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Posted by Tim Bryce on March 26, 2015


– The season is officially open.


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Now that Senator Ted Cruz has thrown his hat into the presidential ring, many others will likely follow suit shortly. This can only mean one thing; the GOP Stereotype season has officially opened. The main street media will now begin to characterize Republican contenders as either mean or crazy, or both. Let us not forget how they portrayed Senator Dan Quayle as a dim-bulb when he was announced as President George H.W. Bush’s running mate, even though it was Quayle who pushed for the development of the Patriot missile which was successfully used in the Middle East. Many people genuinely believe Governor Sarah Palin said she could “see Russia from her back yard,” when, in reality it was SNL comedienne Tina Fey who made the comment. In fact, Palin was actually an effective governor. And let us not forget how out of touch Governor Mitt Romney was portrayed with the working man and the poor. Somehow his successful run as Governor of Massachusetts and his work in the Utah Olympics was completely overlooked. Interestingly, the press somehow overlooked the time Democratic Senator Al Gore got lost in the woods shortly after being elected Vice President. Hardly anyone remembers the incident.

Recently I sat down with some friends to talk politics. When I asked them what they thought about Donald Trump, they shook their heads and said, “Oh, that hair,” in a Pavlovian Dog type of response.

“Beside the hair,” I asked, “What have you got against him?”

They balked.

“Is he a good business man?” I continued.

“No question,” they replied.

“Does he know economics and world politics?”

“Of course,” they replied.

“Then what have you got against this man?” I asked, “Surely it is not just his hair.”

No reply and they thought about it. The point had been made.

As we enter the Presidential Primary season, we must all be mindful of how the media will spin the character of the candidates, and it behooves all of us to take people to task when the candidates are fallaciously branded, regardless if they are our personal candidate or not. Let us reveal just who truly are the mean and crazy ones.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. The media has pre-conditioned many of its listeners to only “hear what they expect”. The labels which have been so easily assigned to conservatives over time have stuck–whether they are true or not and now the listeners who subscribe to those labels can only hear that which is associated with the label. At the same time, the liberals in office have a track record back to eternity of “tax and spend, tax and spend” and that attitude continues. But, under Obama, that spending has been referred to as “investment” suggesting that we, the taxpayers, are going to get something back from it at some point. Let’s be honest here–no one is going to get anything back from the government relative to “investment” regardless of who is in office. America is at a dark, dark point in its history. The claims of the communists of the 1960’s are coming to fruition mainlly because those claims were ignored then and are still being ignored today. Progressives have taken over journalism, education, social commentary, environmental concerns, and now religion and our framework, the Constitution, are on the chopping blocks. The only patriotism left in this country lies with conservatives it seems and the Republican Party has fallen well short of conveying that message or demonstrating it. There are several viable candidates on the right side of the aisle who would make excellent presidents and leaders but their message will have great difficulty getting through to a public which has already been conditioned by a left-wing progressive media which seems convinced that socialism is the new order of the day. I even had a reader recently tell me that I should look more closely at the European models for socialism as many of them have been quite successful. I could only laugh and remember what Marx said–“Socialism is only a temporary stop on the road to Communism.” God help us in this next election–it may well be the last opportunity to turn back the tide. ~WB

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