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Posted by Tim Bryce on March 17, 2015


– Old Glory under attack.


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There have been several incidents recently which would lead us to believe the American flag is under attack.

At UC, Irvine, the Student Government voted to eliminate all flags, including the Stars and Stripes, from outside of their building. This was done to make the offices more “culturally inclusive” for all students. Following this, 60 professors signed a letter supporting the flag ban claiming “US nationalism often contributes to racism and xenophobia.” The decision to ban the flags was later overturned.

Last week, a group of judges told the Portsmouth County, VA, Sheriff to remove an American flag display from the court house. The flag was a special gift from the Portsmouth Fire Department.

A Texas school painted over an American flag-like mural on a school under construction in a new development. The reason? Red, white and blue were not approved colors in the subdivision where the school is being built.

In the recent photo showing President Obama leading the 50th anniversary march of Selma, not one American flag could be seen in the photo. This is in sharp contrast to the photos of the original 1965 march where the flag was highly visible.

Just this past weekend, protesters in Ferguson, MO, ripped an American flag in two and others stomped on it. In Virginia Beach, an American Flag was stolen from a restaurant, as well as from a community in Morgan Hill, CA.

Old Glory hasn’t taken such a beating since 1968 when Yippies protested the Viet Nam War and the Democratic Convention in Chicago. Interestingly, the flag comes under attack in times of cultural crisis. Just as in 1968, the American people are very much divided along ideological lines with one side wanting to radically change the underpinnings of America, while another wishes to maintain the moral values from which the country was founded upon. One side wants to proudly wave the flag, the other is bent on desecrating it.

The question is why? The flag is a symbol of our country, not representative of a hate speech or sign of inequality, discrimination, or political correctness. It was originally designed to represent the unity of the states, and honor the original thirteen colonies.

However, some people now want us to be ashamed of our country through our flag. It is true that America is certainly not perfect, but then again what country is? Have we made mistakes? Certainly. Will we continue to do so? Undoubtedly. But we also have many more things to be proud of as a country, such as our freedoms and liberty, a land of opportunity and the free enterprise system. Soldiers and sailors have followed it into battle numerous times to defend this way of life. And finally, it is also a beacon of hope to the outside world.

No, we should not be ashamed of the American flag. We may be critical of some of our politicians and institutions, something we have only ourselves to blame for not taking them to task or voting. Instead, the flag is something we should take pride in, so that we may continue to disagree as well as work together, in good times as well as bad.

Keep the Faith!

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3 Responses to “IS OUR FLAG STILL THERE?”

  1. don d said

    No, No. No. Calm down. The American flag is not under attack. There is no war on Christmas either. Obama is also not working to take your guns away. And a goblin doesn’t live under the bridge outside of town.


  2. Aurea said

    If they don’t want the American flag, then they should go back to their own country. Without the freedom that they enjoy here in America, these people won’t even have the chance to desecrate the American flag. This is a very good example of “bite the hands that feed you.” I wonder if they can have the same stupid actions
    of stomping and desecrating their own country’s flag if they were at home. If America is such a bad country, why are all those infidels converging here and want to take over the country. They enjoy the luxury and freedom here but they want to convert everything into the practices they have in their own country (the reasons they are running away from). What hypocrisy!!! Why couldn’t they let good things alone. We are becoming to be a “Godless country” because we let these infidels do whatever they want to do in the appearance of “political correctness.” Wake up and fight for your rights to profess your American culture and beliefs.

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  3. Tim Bryce said

    A W.H. of Boulder, Colorado wrote…

    The “FLAG” is indeed still there…surviving even the trials and tribulations of dealing with stupid (OK, maybe some of them are just uneducated) people.

    Let me pass on to you three little “tidbits” of information – two of which apply to the “flag.”

    1. My “JUST” turned 3 year old (end of February) granddaughter knows the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag by memory. They teach it to the kids at her day care center. She may not understand some of the words being said or pronounce them exactly like we would, but she knows the words to say.
    2. The Colorado Avalanche (NHL team) have only a couple of players that are US born. Most are Canadian, with a few from Europe or Scandinavia. This year, I noticed something unusual at the end of the singing of the Star Spangled Banner … at first ONE player (and he was Canadian) stood still when the anthem was finished until the flags had exited the rink. The other players on both teams began skating immediately on conclusion of the anthem. Pretty soon, it caught the attention of the two US players, and they too will remain stationary until the flags depart. Flag etiquette is something that is ALMOST extinct any more.

    3. There was a Youtube video that showed up on a friend’s timeline from Texas Tech University. Basically, they did a “man on the street” kind of interview where the reporter went around the campus asking questions and getting the answers.
    Question: Who won the Civil War?
    Answers: 1. We did
    2. The South
    3. Like the one in 1965?
    4. Who was even in it?
    5. Why are you asking me?
    6. America
    7. The Confederacy, right?
    8. I have no clue.
    9. The Union (North) – this was the ONLY correct answer, from a nursing student.

    Question: Who is the Vice-President?
    Answers: 1. Don’t know (7 responses)
    2. What’sis name.
    3. Is that a trick question?
    4. Joe Biden (again, only ONE correct response)

    Question: Who did we gain our independence from?
    Answers: 1. These are horrible questions.
    2. I have no idea (all the rest)

    Question: What show is Snookie on?
    Answers: 1. All responses were “Jersey Shore”

    Question: Who is Brad Pitt married to?
    Answers: 1. All responses were Angelina Jolie.

    Question: Who was he married to before that?
    Answers: 1. All responses were Jennifer Anniston.

    Members of National Sojourners have tried, and continue to do so, to foster Americanism and Patriotism by conducting Flag programs where we try to teach elementary students a bit about the history of our flag (and the country) as well as remind some of the older students and adults of things they might have been taught at one time, but seem to have forgotten.”


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