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Posted by Tim Bryce on December 15, 2016


It may not be fought with guns and tanks, but it is a war nevertheless.

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The Democrats and main street media did not like losing the general election. They are still at a loss as to how Donald Trump won and, as such, cannot accept the election results. So much so, they believe there must be some foul-play afoot on the GOP side. Because of this, they are putting President-Elect Trump under a microscope and will contest everything he does from now on. To illustrate:

* During his transition planning period, they criticize every appointment Mr. Trump makes and casts suspicion regarding each candidate’s character and intentions. With rare exception, it appears Mr. Trump is selecting people with real-world experience, be it in business or the military, as opposed to people from academia. The Democrats and media simply do not accept this.

* Every one of Mr. Trump’s publicly made decisions has been ridiculed, be it the Carrier deal, the costs for Air Force One, or his feelings on intel briefings. This leads me to believe he will be less likely to tell the press much of anything during his administration.

* The Democrats recalled votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, a costly endeavor which bore no fruit and actually garnered more votes for Mr. Trump.

* There is a desperate movement to change electoral votes. One electoral voter in Lake Wales, Florida, Kathryn “Kat” Gates-Skipper, a Republican, claims she is being inundated with mail, e-mails, phone messages, even Christmas cards, not to cast her vote for Mr. Trump. It is obvious to her that her background was well researched as most of the correspondence she receives mentions her prior service in the U.S. Marines and veteran affairs. Interestingly, she claims most of the notes are coming from California and were openly from various Democratic organizations. Even the Associated Press reached out to her to ask about her vote. Kat is not alone in this full court press as she claims the two other electoral voters in Polk County are also being swamped with solicitations to change their votes and probably all of the other Florida electorates as well.

* They are trying to make an argument that Trump is a puppet of Russia. However, this is based on flimsy evidence regarding the Democrat’s and Republican’s e-mail servers, making one wonder if it was an internal leak as opposed to an external hack. In all likelihood, this will result in another expensive Congressional investigation with nothing to show for it.

* And there is still a movement underfoot to protest and stop the inauguration.

These maneuvers to delegitimize Mr. Trump’s victory are insidious and smacks of sore-losers. During his term of office, it is unlikely there will be anything done by the President-Elect that will be trumpeted as a success, be it a better health plan, developing a more robust GDP, better trade deals, tightening of our immigration laws, defeat of ISIS, Supreme Court nominees, or whatever. Even if Mr. Trump were to miraculously create world peace, the Democrats and media would still want him hung on a cross as he represents an outsider challenging the Washington establishment.

Even though Mr. Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet, the press is already considering who will be the Democratic nominee for 2020, with Joe Biden currently leading the pack (click HERE). Just as they underestimated Mr. Trump from the beginning, it is beyond their comprehension he will be successful as president and run for a second term.

All of this means Mr. Trump’s term of office will likely be the most tumultuous in recent memory. It will make Richard Nixon’s relationship with the Democrats and press seem like a cozy arrangement.

To his credit though, Mr. Trump ignores the criticism and carries on, giving the impression he is on a mission. All of this, much to the chagrin of his detractors. The President-elect’s only ace in the hole is that the GOP controls both chambers of Congress.

In reality, what we are witnessing is a change in our culture, not so much in terms of race or sex, but in the sense of our moral values, as to what is right and wrong. For example, the movement towards Mr. Trump means people want a less intrusive government with more freedom and personal initiative. This culture war is at the heart of the liberal agenda who seeks to change the very character of America. Cultural changes are naturally volatile as it represents a departure from the status quo. This is true in corporate culture, as well as in any change of government. People will either embrace the change or resist it. This explains why the Democrats and media are desperately trying to thwart Mr. Trump as his interests appears to be the antithesis of theirs, particularly Mr. Obama’s. In reality, Mr. Trump is a complex individual with considerable experience in world business, and claims to love this country. As such, he considers both sides of an issue before making a decision, something we should do more of.

Even though the Democrats and main street media are pledged to fight Mr. Trump to the bitter end, the one undeniable fact driving them absolutely bananas, is that Donald Trump will be inaugurated the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017.

Keep the Faith!

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3 Responses to “THE WAR AGAINST TRUMP”

  1. Wayne Brown said

    You are right on here, Tim.  I suspect that Trump realized that winning the election would not end the liberal onslaught.  The liberals think that attacking Trump and his decisions is simply payback for all we supposedly did to Obama.  There is a difference there for me.  Obama had ideas that were not based on our beliefs and teachings.  Trump is certainly not that way.  I believe they will attack him again and again on the commercial and business front ignoring that the private sector must be stimulated if the economy is going to get moving.  That means he is going to have to do some things just as he did with Carrier in Indiana.  The door has to open somewhere and on other issues it has to close some time.  I think Trump is up for the criticism and ready for the long ride but at the same time, when it is all said and done, I think people will have great difficulty arguing that he did not accomplish anything except increase wealthy for the wealthy.  Those mouthing that claim fail to realize that wealth must be created somewhere in our system if we are to gain investment.  Without investment, nothing happens.  Of course, the liberals call increased spending and debt and “investment”–there is your warped thinking coming right to the surface. ~WB


    • Tim Bryce said

      Wayne – their antics are pitiful, particularly the part where they are trying to persuade the electoral college not to vote for Trump. The woman I described in the article was amazed at how ambitious their attack is. Again, if I were running Trump’s press room, I would put bench seats outside and tell them they haven’t yet earned the right to sit inside.

      All the Best,


  2. Tim Bryce said

    A T.M. of Boston, Massachusetts writes…

    Great article. Speculation and fear-mongering is where main-stream media has been for almost twenty-years, and where they remain. The political and academic elites are crying. These adults are asking how they will ever explain “this” to their children. When will the professors and main-stream-media show: “facts” about the cabinet picks, “optimism” for the ability to find a common ground, “patriotic-support” that we are all on this: plane, ship, rocket or whatever terminology fits, together, “compassion” after realizing that this election was a head-turning for the nation that those who the political elite disdain, those the academic elites loathe have stepped forward and, all their asking is, remember us.

    The change is so incredibly refreshing. Locally there has been several foo-foo towns that have banned plastic bags and bottled water, without offering an alternative. The Mayor of Boston this week has rejected the call to ban plastic bags because those who will be most affected are small business owners and lower income residents. How refreshing to see politicians working for every-citizen-every-day!

    Finally, we all count!


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