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Posted by Tim Bryce on February 9, 2015


– What does NBCBLK mean to news broadcasting?

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I understand NBC has launched a new network titled, NBCBLK, which should be applauded as a means to cover African-American affairs. I think NBC has really hit on something here. Instead of just one network covering all of the news, now it will be fragmented to accommodate the black community. To be fair though, NBC now has a golden opportunity to meet the needs of all of our ethnic groups. Hopefully, NBC will create many more networks for:

NBCSCOT – Network for Scottish-Americans. Plaqued with Haggis commercials.

NBCUKE – I have a friend who reminds me to have one for the Ukrainians.

NRCEIRE – Let us not forget our Irish friends, should be anchored in Boston.

NBCENG – Since our country was heavily influenced by the English, why not? Maybe we can get the Queen to be a correspondent.

NBCNED – The Dutch were also heavily involved with the founding of the country. It should be based in Manhattan (formerly New Amsterdam).

NBCFRNCO – And the French helped us win the Revolutionary War; should be based out of New Orleans.

NBCITALY – For Italian-Americans; aka “The Cooking Channel.”

NBCGERM – Based in Chicago. German-Americans will discuss engineering and the driving habits of other people.

NBCSKI – Also based out of Chicago. The Polish channel should have some good jokes.

NBCEURO – For the rest of Europe. Will speak in English with French, Spanish, Portugese, Italian, and German sub-titles.

NBCAUSTASIA – Will include news and info for people from Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Philippines, and Borneo.

NBCLATINO – For the millions of immigrants crossing our borders. Will be based out of Tijuana.

NBCCAN – For our neighbors to the North, including Minnesota and North Dakota, “Don’t cha know.”

NBCSCANDIA – For Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Finland. To be anchored on a glacier near Reykjavik (or Minneapolis).

NBCASIA – For Americans descended from Japan, China, Korea, Viet Nam; aka “The Educational Channel.”

NBCINDIAN – For our Native Americans, not India. Redskin football will be featured.

NBCARAB – Let’s do it before ISIS and Al-Qaeda takes over.

I am sure there are more I am overlooking. Any suggestions?

I also understand Al Sharpton recently called an emergency meeting with Hollywood officials to discuss why there are aren’t more African-Americans nominated for the Oscar. Sounds like racial quotas have finally come to Tinsel Town. If we are going along with this, let me suggest meeting at the United Nations so all of the other ethnic groups are properly represented.

Don’t you just love racial diversity?

Keep the Faith!

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  1. Tim Bryce said

    A W.A. of the Dominican Republic wrote…

    ” Love it!!! How long before the media controls all of our thoughts? I think, perhaps, America is sicker than I thought.”


  2. Tim Bryce said

    A W.H. of Boulder, Colorado wrote…

    “I did not WATCH the Grammy presentation the other night, but I HAVE noticed that:

    1. a perhaps DISPROPORTIONATE number of nominees were “African-Americans” in the various categories. Obviously, in a couple of categories, that would not be the case. But, in my case, “RAP” is not music, it MAY be poetry-like, but it’s talk, not music.

    2. Look at the predominance of African Americans in the NFL and NBA. Heck, just look at them in the College Ranks for the same sports.

    If we make the case that, for #2 above, it is a case of ABILITY which drives the composition of those teams, can it not also be that “ability” should drive everything, NOT color, religion, sex, or whatever other differentiate we can come up with?

    I have long complained about this very issue here in Colorado where we provide “special” classes for Hispanics IN SPANISH to “help them learn English”. I ask you, how does teaching a class in Spanish help ANYONE learn English? And, while we do this for our children of Hispanic heritage, we also have a very diverse ethnic population from Russia, China, Korea, Ethiopia, and other places around the world. NONE of them have the luxury of being provided a special class in school taught IN THEIR language to help them learn English. If such classes are available for these other groups, they are generally provided OUTSIDE the public school systems – in churches, in private homes, or other extra-curricular settings…as it should be (and at no additional cost to the taxpayer I might add).”


  3. The possibly unintended consequence of all the shows that will have to jump ship from from NBC’s current programming schedule to find their new niche on an ethnic ‘designer network,’ would then be those celebrating the gay lifestyle and experience staying on the original NBC. Considering that community’s battle to be considered ‘mainstream,’ that will satisfy demands with lots of programming slots to be filled…even more after the launching of NBCSTRT, of course! Oh, wait, too non-PC to happen!

    Re. the idea of Oscar quotas, my lovely wife reminded me recently that those awards (based upon box office success and, increasingly, upon virtual group-recognition quotas) already exist. They’re called the Peoples’ Choice and the Golden Globe Awards. F’git’abow’dit, Rev. Al !

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