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Posted by Tim Bryce on September 27, 2013


– Does anybody go to jail anymore?

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Last month, US Attorney General Eric Holder announced the start of a new program allowing people arrested for minor drug offenses to be released as opposed to being locked up in jail.(1) This is not surprising as the AG has been a proponent of pre-release programs for quite some time (click HERE) and is encouraging county and municipal jails to follow suit. In a nutshell, the program is intended to minimize or eliminate jail time as proponents argue the cost of incarceration has skyrocketed. Instead of locking up a suspect, they are released under their own recognizance. This has produced mixed results. True, the jail saves money, but there are also countless stories of people failing to appear at trial or committing additional crimes while awaiting trial. Even people with lengthy and questionable rap sheets are being allowed out, all under the rationale of reducing jail costs. This obviously does not bode well for the safety of our communities.

As mentioned, county and municipal jails are starting to follow suit, particularly here in Florida. To illustrate, I am aware of a county jail where the lock-up rate has fallen dramatically. Just a couple of years ago, the county averaged 200-300 lockups every day. Now that number is down to a paltry 25, all because the Sheriff needs to meet his budget. 200-300 may be a lot, but 25 seems way too few. This means a lot of people are evading incarceration, many with a long laundry list of prior arrests. They may be evading jail, but they are also returning to the communities they are menacing.

Sadly, the citizenry is unaware of this problem. When a person is arrested, it is naturally assumed they are going to jail. The reality is, they are probably not. As long as AG Holder and our sheriffs continue to distribute “Get Out of Jail, Free” cards, you have to wonder about the safety of our neighborhoods and the priorities of our law enforcement officials. If the money is not going to incarcerate offenders, one can only wonder where it is going. It would seem now is a great time to turn to crime, a sort of national moratorium on capturing the bad guys.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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6 Responses to “GET OUT OF JAIL, FREE”

  1. Tim Bryce said

    A B.F. of Lubbock, Texas wrote…

    “It seems currently, we are not a Country of laws – At least laws that are enforced.”


  2. For many years now people arrested are released P T R (Pre-Trial Reelease) [for free] but paid for by taxpayers many times with the taxes of the very people attacked and or robbed and many times get out almost quicker than the cop who arrested them is done with paper work. Many times I’ve written a bond for someone dropped at the jail and had the jail call me several hours later telling me to come pick up my bond because they are going out P T R! Some of these same criminals are released over and over many times a year and for the same crimes! It’s gotten a lot harder for an honest bail bondsman to compete with the jails P T R program since it’s free to them! One or two times a year for a minor crime I understand, but not over and over again and for serious crimes too! P T R has been know to release people from other states and people with no addresses, many times [late at night] they cannot even check to see if the information the criminals give them is even true, but that does not stop P T R from releasing them over and over and they miss court over and over because they know nothing will be done to them for missing court. In fact it’s very hard for a bondsman to get the state attorney to charge these criminals with Bond Jumping even when the do it over and over. It is also very hard to get any help from a police officer when someone on bond misses court, even when the Bondsman calls them and tells them they are at the Bail Jumpers house and looking right at them. Bondsmen usually can’t bring them back when they miss court, but many times it’s family members and friends that block the bondsmen from arresting them and the police just turn a blind eye. It almost seems many times the police don’t seem to think it’s their job to help arrest Bail Jumpers, in fact for a long time now the Sheriff wont even give Bondsmen proof needed to verify that the person has a warrant, we have to use a system that is open to the public to check and it is usually wrong many times we have orders from the court to pay a bond and many times the sheriff has not even put the warrant in the system. Sometimes it seems the Sheriff is doing all he can to keep the bondsmen from being able to arrest people who jump bond. If you can commit a crime and for sure several times then you should have to pay for your own bond instead of hard working tax payers!


    • Tim Bryce said

      Ron – Unfortunately, the general public has no knowledge of PTR. Even though I’ve written about it in the past (and will do so again in the future), the public just doesn’t “get it.” To me PTR, is scary as Hell.

      All the Best,


  3. said

    Another damn shame that keeps piling up with all the others.


  4. Francis Dryden said

    What do you bet the few that are kept in jail are guys who have stopped in for a couple of beers after work and got nailed by an over zealous 5’3”, 150 lb. police person because they pose absolutely no risk. The guy that is falling down drunk and being picked up for the umpteenth time for DUI is the one who knows how to get PTR. A very ugly situation indeed.


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