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– It is much more than just female rights.

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Unlike the DisruptJ20 protesters at the presidential inauguration, which were actually anarchists, thousands of women marched in Washington, DC the next day, the purpose of which, according to organizers, was to stand up for the rights of women and humanity in general. During the course of this protest, there was no discussion of Kim Jong-un’s brutal regime in North Korea, nor the human rights violations of Cuba and parts of Africa, and virtually nothing regarding the violence in the Middle East, particularly by extreme Islamic terrorists such as ISIS. Instead, they turned their wrath on someone who threatened to “Make America Great Again.”

Some of the rhetoric at the protest was alarming, such as singer Madonna who openly claimed she had been thinking “an awful lot about blowing up the White House” (now that Donald Trump had been installed as 45th President of the United States).

While this was going on, the press began its full court press of the new president, such as falsely claiming he had removed a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. from the Oval Office in favor of one depicting Winston Churchill. There were also claims Mr. Trump didn’t enjoy a sizeable audience attending the inauguration. This resulted in a sharp rebuke by Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

If you have visited the web sites of the New York Times or Washington Post lately, you have probably noticed there has been little, if any, positive news written about our new president; everything is negative and every action and decision is attacked and maligned.

In the Congress, Senate Democrats appear to be dragging their heels on cabinet confirmations, and House Democrats are gearing up to impede the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. In other words, they will try to deter the Republican agenda at every turn.

What we are witnessing is hyper-partisan politics with rhetoric bordering on civil war. I contend none of this has anything to do with Donald Trump. Any Republican, succeeding a Democrat President would face the same frosty opposition, regardless who they might be.

The “resistance” (as they prefer to call it) is led by the Hollywood media, the press, leaders of the party, professional rabble-rousers, and financiers such as George Soros. These are people who prefer socialism over capitalism, skeptical of God and organized religion, believe the Constitution is an antiquated document, and their moral values are better than those who elected Trump. Both the Left and the Right consider themselves patriots, but only in terms of their own interpretation of America, which are incompatible. Whereas the Right thinks in terms of God, country and the rights of the people, the Left thinks in terms of a new utopia where people are controlled. Their Achilles heel is an acute case of pseudo-intellectualism.

In their minds, following the rules and regulations of gamesmanship is meaningless, that it is more important to do virtually anything, right or wrong, to secure victory. This means they subscribe to a philosophy of “the end justifies the means.” As such, fraudulent and libelous activity, confrontation, destruction, even theft, are considered acceptable forms of behavior, so long as you are not caught.

The party faithful are not free thinkers as they cannot point to an individual policy, program or decision of the new president which they oppose. Instead, they regurgitate unsubstantiated generalities in the hopes if they say it enough times, people will believe it. They prefer spewing hatred and misinformation, thereby making them incapable of arguing their point of view effectively. For example, they are naive about how our government works, e.g., electoral college vs. popular vote; a republic vs. democracy; how legislation is enacted. Nor do they have a sense of our history, e.g., the founding of our country, our governing docs, the events leading up to the Civil War, and much more. Instead they rely on the dogma of the party which includes such things as accusations of racism, xenophobia, anti-feminism, etc. They conveniently overlook the fact it was the Republican Party who led the movement to free the slaves, and the Southern Democrats, following the war, who invoked the “Jim Crow” voting laws. In other words, the tactics of the Left includes the spread of misinformation and will passionately refute anyone challenging their point of view. This is commonly referred to as “bullying.”

What the liberals do not seem to realize is the American people do not share their values, which explains why they voted Republican this time. As long as the Democrats continue to be run by the Left, they will remain in decline no matter how loudly they yell. As Congressman Tim Ryan (D-OH) mentioned when unsuccessfully running for House Minority Leader, the party is no longer national, but coastal instead, where pockets of Liberals remain. He also made the observation that although he wasn’t voting for repeal of Obamacare, he thought House Democrats should work with Republicans in drafting new legislation. This, of course, was not accepted by the party who was intent on delaying or stopping the repeal of Obamacare, despite wide-spread Republican approval.

Bottom-line the Women’s March on Washington and DisruptJ20 were not really about Donald Trump at all. It is a rallying cry to organize in preparation for the next two elections. However, as long as they employ militant tactics, they will continue to dissuade people from accepting their values and agenda. If they lose the 2018 mid-term election and 2020 presidential election, they should look hard in the mirror and realize they only have themselves to blame.

Understand this, while Democrats continue to proudly display their Hillary and Obama bumper stickers, the Republicans have already removed their Trump stickers, swept the board clean, and are now gearing up for the next two elections.

If anything, the marches and demonstrations held around the inauguration suggests a new civil war is emerging in America, but it has less to do with Mr. Trump than it does with ideological differences and control of the country. Is there room for two incompatible ideologies in this country? According to the Left, who are proponents of political correctness, the answer is a definitive, “NO!”

Not surprising, the next four years will be incredibly stormy, probably longer.

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