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Bryce: Pinellas school suspensions drop, but we can do better

Posted by Tim Bryce on November 23, 2013


2 Responses to “Bryce: Pinellas school suspensions drop, but we can do better”

  1. Tim Bryce said

    A C.T. of St. Petersburg, Florida wrote…

    “Read your column in the Trib. One thing you missed is that suspensions are no longer a measurement of anything other than the lower the suspension expulsion rate the better the principal eval, and some cases are black and white especially when an arrest is involved where suspension and expulsions must happen.

    RTI is nothing more than chance after chance and documenting the problem. It is a long drawn out process that does nothing to improve behavior but prolongs a bad situation.”

    A D.B. of New Port Richey, Florida wrote…

    “Teachers are now being forced to keep the trouble makers in class! They are frowned upon for writing refferals and now other students education time is being spent trying to focus on stupid exercises to correct the students behavior, when what is really need is a good old fashion spanking!”

    An H.B. of Clearwater, Florida wrote…

    “FYI, suspensions drop because administrators and teachers are coerced into accepting “alternative” relief to unruly, unsocialized, unparented kiddies who basically undermine the educational experience of other children with proper upbringing. Ain’t the liberal public education “no child left behind” model grand?”


  2. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. of Largo, Florida wrote…

    “Wonderful! In my day, we had “900” schools where the offenders were sent, never to be seen again in school til they graduated from there. Made for a peaceful environment.”


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