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Posted by Tim Bryce on January 24, 2013


– Are we really addressing the challenges of the day, or are we being distracted?

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I recently posted a comment on Facebook regarding the presidential inauguration held last Monday, to wit:

“You know, I am really not interested that:
– Beyonce lip synched during the inauguration.
– What clothes Michele or the children wore, or how they wore their hair.
– Bill Clinton was caught ogling Kelly Clarkson.
– Michelle was spotted rolling her eyes at House Speaker John Boehner.
– The president’s speech focused on social reform.

Frankly, I’m more interested in:
– Fixing our struggling economy.
– Putting America back to work.
– Reducing the federal deficit and debt.
– Creating the first budget in four years.
– Revising and enforcing our immigration policies.
– Enacting a sane policy for energy independence.
– Devising a standard and intelligent electoral process that doesn’t cost a fortune.
– Revising our policies on federal lobbying.

Let’s focus people! Beyonce can wait. The American people cannot.”

I made this comment off the cuff. I didn’t realize it would result in several “Likes” and “Shares” in the network, not to mention considerable feedback from my readers. I guess I had touched a nerve and was surprised by how many people felt likewise.

It should be the media’s responsibility to keep us focused on the pressing issues of the day, not to distract us from them. Tabloid journalism is one thing, keeping the American public abreast of our challenges is another. It makes you question their motive and who they are working for, certainly not the people.

I don’t care how the president tries to dress it up on February 12th, the State of the Union is not good. Whether you voted for the president or not, the facts are undeniable. The quandry though is what our priorities should be, the economy or social reform? Will we be proactive or reactive in how we address these problems? Our government only reacts to what they consider are the country’s highest priorities (with some miscellaneous pork thrown in). If the media contends Beyonce’s lip synch is more important than the federal debt, don’t look for the powers in Washington to be overly concerned with our $16.3 trillion debt, or with our GDP, unemployment, balance of exports, etc.

Until such time as the American public demands more journalistic responsibility from the media, don’t look for our government to address the proper priorities of the people.

Like I said, let’s focus people!

Keep the Faith!

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12 Responses to “LET’S FOCUS PEOPLE!”

  1. Cynthia Miller said

    What could two guys possibly say that would make a woman roll her eyes? Probably not something that should be on the news.


  2. Jenn said

    Excellent post and I agree whole heartedly!! I really don’t care much for the any of the pomp and circumstance of the Inauguration– I’d just like to see the country get back on track.

    Cheers, Jenn


  3. Tim Bryce said

    A J.P. of Palm Harbor, Florida wrote…

    “Of course we’re being distracted. Distracting us is a gazillion dollar industry. It’s the basis of all marketing strategies. “Look at me, don’t look over there” or “Look over there, don’t look at me”. We’re being taken every day by a shell game gone wild.”


  4. Tim Bryce said

    An L.M. in Chicago, Illinois wrote…

    “Hallelujah! I’m done with him, his policies, his views, his words. I don’t want to see him or his silly family. I don’t want to hear him, know his activities, where he’s going, what’s he doing (or not doing) and especially what he thinks about anything. Talk to me 2016 when we get to play patty cake with Hillary.”


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A W.A. of the Dominican Republic wrote…

    “Was a little disgusting to see all the fuss over these ridiculous things, but what can you expect. Even The Five on Fox gave these things time.”


  6. Tim Bryce said

    A B.W. of Macon, Georgia wrote…

    “Talk about media responsibility, Take a look at YouTube, the Sandy Hook hoax

    The sheeple are so easily led by the media that fine details are completely overlooked. Trouble is afoot “Watson.” WE must be alert to it.

    Demanding something from the media requires that we stop reading/listening to it almost entirely. What back media, commercials because commercials sell. Stop the buying power of the commercials and we might be able slow down the media, But with George Soros as the prime owner with an agenda hell bent to evil, even that might not be possible.”


  7. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. of Largo, Florida wrote…

    “There is no such thing as Journalism integrity any longer. I don’t even think they teach it in Journalism classes anymore. The media seems to be caught up in “Who can get the scoop first” and damn the facts.”


  8. Tim Bryce said

    A J.C. of Phoenix, Arizona wrote…

    “What we don’t know about an issue and fail to question is what will, in the end, hurt us. I say now, beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing… become educated and use your brain, don’t be influenced or distracted by the talking points of the media or politicians.

    “We the People of the United States” need to wake up and lead the conversations and address the challenges of the day otherwise we will get more of the same… Beyonce lip synched during the inauguration, Bill Clinton caught ogling Kelly Clarkson…”


  9. Tim Bryce said

    A J.S. of Skidway Lake, Michigan wrote…

    “Tim, I’m beginning to think that most of the media has become tabloid. We can’t believe what we read and we suspect spin and cover ups. There is no trust or confidence in politicians or the media reports. We are all tired of the blaming, whining and incompetence. Our country has serious problems to solve.

    I get so annoyed when the internet news pages headline celebrities and political fluff. If there were a way to block photos and stories, I would block the Obama family, Hilary Clinton, and the Kardashians, among others.”


  10. Tim Bryce said

    A B.F. of Lubbock, Texas wrote…

    “Are you trying to say that Beyonce’s lip sinking is not the pressing issue of the day? You certainly wouldn’t be able to prove it by listening to the news, would you?

    Where is that budget anyway?”


  11. Tim Bryce said

    An R.T. of Atlanta, Georgia wrote…

    “The sheeple are more interested in the frills (or lack thereof) than the truly important issues of the day. That’s why we call them sheeple.”


  12. Tim Bryce said

    A B.W. of Macon, Georgia wrote…

    “Not too long ago there was a program on TV where two commentators were telling how politics really works in Washington. The arguments hit the floor of the house or senate, but are settled at lavish parties later. Richest counties in the country are around DC and they said that Lamborghini and Ferrari can’t keep cars in stock and the money used to buy them is taxpayer money. Now I truly believe that the only way were are going to pull out of the and begin to climb back to a moral and just society is to scrap our government, have a civil war and start all over again. The corruption is far to wide spread to fix “


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