– My most popular columns this year.

This is my last column for the year as I prepare to enjoy the holidays and rest up for 2016. As has become customary, I’m going to use this opportunity to review my top essays from the past year.

It’s been a busy year in 2015. I reached my 1,000th article on my regular blog (WordPress) on November 11th. My 1,000th on Blogger will be sometime in early January, and I achieved my 600th posting on SpeakWithoutInterruption.com on October 23rd.

As you know, I write on a variety of subjects, such as management, systems, technology, social issues, politics, and observations of our changing world. Sometimes my work is instructional and informative, other times it is controversial or humorous. I certainly hope it isn’t boring. By the number of subscribers I have, their comments, and the hits I have on my web site, I do not believe this is the case.

For my year-end column, I researched my statistics to see which were my most popular. Herein, therefore, are my “greatest hits” for 2015.

NOTE: You can find the audio versions of these columns at my channel on YouTube.


“The Masonic Role in American History” – #5 overall
“Seeking the Truth”
“The Jackson/Tubman Debate”
“The Golden Era of America (1945-1960)”
“1976 Reds versus 1927 Yankees”
“9-11 Remembered”


“The Power of Prayer” – #4 overall
“Inspirational Videos Teaching Morality”
“Why Oldsters are Mean”
“The Meaning of Life”
“When are we on our Own?”
“The Secret of Happiness (a short story)”
“The Frustration Factor”
“The Simple Pleasure of Friday Mornings”
“How to Maintain Your Sanity”
“Differences in Family Values”
“Evoking Memories”
“Black November”
“Passing the Buck”


“The Need for Checks and Balances in Nonprofits”
“Why Do We Tolerate Incompetence?”
“Your Duties as an Employee”
“Moving from Theory Y to Theory X”
“Business Writing”
“Engaging Your Workers”
“Music in the Workplace”
“Our Sense of Professionalism”
“When Havoc Strikes”
“The Perils of not Knowing Your Responsibilities”
“Democratic Management”
“Are We Getting Lazy?”


“What is Wrong with this Picture?” – #6 overall
“The Jewish Vote” – #7 overall
“Cultivating a Culture of Fear and Anger”
“Mad as Hell”
“Again, Into the Abyss”
“How the Press Controls Political Campaigns”
“The Real War on Women”
“Special: GOP Stereotype Season”
“At the Breaking Point”
“World War III”
“Special: 3 Questions for Hillary Clinton”
“Republican Portrayals”
“Why the Left Hates Donald Trump”
“Hillary Can be Beaten”
“Will the Republicans botch the 2016 Presidential Election?”
“Legislating Political Correctness”
“Is America Too Big to Succeed?”
“Rasmussen: Federal Government Too Big”
“The Growing Political Polarity”
“Our Growing Immigration Problem”
“The GOP Debate: Round 5”


“Managing Complexity”
“The Right and Wrong of Design”
“Methodology Design 101”
“Medical Records Interoperability”
“Process Templates”
“44 Years of PRIDE”
“Information Resource Myopia”
“The Systems Industry”
“The USDA’s System Snafu”
“Understanding Business Process Design”


“Bed Bugs & Our Changing World” – #3 overall
“Technology’s Effect on Society”
“The Effect of Social Networking”


“Reflections of Jamestown, NY” – #1 overall
“Morale in the Military” – #2 overall
“Our Fascination with Trains”
“Chinese Food Sampler”
“Just Plain Weird”
“Who’s on Beef?”
“Academic Quacks”
“One Week’s Madness”
“The Dichotomy of Our Drug Culture”
“Make ’em Laugh”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

For Tim’s columns, see:   timbryce.com

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