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Posted by Tim Bryce on April 3, 2013


– And how about your other government officials?


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Let’s take a little quiz. See if you can name the following government officials (answer only those positions applicable to your area):

– Your Mayor
– Your City Manager
– Your Chief of Police
– Your City Clerk

– Your Commissioners
– Your Superintendent of Schools
– Your Sheriff
– Your Tax Collector
– Your Property Appraiser

– Your Governor
– Your Lieutenant Governor
– Your Attorney General
– Your State Senator
– Your House Representative

– Your President
– Your Vice President
– Your Secretary of State
– Your Chief of the Supreme Court
– Your Speaker of the House
– Your President of the Senate
– The Senators from your state
– Your House Representative

Okay, maybe you got a handful right, and maybe you cheated by looking them up on the Internet, but surprisingly many people do not know who their duly elected officials are, be it at the federal, state, county, or municipal level. Then again, maybe it’s not surprising as most people are rather apathetic about their officials thereby allowing them to have their way with the public. If you have a question or want to voice a criticism, it would make sense to at least know who your officials are. Whether you voted for the person or not, or of your party or not, your officials have a responsibility to represent you. After all, they were elected to work for you, not the other way around (which is why I listed the officials as “Your”).

Fortunately, there are some good Internet addresses available to you to track down your officials:

U.S. House of Representatives – you must supply your zip code, assuming you know it.

U.S. Senators – again you have to know that pesky zip code.

My favorite site though is “Contacting the Congress” which is a comprehensive listing of all of your representatives in one place.

You might also want to have your children take the same quiz and test their knowledge about their government officials. Better yet, check your basic knowledge of the world around you is the Pew Research Center – The News IQ Quiz.

Check it out. If you didn’t score well, perhaps it’s time for you to either brush up on your general knowledge of “Your” Government or burn your voter registration card.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. Tim Bryce said

    A B.W. of Perry, Georgia wrote…

    “This is not a fair question test for me,

    A couple of years ago, I was called for jury duty, When it came time for the judge to ask me questions, he glanced up over his glasses and asked if I knew the plaintiff, I answered that I did, Do you know the prosecution attorney, and again I answered that I did, he then asked me is there anyone in this courtroom that you don’t know, I answered that there were two that were there for jury duty that I had not met,

    He then dismissed me and said, ‘See me for coffee later?’

    Of course that was years ago and the folks have changed but I know most of them because I drink coffee with them on Wednesday mornings at Mickey D:s. But even with in my group there are those who do not know who or what their elected officials are there for.

    Results. American has dumbed down, Apathy has taken a deep hold and the people want the government to “take care of them””


  2. Francis Dryden said

    LOL… Well Tim you got me this time! As you may remember, I am now living in Mexico and I can’t even pronounce the various representatives names, vote or not vote for them or certainly, in most cases, converse… guess I better buck up huh?



  3. Tim Bryce said

    An M.T. of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania wrote…

    “Great topic Tim, I am keeping your sources for reference. Unfortunately, the best time for people to evaluate this question is BEFORE they vote them in office. Take the lack of vetting for Obama – enough said”


  4. Tim Bryce said

    A J.S. of Skidway Lake, Michigan wrote…

    “I don’t think most people can answer all of these without reference. We live in an unincorporated township where everyone knows everyone and local elected officials not only each wear several hats, but are rarely voted out of office.

    Small local government keeps red tape to a minimum. Need a burning permit for yard waste? Call the fire hall and they will say yes or no, depending on the wind/weather and if yes, give you a number. No paper involved. Got legal property or ordinance questions? Call the township hall and ask. You’ll get the information from whoever answers the phone. Plain and simple.”


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