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Posted by Tim Bryce on August 29, 2014


– Why are the trucks breaking down?


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Down here in Florida we have a lot of problems with trucks breaking down, particularly those used for delivery or maintenance. It seems every time you make an appointment with a driver to drop something off or a workman who is scheduled to perform a task for you, they can never seem to be there on time and blame the truck for breaking down. Does this happen elsewhere in the country or is it something unique to Florida?

By my estimate, all of our roads should be littered with truck parts strewn everywhere. No wonder Detroit needs a bailout since it appears they no longer know how to make a workable truck anymore, nor do the Japanese, Koreans, or Germans. I would love to be in the truck repair business as they must be making a mint.

“No Tim, you don’t get it; there is nothing wrong with the trucks, they’re just using this as an excuse.”

Really? Gee, why can’t they just call and reschedule? That would be more respectful of the customer who wouldn’t waste time waiting on an air head who is probably going to do a ding-dong job for you anyway.

Maybe its just me, but I tend to have more respect for a person who admits a mistake as opposed to fabricating an excuse. After all, who does he think he is fooling? Me? Hardly. In our culture we tend to look at the admission of a mistake as a sign of weakness. I don’t. To me, it’s an admission that a person knows his/her limitations and is asking for help. I would rather know this as soon as possible as opposed to waiting for a calamity to strike and suffering the consequences thereof. It is a Bryce’s Law that, “The longer you delay admitting a mistake, the more expensive it will be to correct.”

Think about this, which is worse – the mistake or the excuse? It’s the excuse, right? After all, it’s only masking a mistake and means you are wasting precious time trying to uncover it. What’s so terribly wrong with admitting, “I screwed up” (I would use something stronger, but you get the idea). This is like saying, “I’m human.” I learned a long time ago that nobody is perfect, least of all myself; and, as humans, we all make mistakes in our walk through life. It is inevitable. It bothers me though that we tend to cover it up as opposed to admitting we have a problem. Consider this, the last guy who was perfect, they hung on a cross.

So, you have a choice, if you’re going to be late for that appointment or have a problem fulfilling an obligation, don’t fabricate an excuse; let me know ahead of time so I can plan accordingly. Either that or fix the damn truck!

Keep the Faith!

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2 Responses to “EXCUSES”

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  2. Tim Bryce said

    A C.A. of Toronto, Ontario wrote…

    “I opted to build a house once… No not myself, I am just not that handy. I had it build to the exact specifications that my wife and I wanted.

    The ‘contractor’ we hired had “guys” as he referred to them for walls, “guys” for electricity. “Guys” for cement, “guys” for painting and the list goes on.

    Point is, whoever the guy was, each had a big truck, some even had tractors and lifts. I cannot tell you how often one of those industrial devices broke or needed maintenance. Oh no, thank God, they never broke down while working on site.

    I quickly came to realize that they were common industry tactics, I mean excuses, oops sorry I really meant to say valid reasons for not fulfilling an agreed job on X time. Sad and frustrating to the person who needs to have things done and often the ‘Next Guy’ can’t come till the first shows up…

    It is not unique to Florida, I am in Canada.

    I don’t think its a reason for Detroit situation either.
    As for the Germans Koreans and Japanese, Its all very similar, they are try to make a buck selling to America, and to stay competitive, you need to find ways to lower costs.

    At the end of the day, its all excuses. As you said.

    It felt good reading your post and felt venting my comment lol.

    Thanks Tim. “


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