herrings. Do not address the facts point to a new opinion change the subject.”


  10. Tim Bryce said

    A K.I. of Colorado wrote…

    “The name-calling and use of ridicule and slander is a part of the hard Left’s ideological offensive, as codified in Saul Alinskiy’s ‘Rules For Radicals’. But one is wasting one’s breath if one says to such a foot soldier of the far Left, “Don’t you dare try to stifle free speech. That right was too hard-won,” because the far Left doesn’t WANT The People to have the right of ‘free speech’ as defended and codified in the Constitution. They don’t want ‘negative rights’ – ‘The government shall not…’ i.e., a list of things that the government cannot do to The People (who are the rightful sovereigns in this form of government; i.e., the individual). They want ‘positive rights’ – a list of things that the government can and should do FOR the people. And thus make the people dependent on, and beholden to, the state FOR their rights.

    The far Left in America, then – under their Dear Leader, Obama – want a revolution, replacing the American Constitution with one more like the former Soviet Union’s, where the state runs the whole show, and ‘the people’ are just subjects TO the state. Want, as you say, ‘a living document’ – so that they can tailor it to their ends, and interests. It’s a con job of major proportions. Let’s hope that The People will wake up in time, and take back their country from these – oh oh. Better not call them something offensive. They’ll say that I’m just being hypocritical”:


  11. Tim Bryce said

    A C.H. of Nevada wrote…

    “The problem I see here when the word Tea Bagger is used to define a group of people is that most voters don’t even know what a Tea Bagger believes. Just ask one! They get their information from the very people who would destroy their own country, namely, the media and and whoever controls the puppet in the White House. If the socialist union members held up the same signs they would think it was a sign from God who they apparently don’t have faith in anymore!”


  12. Tim Bryce said

    A G.B. of Oregon wrote…

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”
    – Winston Churchill


  13. Tim Bryce said

    A B.H. of Boulder, Colorado wrote…

    “Typically, when one side (or an individual) starts name-calling or labeling the other, it’s a sure sign they’ve lost the argument – whatever it was about … because they have no rational or logical response and feel compelled to say SOMETHING to deflect the other side’s comments. It also speaks to the relative level of intelligence involved. My father always told me that you could curse, but that was something that “polite” people simply did not do in mixed company. So, what that tells us is: either (a) someone isn’t very “polite”, or (b) they don’t much CARE what anyone else thinks.”


  14. Tim Bryce said

    An L.M. of Chicago, Illinois wrote…

    “I have adopted your “3 Simple Points” in my emails. Exactly correct.”


  15. Tim Bryce said

    A C.M. of Pennsylvania wrote…

    “Well said! Love the article.”


  16. Tim Bryce said

    A J.S. of Skidway Lake, Michigan wrote…

    “I equate the Tea Party with true American patriotism, just like the original Boston Tea Party. You are spot on about the Left, too. The media would, indeed attack a conservative administration for issues such as Benghazi, unemployment, the economy, and the many gaffs of the Vice President. I’m sure that the Hostess bankruptcy would be included.

    I’ve noticed, too, that political correctness requires no criticism of alternative lifestyles, non-Christian religions or treasonous political actions. Nothing is wrong anymore except those things that have long been considered decent, holy, traditional and civilized. There is a reason why our traditions have endured. They work.”


  17. Tim Bryce said

    A V.W. of Virginia wrote…

    “A great article… The left has nothing but half truths or lies as from what I have seen even on here… Look, at how they lied about Romney, committing a felon and causing a woman to die only to find out this was another lie released by Obama’s campaign manager Susan Cutter… they portrayed this man to be out of touch with woman and so on … They were desperate and Mitt gave him a run for his money alright… their goal was to destroy the character of a Mormon man who was a decent person… The left couldn’t have any of that as they don’t seem to have any morals….

    I don’t pay any attention to the dribble that they spill out here as I have even seen them write an article and only use the first line of the article to try and discredit the conservative… Then another uneducated follower as this is what they do best , play follow the leader rewrote some of the article in his comments…. I went and researched it and sure enough the first line was taken from there and they didn’t bother to read the rest of it and it wasn’t that long of an article…. but they picked what they found to be useful, not what the truth was….”


  18. Tim Bryce said

    An F.M. of Texas wrote…

    “As usual, Tim, a great article! You hit the nail on the head. The only thing missing is that “teabaggers” and “teabagging” are sexual terms used often within the homosexual community. In this case they are used in a derogatory sense as a kind of Liberal backroom bawdy put down – snicker, snicker. This by a Liberal/Left community that prides itself on being stalwart supports of the gay community.

    I’m sure that you knew this but just didn’t fit into your article. Yet I, myself, refuse to use the term “teabagger” for that reason rather preferring Tea Party members. I wish that you would too.”


  19. Tim Bryce said

    An M.G. of El Paso, Texas wrote…

    ” I would also add that the left is not done trying to destroy the Tea Party and anyone who disagrees with them. They feel that they have won the election and this gives them the right to do as they wish. They have become the modern version of the Sturmabteilung (i.e. SA-Brown Shirts) and it infuriates them when I mention the similarities.”


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