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Posted by Tim Bryce on July 16, 2014


– An excellent representation of the president’s record.

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As you may remember, I spent many years in Little League, coaching boys baseball and girls softball. I also served as an umpire and on the local board of directors. My emphasis was to teach the mechanics of the game, teamwork, and the general love of the game. Most of the time, I kept score of the game myself, but I also taught several of my kids to do so. Keeping score is actually not too difficult and is good for keeping the game fair and the other team honest. It is also helpful to track where the batter has hitting the ball in prior innings.

Every game requires a good scorekeeper, including American politics. Using my scoring capabilities I decided to develop a baseball scorecard to record Mr. Obama’s play while in office. It is a true record of his performance. Those of you baseball aficionados who understand a scorecard will quickly figure it out. For the rest of you, consider this a lesson.

The only other item I might add to the scorecard is the president’s relationship with the main street media, for which he would obviously get an “Intentional Walk.”

Keep the Faith!

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6 Responses to “OBAMA’S SCORECARD”

  1. Sorry Tim this old Canadian just doesn’t get it… I can see what you are getting at but don’t understand baseball scorekeeping I guess. That being said, it looks like at no stage did he make it home with anything in which case, I guess he screwed up huh?


  2. Kevin Schachter said

    I hope you would be just as critical of a Republican President. In fact, let’s see your scorecard of Boehner, or Rubio, or Christie, or Cruz, or …


  3. Tim Bryce said

    A J.B. of Kansas City, Missouri wrote…

    Witty and inventive, unfortunately those who don’t know how to read a baseball scorecard won’t get it.”


  4. […] OBAMA’S SCORECARD […]


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A D.F. of New York City wrote…

    “This is brilliant. Many writers have used the game as metaphor including yours truly, when writing fiction, but you’ve opened a new chapter here.”


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