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Posted by Tim Bryce on May 28, 2014


– How the next set of voters see America.

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We are now in the sixth year of the Obama presidency and way past the point of blaming President Bush for everything from the economy to hang nails. A lot has happened during this period, the most noticeable of which is a slow, yet apparent, dismantling of the United States. Youth growing up in the age of Bush and Obama do not comprehend the greatness which characterized America; it is a foreign concept to them. They may not appreciate how we survived WW2, put a man on the moon, and became the industrial juggernaut of the world, but they will be voting in the next election and have no comprehension of what America once was and could be again.

Our youngest voters do not understand the meaning of a massive and escalating debt, a growing welfare state, excessive spending, and a horrendously slow recovery. Since they have nothing to compare it to, they think this is the way things should be.

Militarily, we have diminished our ability to fight. Historically, American policy for defense included the ability to fight in two arenas of operation, as in WW2 (Europe and Pacific). During the Obama administration this was changed to accommodate only one theater of war. Since WW2, America accepted and assumed a leadership role in military matters. Today, we “lead from behind.” To young voters who do not possess a sense of history, this appears to be perfectly normal.

At one time, America was the leader of the space race. This all changed during the last six years where we no longer have a policy or major objective for space, and now depend on countries like Russia and China to allow us to hitchhike into space. Basically, we sacrificed our space initiatives for social programs. To our youth, names like Werner Von Braun, Alan Shepard, John Glenn, Gene Kranz, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins, have long been forgotten, as well as their accomplishments.

In terms of energy, when you mention a gallon of gasoline was as little as 29 cents a gallon in the early 70’s, 55 cents in the late 70’s, they are inclined not to believe you. And if you mention gas prices were $1.84/gallon at the beginning of the Obama administration, they are at a loss as to why gas today sells for approximately $3.60/gallon, and do not appear to be particularly concerned about it. Whereas energy independence should be our top priority, the Obama administration blocks all attempts to revive the Keystone pipeline project and cultivate the gas fields in the Northeast, thereby putting Americans back to work, all of which is okay with youth imbued with “green” initiatives and “global warming.”

Our young voters have only known of gridlock in Washington, DC. The president thwarting Congress through any and all means seems perfectly natural to them. Ronald Reagan, even in his day of conservative politics, found a way to work with a Democratic Congress, but not Mr. Obama, not unless you count the 11th hour attempts to raise the debt limit, something he, himself, repudiated when he was a Senator from Illinois.

The legal system has changed vastly. The pretrial release system for processing prisoners puts public safety at risk and is aimed at eliminating the bail bond industry. Drug offenders and illegal immigrants today only get a slap on the wrist. The Commander-in-Chief enforces only those laws he feels is pertinent, least of all guarding our borders. And his Attorney General, the nation’s “top cop,” became the first AG in history to be held in both criminal and civil contempt. If our younger voters are not concerned, why should the rest of us?

Our public educational system has changed from teaching and motivating students, to memorization and testing. Further, an educational bureaucracy is about to become more invasive in the lives of our children with the coming of Common Core. Youth, who have just experienced several years of such education, is now comfortable with this approach.

Even the concept of capitalism, long an inherent part of the American free enterprise system, is under attack by the current administration. By creating a division between the “have’s” and the “have nots” and enacting legislation arresting the development of companies, such as the highest business tax rate in the world, the administration is creating a stifling business environment and moving the country closer to socialism. Young voters show no sympathy as they have been taught to view business, both big and small, as inherently evil.

The division between Americans also seems perfectly normal. Even though it isn’t politically correct, the country has been divided along racial, sexist, and economic lines. The media becomes the judge, jury, and prosecutor in the court of public opinion. By doing so, it stays in lockstep with administration policies and positions. If they do not, journalists are immediately taken to the woodshed.

The culture of corruption surrounding the White House is unprecedented. Evidently, it is now acceptable behavior for all the cabinet departments to stonewall the Congress regardless of lawful subpoenas. It has now been documented there have been hundreds of instances where the president has lied to or misled the American people. Evidently the ends justify the means, regardless of the costs. This is what the White House and young voters understand to be “transparency.”

Some would claim President Obama is openly dismantling the United States and creating a massive bureaucracy to invade every aspect of our lives. Although studies show young voters do not necessarily trust Obama, they have been trained to accept his policies.

This is how our next set of voters understand the world, not based on our past glory. To them, this is all perfectly natural and how they perceive politics working and business conducted. This does not bode well for the next election. If you are a concerned parent, it is time to discuss with them what capitalism is, the dignity of work as opposed to entitlement, the American Dream, the Constitution which explains how our government is supposed to work, and above all else, an understanding of our history. Don’t rely on the teachers or media to explain it as it is not in their best interest to do so; it is up to you, the parents, to set them straight. Do not abdicate your responsibility.

Obama’s secret to dismantling America is not all of the devices mentioned above, but developing an apathetic generation of voters who will embrace Mr. Obama’s policies well into the 21st century.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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  1. George D. Benham said

    You have definitly described the problem. Our roots are drying up for lack of nutrition.
    The solution must begin by putting God, prayer, and the Bible back in state run schools.


  2. Tim Bryce said

    A B.H. in Boulder, Colorado wrote…

    “And why might that be? Why, because we don’t TEACH HISTORY in school anymore. We wave our hands around, and give it short shrift and CALL IT “History” but it’s not. And, “History” majors in college aren’t in much demand in the job market … unless you’re going to be a history teacher.”


  3. Tim Bryce said

    A B.F. of Lubbock, Texas wrote…

    “They are indoctrinated in the school system that the more government the better life will be.

