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Posted by Tim Bryce on March 20, 2015


– Has it already started?

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Something the media and the White House dares not mention is the concept of World War III as it is considered political poison. For that matter, the president cannot even mention Islamic Terrorism, let alone the concept of a new world war, yet there are some compelling arguments the war has already begun and, as usual, the United States is going to have to play catch up.

As I mentioned last year in “Birth of a Nation,” the ISIS movement is gaining in strength. Whereas is was originally confined to Syria and Iraq, it has now spread to Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Indonesia and other places. There have also been terrorist attacks in France, Denmark, Canada, and the United States. Problems are brewing in Europe where Muslims have immigrated and are now politically skirmishing with the native citizens there. This is all reminiscent of Germany at the start of World War II where they “liberated” the Sudetenland, Austria, and Poland. As Naziism spread, it engulfed most of Europe and considerable portions of Northern Africa, the Middle East, and the Soviet Union. Today, ISIS is slowly gaining in stature and spreading throughout the Muslim world. The big prizes though will be Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Europe.

Hitler’s fanatical goon squads and SS troops were essentially no different than today’s ISIS terrorists. The major differences between them is three-fold; Whereas Naziism was a brand of political ideolog mixing socialism with dictatorship, ISIS is driven by the Islamic religion, complete with Sharia Law. Both were supremacists and claimed their approach would eliminate the social woes of the world.

Second, atrocities were the hallmark of both the Nazis and ISIS. The Nazi concentration camps were used to exterminate the “undesirables” of Europe. Likewise, ISIS is butchering everyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view, be it by decapitation, fire, or a bullet to the brain. There is no sense of humanity in any of this. It is also remarkable that antisemitic sentiments are rising once again, just as in Europe before the Nazis marched in.

The third difference between the two is leadership. Whereas Hitler became the demigod for the Third Reich, ISIS hasn’t yet found its true leader yet (thankfully). There is much talk about establishing an Islamic “caliphate” which is a form of government led by a “caliph,” the political and religious successor to the prophet Muhammad. While the ISIS goon squads remain active, they are awaiting their own demigod to unite them into battle. There are, of course, leaders in the ISIS movement, but nobody has come forward yet as “The Chosen One” or “Mahdi” (the “guided one”).

There is the possibility that Iran may become the uniting factor, a country with a stable government, resources, and potentially a nuclear arsenal. It is hard to imagine an Islamic caliphate armed in this manner. Their disregard for humanity would lead us to conclude they wouldn’t hesitate to use such weapons, starting with their favorite adversary, Israel. Fortunately, Israel is well armed, including their own nuclear arsenal and would doubtless fight back.

Instead of allowing the Middle East to fester and get worse, now is the time to nip this tinderbox in the bud, before another Hitler comes to power. Estimates of the size of the ISIS military ranges from as few as 20,000 people to 200,000. Their forces may be small and unsophisticated, but they are growing in size and capturing more land every day. To combat their threat, President Obama is primarily offering air power, but this does not seem to be an effective deterrent. After our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, the president is hesitant to send infantry forces. Instead, he is counting on Middle Eastern countries to put boots on the ground.

There is more than one million troops total in the Middle East. On paper, it sounds like an impressive number of troops to be deployed, but aside from Iraq, which has been ineffective thus far, the rest are not battle proven. What they need is someone like the United States, with its military prowess in terms of leadership and technology, to unite the forces, form a strategy, and direct operations. Yet, the president appears unwilling to make such a commitment. Here again we see another example of how the administration leads from behind, and our last analogy.

During the second world war, Britain was led by Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain who wanted to make peace with Hitler despite his acquisition of adjoining countries. Like Obama, Chamberlain knew the British people were tired of war and desperately tried to keep his country out of another one. Receiving a meaningless document from Hitler, Chamberlain naively claimed “Peace in our time,” which, of course, was not to be. This delayed Britain in rearming itself and cost them dearly in putting the country on a war footing. Fortunately, Chamberlain resigned which paved the way for Winston Churchill, someone more adept at fighting a war. Chamberlain’s naive actions and in-actions are frighteningly similar to those of the president.

Mr. Obama and the media may not like hearing it, but it appears we are entering a viscous third world war, whether we want it or not. From a military perspective, it would be smarter to conquer the problem now as opposed to allowing ISIS to grow in terms of members, resources, and captured territory. If they get the caliph they are looking for, their movement will only grow with resolve. Now is not the time to declare “Peace in our time,” but to notify the American people what is going on and what must be done to stop them. The public would be more supportive in such a campaign if they truly knew what was going on and the need to stop it now. If not, we’ll have to wait for another Churchill.

Keep the Faith!

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10 Responses to “WORLD WAR III?”

  1. Carol said

    I actually hadn’t even thought about the idea of ISIS finding a leader and taking them to a new level of horror. This is extremely insightful and a very important piece.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bryce said

    A J.D. of Findlay, Ohio wrote…

    “Very well said. And may I add true.”


  3. Perhaps the most frightening similarity, when viewing today’s world through that 1930’s appeasement lens, is the stunning assumption on both Chamberlain’s and Obama’s part that there was anything, in the normal course of diplomacy and international law, that would change the agendas of Nazis or Islamic extremists and shift their efforts to the mainstream of politics and international relations. That sort of willful ‘blind eye’ to the realities of events makes the appeasers’ actually and actively complicit in the crimes of the extremists. From diplomatic initiatives, to the extension of procedural rights and due process to those accused of terrorist acts, to action against the use of ‘enhanced interrogation’ techniques (which have been so effective in netting vital intelligence), there seems no end to this willingness that firmly plants the head of leadership deep in the sand.

    In the 1930’s, the government of Britain systematically and deliberately misled the public (indeed the world) with deflated figures on Nazi armaments. Churchill had to conduct espionage against his own government to obtain accurate enough information to lead an opposition that, even so, almost proved too little and too late. Makes one wonder, in the present situation, what is being hidden from the unsuspecting future victims of today’s power-mad extremists and whether our ‘enlightenment’ will only occur then their actions begin to expose us to the sad truth.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tim Bryce said

      Another comparison is the Nazi book burners and the ISIS nuts destroying ancient sculpture.


      • William Achbach said

        Good point, although, while the Nazis may have destroyed copies of certain literary icons, ISIS Luddites systematically obliterate absolutely irreplaceable treasures.

        Not to unduely belabor the leadership issue, but one commentator recently opined, “If Reagan were in the WH, ISIS would be well on the way to WASWAS.” But then I suppose the next generation would be something just that much worse.


  4. Joan Schoenling said

    Couldn’t agree with you more, Tim . . As well as Netanyahu, who has also told us what it is!

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. Tim Bryce said

    An M.S. of Mission, Kansas wrote…

    “Just finished reading “World War III?” Sadly, I must agree with most of what you say there. Your grasp of history and Islam is spot on. Good job, Tim. Keep up the good work.”


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