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Posted by Tim Bryce on June 1, 2016


– Is it really necessary for Trump to unify the GOP?

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We call ourselves the “United” States of America, but it hardly seems that way anymore. Between our contrasting views of politics, socioeconomics, religion and morality, it seems there is little to agree on. The media claims the Republican party is divided and that Donald Trump, as presumptive candidate, should take steps to unify the party, a party that tried to undermine his every step in the campaign. However, the Democratic party is just as divided, maybe more so. The ultra Left, as characterized by Sen. Sanders’ campaign cannot stomach Mrs. Clinton, nor does she have any use for him.

This is not to suggest political unity cannot be achieved. For example, the differences between Jack Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson were substantial. Even though they despised each other, they teamed up to win the 1960 election. However, today it is less likely for such marriages to occur as the campaign language has become more venomous and the relationship between candidates more toxic.

Going beyond party unity, let’s consider this; no matter who wins the presidential election in November, half of the country will not accept the candidate and violence will likely ensue, and, Yes, some people will move out of the country in protest. This is indicative of the intolerance we maintain for our ideological opposites.

People will inevitably blame one candidate or the other for the divisiveness of the country, but the reality is, we are no longer a nation willing to unify anymore. It is not in our nature to do so. Regardless of the institution we work in, we have been taught to be rugged individualists as opposed to team players. Companies still give preference to individual achievement over group effort, and nonprofits are run as “Good Ole Boy” clubs practicing crony capitalism. Only in certain team sports or natural disasters do Americans pull together. We no longer respect, nor tolerate, the values and opinions of others.

Why the push for unity in our political parties? It is the American media trying to create political drama for the purpose of raising revenues. The truth is, we haven’t been a united country since the 1930’s and 40’s where we battled the Great Depression and World War II. All other times it has been facade.

Here is the reality of the situation, in 2008 and 2012, Republicans voted AGAINST Obama, not FOR McCain or Romney. This is unity by default, not because we were willing to fall in line behind a candidate.

So, when Donald Trump says he can win the presidency without a unified Republican party, he is probably right. Then again the party has never really been truly united, nor the Democrats.

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2 Responses to “DO WE REALLY NEED TO UNIFY?”

  1. Wayne said

    Statistically, the US voter based has always weighed more to the conservative side in the distribution. That tells me that unity does exist and the distribution across that line tends to be made up of those who have lost the vision of this nation from inception. No doubt that number grows but not so much out of sheer disillusionment as it does from the naive being influenced by those who are already poisoned in their thinking. The decade of the 60’s unleashed a culture on mainstream America that is very much with us today and very evident in our colleges and universities and their teachings. Liberalism is a disease spread by human contract whereas “conservatism” is simply a state of mind. Far too many are being welcomed into this country or allowed to come in illegally, bring their cultures and then use those cultures and beliefs as fulcrums on which to lever pressure to change our own culture and history. If we are to be “unified” in our desires and future, then we must stop this attack on our culture lest we be slowly erased from the map of the future. Good write, Tim.

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  2. Amen Tim, amen. I think the country was pretty divided in the 1930’s too. We grew up in the aftermath of WWII which was one of the few times that the country had achieved a sort of consensus. We had been attacked and everyone pulled together. But I think that was one of the few times in our nation’s history that we had a broad consensus. The Republic is not set up to be united only that the minority has its rights protected and their ideas and beliefs represented.

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