    They are taught that “Utopia” lies in the hands of government and all the ills of the young will be healed. The young sadly are not taught to think critically.

    There was even an article that says with “Common Core” the children are taught in effect that the government loves them more than their own parents. Gee – the better question would be “why wouldn’t they accept the ideology?” For all intents and purposes, they’ve been brainwashed.

    Everyone gets a trophy, either everyone is rewarded or no one is – You know it’s all for the “common good” of government.”


  4. On the whole then, support for Obama is a matter of perspective: i.e. NOT having the perspective to do otherwise.

    For much of that younger demographic, the greatness of America’s past is the result of ‘things that just happened’ in the past. For many younger people, and true to the doctrines of the older Left that created this current ‘reality,’ America rode a tide of good fortune and greed to attain its place in the world. There is no particular sense of what it took either to achieve those results or of the ongoing sacrifices of generations to preserve it. Likewise, there is little understanding of the continuing imperative to stay strong to stay safe in a world that, if anything, became more rather than less dangerous, as Cold War challenges gave way to the more fragmented conflicting interests of the 21st century.

    Tim, I really take exception to only one comment from the sad and all-too-true litany of decline in your commentary. Your reference to public education changing from a role of “teaching and motivating students, to memorization and testing” misses the mark in one respect. Memorization implies content to memorize, but current trends in curriculum are so ‘content-light’ (‘lite?’…40…50…60% less content than the original brand.) that there is little to provide rigor even for rote memorization. Memorization, for all it’s status as a low level learning function, at least provides a standard against which to measure the value of future learning. The purpose of much modern curriculum is to systematically destroy any sense of a standard of objective truth and, instead, to pursue a series of stand alone objectives for molding the minds of students: diversity, tolerance, peace, compassion, equality…all for the sake of an overall goal of feeling good about oneself and others.


  5. Tim Bryce said

    Bill –

    My concern with education is that the emphasis on memorization discourages creative thought and speech. I’m of the opinion all students should be required to get up on a soap box and give a short speech, and be prepared to defend their position. Unfortunately, this is not so anymore. It’s now a matter of operating within the rules of political correctness as opposed to achieving results.

    I am also concerned about how history is deemphasized. To illustrate, at the local High School here, “American History” goes from WW2 to the present, and “World History” goes from WW1 to the present. Consequently, our youth do not understand how or why our country was founded, the brilliance of the Constitution, not to mention the lessons of Marco Polo, the ancient Greeks and Romans, and documents like the Magna Carta.

    Instead, students are awarded for nothing more than their ability to memorize facts. This concerns me greatly about the future of our country, both politically and professionally.

    All the Best,


    • I don’t believe we really disagree about this much, if at all. We do, however, see the issue from slightly different perspectives. I’m reminded of the response one wag dished back in response to the statement of Murphy’s Law (“Whatever can go wrong will go wrong”). With a sad shake of his head, he opined, “Murphy was an optimist!”

      You’re spot on re. the teaching of history, which, with economics, was my forte for 35 years in the classroom. The purpose (as with most of ‘modern curriculum’) is to destroy any sense of an objective standard to which one might refer to assess the rationality of current choices. The old saw “If one doesn’t stand for something, then the chances are he’ll fall for anything” applies in spades. Fast forward to support for the Obama Administration, and you see where that ends up. Students are robbed of context, but doubly so: first, by never having been taught about the events that occurred, why they occurred, etc.; then, again, by never being exposed to the realities of moral/ethical judgments vis-a-vis those events. The world becomes just a series of random events, with no focus save the pure intentions of policy-makers…as A.B.F puts it so well in the comment above.

      My point really, overall, is that memorization–as poor a form of ‘learning’ as it is–would often be an improvement over what actually does occur. The standardized testing that generally has become the be all and end all of current practice doesn’t, for the most part, call for a regurgitation of facts. “Facts,” as we know them, are entirely downplayed in the name of hollow expressions of the feelings and opinions of the responding student on the test. A writing prompt might, for example, ask a student to express how (s)he feels about some situation and what action (s)he might be inclined to take. But in the scoring of the response, and therefore in determining the degree of proficiency demonstrated, there is no effort to judge the logic, propriety or rationality of the response. Communicating a threatening attitude toward other people MIGHT garner a follow-up, but, short of that, the focus is solely upon the mechanics of the response…and even that to only a minimal degree.

      The existence of ‘facts’ presupposes some standard of ‘truth,’ whereby ‘fact’ can be distinguished from ‘fiction.’ But ‘truth,’ in the ‘down the rabbit-hole’ world in which we find ourselves today, has a simpler definition than that. ‘Truth,’ in the world of proponents of ‘better living through government fiat,’ is nothing more than what will make you feel good about yourself and others. In that system’s schools, students are rewarded, when it is all said and done, for agreeing with what the accepted authorities have carefully crafted to make them believe. In that world, “memorizing facts” (as determined by an objective standard of truth) would often be a positive improvement!




  7. Tim Bryce said

    An R.L. of New York wrote…

    “Propaganda is the key to fomenting minions of useful idiots…….Albert Speer accomplished the impossible in Germany during the 1930’s: complimentary patriotic photos, friendly newspaper acquisitions, worker rallies, etc. which propelled Adolf Hitler to power…our children have been brainwashed in progressive social justice….i.e. Communism….for years by the government run public schools and the main stream media….comedy news outlets and Hollywood have finished the job……guaranteed none of them has ever read Marx and Engels……Saul Alensky’s Rules for Radicals is more appropriate for these young Obamabots..”


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