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Posted by Tim Bryce on October 27, 2015


– Let’s see, we have hot dogs on first, burgers on second, chili at short, and I don’t give a damn on third.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recently took aim at our consumption of meat, claiming it was a carcinogen, much like tobacco. They specifically included processed meats, such as hot dogs, hamburgers, sausages, and just about anything prepared at a butcher shop. They also took aim at red beef, bacon, and cheese. No doubt, vegans from around the world ran a celebratory lap after learning of this. I’m sorry, but I’m not quite ready for tofu burgers or chili made from bean sprouts. Nope, not going to happen.

The report implies the consumption of such meat products should be regulated like tobacco, and likely taxed as such. Sorry, but I do not want the government any more involved with my food than they already are. I also foresee a class action lawsuit in the not too distant future against supermarkets and butcher shops, much like the ones against the tobacco companies. I can see the attorneys drooling already. If such a lawsuit is won, this will be the end of meat consumption as we know it, and hello to “Soylent Green.”

As for me, I’ll continue to “mainline” on beef. Sorry, I’m hooked. I love my char grilled hot dogs (particularly from Buffalo), my Cincinnati-style Chili, Beef on Weck (another delicacy from Buffalo), hot Italian sausages, pork ribs, tacos and burritos, meatloaf, burgers (e.g., White Castles), and, of course, steaks, chops and bacon. I also love fowl and seafood, but save the beef for me.

Frankly, I believe this to be nothing more than another liberal conspiracy to change our habits and make us feel guilty about ourselves, much like climate control. To paraphrase Charlton Heston though, they will have to take my hot dog “from my cold, dead hands.” These “do-gooders” are going to be the death of us all, not the meat. Why can’t they just leave us alone? Maybe its finally time to divide the country and let the liberals live in one section of the country and the sane people in the rest. Maybe its time to let the the Godless ones of California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oregon, Wisconsin, Washington, Chicago and New York City secede and leave the rest of us alone.

Either that or I guess this means we will all have to give it up; reading the news that is.

As to the WHO, thank you for your research. You have advised us accordingly. Now, like tobacco, we will take due notice and govern ourselves accordingly. Now go away.

Keep the Faith!

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12 Responses to “WHO’S ON BEEF?”

  1. Tim, you nailed it! It’s not about health. None of these successive ‘revelations’ (and the regulatory hand-wringing that results) is about health, environmental protection, education, safety or any of the other ’causes du jour’ that front the news stories. It’s ultimately about control and a mindset that just can’t tolerate people making their own independent (and, yes on occasion, wrong) decisions. Start with processed meat or beef and the road eventually mandates a vegan diet as the responsible and morally correct path.

    As one wag put it, “I love animals…they’re delicious!”

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  2. Dolphin, Cynthia (DOP) said

    LOL. I enjoy reading your messages!

    Cynthia Dolphin
    Pace University Alumni

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  3. Francis Dryden said

    Gays, religious fanatics, vegans, tree huggers, climate whacks, black lives matter, etc. all have to wave their “flags” in your face. If they don’t realize how stupid they look then they are “stupider” than they look. Enjoy what ever it is you like and let the MAJORITY do the same thing with out you constantly in our collective faces… Get your face out of my face! I think I’ll go have a bacon wrapped hot dog!

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  4. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. in Largo, Florida wrote…

    “They’re into everything. Too much time on their hands, by the way, Who are “They”? First, eggs need to be cooked longer. Then olive oil is bad for you. Then olive oil is good for you. Ad infinitum. They should just mind their business and let people live as they please. Arrrgh!”


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A J.W. of Palm Harbor, Florida wrote…

    “Great article on WHO’S ON BEEF ! I too will stick with my sausage, burgers, dogs and ribs. Even a spam sandwich once in a while. I’m not letting the government shut down my grill. I’ll keep on grilling.”


  6. Tim Bryce said

    A W.H. of Boulder, Colorado wrote…

    “The end result, most likely due to our overly litigious society and lawyers will be a “warning” label verbiage, much like wine now has the warning about pregnant women, or cigarettes.

    What bothers me is that they have not PROVEN that red meat or even processed meat CAUSES cancer. It might aggravate things, it might be a contributor, but we haven’t found the CAUSE of just about any cancer. This is much like the cell phone “connection” to brain cancer. What they’re doing is taking people WITH cancer, and then looking retroactively at their life choices and drawing an inference from that based on some pretty slim statistical results. So, my mom and dad smoked 2.5 packs of cigarettes per day APIECE for years…certainly all the years the kids lived at home. NEITHER of them ever developed cancer. My dad died of a stroke at 69, but mostly because he was overweight, had adult-onset diabetes, and never exercised, and likely he had exceedingly high cholesterol with attendant blockages in his arteries because in the 70’s we didn’t really know that much about cholesterol. My mom died at 83 from a heart attack. So, what does that tell us? Not much EXCEPT that cigarette smoking MAY OR MAY NOT “cause” cancer – because not everyone who smokes gets cancer and not everyone who does get cancer dies from it.

    Frankly, I watch my diet now, because I’m what they call “pre-diabetic” and I exercise routinely trying to keep my weight under control. Will that stop the onset of diabetes? Don’t know, but I’m going to try. But, it’s not going to stop me from eating red meat when I want a steak, plus they’re lumping ALL red meat into a single category (beef, bison, elk, etc) and each of them is a different variety – plus, we don’t know how people in the study COOKED that red meat (they’ve already said that BBQ over charcoal contributes to the problem, but what about the gas/propane BBQ’s? What about pan frying? What about sauteing? So, you see, all these supposed “studies” that conclude that something or another CAUSES/CONTRIBUTES to cancer are FLAWED because mostly the people doing those studies HAVE AN AGENDA – they are LOOKING FOR data that confirms their hypothesis. Same thing is true of the cell phone/cancer scares. Most of these studies concluding there is a connection are done by people who wouldn’t know an electromagnetic wave from a tidal wave. How many MD’s do you know or even MD/PhD researchers that have an advanced degree in Electromagnetics? (answer: damned few, and most don’t participate in these kind of conjectural conclusions … in fact, most of them have said either that they can NOT find a connection, or that more research is necessary because the results are “inconclusive.”) “


  7. Funny Tim, funny. But I think the key phrase here is “taxed as such”. It’s evil, it will kill ya but we’ll take the money.

    Besides, am I the only person who feels sorry for the veggies. I mean if people didn’t eat them they’d live out a full life. Veggies have feelings too. Yes, the only answer may well be Soylent Green.


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