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Posted by Tim Bryce on August 15, 2014


– “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you…”

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The “COPS” television program recently began its 27th season. Originally on FOX television, it has since moved over to SPIKE TV. Over the years I sampled some of the episodes, but it wasn’t until SPIKE started playing its “COPS” marathons that I really got hooked on it. I have probably seen hundreds of episodes and I never seem to tire of them.

I’m not sure why it fascinates me, other than the suspects captured represent the dregs of society. I am also surprised how professionally the police officers handle themselves in the face of these bone heads. If it were me, I would probably taser them first and ask questions later; “Zip,” “Zap,” “Zip,” “Zap,”… Even when the criminals are tasered, they somehow continue to resist by chanting, “What I do? What I do?”

The suspects have an excuse for everything and accept no responsibility. Even when they are captured red handed, especially with drugs, they adamantly contend, “That ain’t mine.”

“But I found it on you,” the officer argues back.

“Nope, that ain’t mine.”

Most of the suspects do not carry any form of identification. The cars they drive (or stole) are somehow “borrowed” from a friend or relative who doesn’t exist. You have to wonder how the police officers keep a straight face when they hear the excuses. It’s hilarious. I particularly like it when the police officer says, “What do you think, I’m stupid? I wasn’t born yesterday.” Nope, “That ain’t mine.”

I find it amusing even after the police have read the suspects their Miranda rights that they continue to talk and volunteer information to the police. The officers play this well. For example, after reading the suspects their rights and asking if they understand them, the officer’s next question is, “Okay, what were you doing in there?” And the suspects begin to babble away freely.

The drugs of choice on the show are primarily methamphetamine, crack, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, and marijuana is everywhere. I suppose they are all unrelated, one doesn’t lead to another, right?

Having watched the show so many times, I contend the people in possession of drugs is anyone with tattoos and piercings, no shirts, pants hanging half-way down their butt, with a baseball cap on backwards or are driving a POS. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. No wonder the police pull over so many people for “suspicious behavior.” The suspects might as well slap a sign on their car stating, “Drugs on board. Come and get me.” They should be tasered just for how they look. None seem to have a job, and they’re all out on parole. Instead of cleaning up their act though, they would rather carry a gun or deal drugs. No wonder we have so many career criminals.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that my wife and I are the last ones not to have tattoos, take drugs, are under the influence, or who haven’t stolen a car. God I feel old. It’s scary when you consider there are more of “them” as opposed to “us.”

Critics contend the “COPS” program trivializes police work and focuses on the poor. Hardly, it simply shows what they have to deal with on a routine basis (which is not good). Yes, there are moments when the officers have to get physical with some suspects, but my hat is off to them in terms of maintaining their composure and remaining civil and objective even when faced with these knuckleheads. If it were me, all you would hear is “Zip,” “Zap,” “Zip,” “Zap,”…

After reading this, some might accuse me of lacking compassion. Not true, but I no longer have patience for these products of immoral parenting.

Next time you need a good laugh at some dunderheads, or want to watch people performing their job professionally, tune in “COPS” or their sister show, “JAIL” where they show how suspects are booked and incarcerated. Both shows portray law enforcement personnel in a positive light.

Keep the Faith!

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5 Responses to “WHAT “COPS” TEACHES US”

  1. Chris Payne said

    This should bring you lots of love!

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Good Day Sir Timothy!
    An interesting thing… one day in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada about 6 PM I was driving away from my condo when a pretty nice SUV passed me like a mad man and zoomed down the street. I followed and kept him in view in hopes he would make a stop and I could phone 911.
    Well I was going down this fairly busy street with the idiot in view coming up to a very busy intersection when I saw him veer right into a gas station and park in behind an apartment building adjacent… At the same time a police car whipped by me and pulled in behind the idiot’s vehicle.
    The larger and obviously tougher policeman who was driving leaped from the police car and was all over the idiot, slamming him face down in a mud puddle and then lifting him up and slamming him across the hood of his shiny new SUV which I had by now noticed had a sticker from a rental company on it.
    I was standing beside the second policeman and offered a statement which he thanked me for and asked if I would mind waiting until they had “the creep” in the car… I agreed of course.
    I asked this second policeman how in hell would a deadbeat like this get a credit card to get a rental car and was told that this particular company would rent them vehicles (always fast and showy) with a large cash deposit! I won’t mention the company but they should be shut down or arrested themselves for knowingly aiding and abetting crime and criminals.
    The creep had weapons, lots of cash (no doubt earned honestly! lol) and drugs all over the car.
    I should name this company so that the public would shun them but I am sure the police have shared their knowledge of the company amongst themselves… I would imagine they would tend to have a good look at folks that rent this company’s vehicles.

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  3. said

    I’ll have to watch some of those programs. I had no idea. All we hear about on the news is “police brutality”.


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