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Posted by Tim Bryce on November 19, 2014


– Can anything be done about the money spent on political campaigns?

To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. recently reported $3.67B was spent on the 2014 Mid-Term Elections, another record. The GOP spent $1.75 billion, and the Democrats spent $1.64 billion. No matter how you try to rationalize it, this is an obscene amount of money and foreshadows what will be spent in the 2016 election.

This tells us a few things. First, the money reinvigorates an irresponsible press. Instead of it going to such things as medical research, fixing our infrastructure, or helping the needy, we’re going to give it all to the morons in the media, thereby making them stronger and more influential (and misleading). Second, it means you cannot possibly win a major race, such as the presidency, without at least $1B, probably more. This promotes the influence of the rich, the 1% the Democrats complain about. Third, and most importantly, it tells us about the sheeple who vote.

It occurred to me this election cycle we have traded votes for advertising. It is no longer a matter of the voter taking the time to study the issues and making an intelligent decision. Instead, people prefer listening to the distorted rhetoric of the media and be herded accordingly. Such tactics are dangerous in a democratically elected Republic. It means money supersedes human intelligence.

This is why I have long been an advocate of voter certification. To my way of thinking, people should not be allowed to vote unless they can pass a basic civics test, and can prove they are upstanding citizens, meaning they can prove their citizenship and haven’t committed any felonious crime.

I would also like to see some campaign reform whereby for every two dollars collected as a political contribution, one dollar must go into a special fund used to support medical research, fixing our infrastructure, or helping the needy. This kills two birds with one stone; It does some good by contributing to some worthy causes while diminishing the power of the media. That’s called, a “Win-Win” scenario.

This, of course, will never happen as no politician has the moral fortitude to implement such a policy since they would perceive it as a threat to their reelection. Nor do I suspect the media will be supportive advocates. I suspect we’ll have to be content knowing whoever has the largest purse strings will win the next election.

Ah well, I can dream can’t I?

Keep the Faith!

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8 Responses to “BUYING THE VOTES”

  1. Don Frankel said

    Tim, I’ve long held that there is money in politics because that is the way all the people involved want it. You make an excellent point here about how it corrupts the media not just the politicians. But I’ve also taken note that the Main Street Media is really a niche media. If you add up all the people who watch it and I mean all the outlets you get about 27 million people and that’s no more than 17% of the adult population. So that means most people get their information somewhere else. Drudge? You? Me?

    Also with streaming, and DVR a lot of people don’t even watch commercials. I could well be wrong here but I think all those contributions are down payments on future government contracts, legislation or regulations that benefit the people making them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tim Bryce said

      Don, thanks for your note. I think it is a little more than 17%, but your point is well taken. Whatever the number, it is penetrating the conscious of our culture. This is how fashions start. I just wish we had a populace who could think for themselves as opposed to relying on the media to tell them how to think. This is why I am a big advocate of voter certification.
      All the Best,


  2. Tim Bryce said

    An F.H. of Florida wrote…

    “Seems like we would have to pass a law against it and the very people who would have to pass that law are the ones spending the money.”


  3. Tim Bryce said

    A J.H. of Maryland wrote…

    “Funny thing …. in Maryland, Anthony Brown spent more than $21 million to LOSE and has a $500 thousand loan to repay (2 weeks past due) and the GOP candidate, Larry Hogan, spent slightly more than $4 million. So my answer is yes something can be done. When you screw up badly and run negative campaigns you need to spend a lot of money to try to erase the bad images in the voters’ minds.”

    A D.B. of Parkersburg, West Virginia wrote…

    “I am not as concerned with money in politics as I am with politicians who can be swayed or influenced by money. We spent less electing the leader of the free world, and the largest economy in the world by far, than Proctor and Gamble spent advertising Tide. We spent less in 2014 electing the Congress, Governors and State Legislators than we spent buying Halloween candy. Let’s keep this in perspective. If a legislator sells his vote he should go to jail but I don’t think campaign contributions no matter how large or small should disqualify either the voter or the candidate. Full disclosure is the only remedy.”


  4. Kit News said

    Great piece, well done. When can we get you on about your books? -Dave


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A T.S. of Chicago, Illinois wrote…

    “Yes we can! Term Limits 12 yrs total in congress

    Reduce the debt by forcing a review every other year in congress of a department with each department required to have a separated funding bill. So in the review they have to defend that what they are presently doing is worth the money.

    I see eliminating departments as the best way to reduce spending. We may be able to reduce welfare if they have to break their budget into each program and present data and trend directions. And present it in open committee meetings.

    REF: “Liberty Amendments”, by Mark Levin two of his draft amendments.”


  6. Tim Bryce said

    An R.S. of California wrote…

    “I have bad news for every candidate or cause whose campaign bombards me with phone calls just prior to elections, I HATE THOSE CALLS, and tend to be alienated rather than inspired to want to join their causes.”


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