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Posted by Tim Bryce on January 13, 2016


– Just sit and listen to the people; you will get an earful.

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Last month I attended an Art Festival in the downtown area of Palm Harbor. This is a typical small town affair attracting no more than a couple of thousand people. The downtown street was closed off from traffic so vendors could erect tents and displays for their wares. At this time, I volunteered to assist in the registration of voters for the 2016 election. This was a first for me, so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Now, I know some of you will say, “Wait Tim, you’re a Republican; Republicans don’t want people to vote.”  “Au contraire” my liberal opponents; You have to remember, I come from a generation who believes you do not have the right to complain about the country unless you are at least willing to vote. It is the most fundamental way of demonstrating your civic responsibility.

The organizer of the event had a simple table and chairs for us to distribute Florida standard voter registration forms. The form served three purposes: to register a new voter, to change voter address, and to change political parties.

This was a party neutral activity as we would assist anyone with their registration needs, regardless of their party affiliation. As we sat there, we would cheerfully ask passerbys if they were registered to vote. I was pleasantly surprised to find most of the people were already registered, and we would thank them for being so. We also ran into some people who growled they had no interest in voting whatsoever, which I still do not fully comprehend.

We had a few dozen who were new to the area and wanted to register to vote, but most of the people we talked with wanted to change their address or party affiliation. I was particularly surprised by the latter. These were Democrats who wanted to change to the GOP. Although most wouldn’t comment on their reasons for doing so, one woman in particular adamantly said, “Enough is enough.”

Although this was a party neutral event, there were many people who wanted to engage us in conversation regarding politics. Topics included everything from Obamacare to ISIS and “Muslim extremists,” to Voter ID, to our fragile economy. We also heard opinions regarding the candidates, particularly Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. It was most illuminating to just sit back and listen to John Q. Public, who made it plain they were unhappy with the current state of affairs in our country.

If you ever get a chance to participate in such an event, I encourage you to volunteer your time. First, it is not difficult to do, but more importantly, you will learn a lot about what people think of our system of government.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. Francis Dryden said

    The right doesn’t like people to vote? That is absolutely stupid… the sleeping giant (the bulk that don’t vote) are 90% RIGHT! The left NEVER wins with large voter turnout… If 40% of the voters show up at the polls… the left wins… If 60% of the voters show up… the right wins! That simple! The left get every breathing supporter to the polls somehow (even by paying them) and do their level best to put the voters to sleep (also we can’t forget about the left’s slogan of “Vote and vote often!”).

    Mr. Trump has awoken the sleeping giant… I can see plainly that the left (who consider themselves government by right) is doing everything to try to put the sleeping giant back to sleep but I’m afraid while hopeful that this is not what is going to happen. I love the prediction Mr. Trump could take all 50 states.

    The swing vote for the right IS NOT a horde of downtrodden welfare people, refugees, prisoners, union leaches and such looking for handouts… in fact quite the opposite. The only down and outers that will vote for the right are Veterans and seniors in a bid to get an even chance at life.

    Mandatory voting (as in Australia) should be instituted in the US to get the sleeping giant off his ass and with stiff penalties.

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