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Posted by Tim Bryce on May 22, 2018


– First we had Fake News, now we have…, a bigger problem.

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There is an old axiom in poker which says, “When your opponent is sitting there holding all the aces, there is only one thing left to do, kick over the table.” In other words, if you know you cannot possibly win, it is time to change the rules of the game. Coincidentally, this is the philosophy of progressive Democrats as we approach the 2018 mid-term elections, particularly as it applies to voting.

There was a time when we respected the integrity of a citizen’s vote. Originally, only land owners were given the right to do so, based on the premise they would be responsible voters. This changed over the years to allow any citizen to vote, assuming they were registered. This included people of all races and socioeconomic conditions, women, and even youth (18 years of age).

To encourage people to vote, the political parties helped register voters, as well as provided transportation to get people to their voting precincts, all perfectly legitimate. This started to change though as people began to dig up names from the cemeteries and have the dead vote, or encouraged people to vote multiple times in different precincts, all of which, of course, is illegal. However, such shenanigans are reaching new absurdities as we approach the 2018 mid-term elections. For example:

Electoral Votes

The electoral college devised by our founding fathers is a brilliant way to balance voting between our rural and metropolitan communities. By doing so, candidates are forced to appeal to both groups, not just one. However, the Democrats do not appreciate this (or understand it) as they blame the college for electing Mr. Trump president, and not Mrs. Clinton who won the national popular vote.

To overcome this problem in the future, the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact was created to have a state award its electoral votes to the candidate winning the popular vote in the country, not their own state. Even if the popular vote in the state went to one candidate, they would have to award their electoral votes to possibly another candidate winning the national vote. In other words, you are allowing the country to make the decision for you, not the people of your state. If this sounds unconstitutional, it probably is and will likely be challenged in court.

To date, eleven states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation to participate in this program, including: California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington. Yes, these are all strongholds for the Democrats, certainly not Republicans.

Remarkably, these states also rate among the worst in terms of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University’s Ranking of States by Fiscal Condition, to wit:


I will find this all particularly amusing if Mr. Trump wins the popular vote in the 2020 presidential election, whereby they would be compelled to award their electoral votes to the president, and not the Democrat candidate they voted for.

Prisoner Votes

There is a movement afoot to give felons the right to vote. We have seen evidence of this in New York, Louisiana, and Virginia, but many other states are looking into this, including Florida. The premise is to allow convicted felons, who have been released and are still on parole, to vote. In other words, their sentence is not yet completed, yet Democrats want to give them the right to vote. It’s one thing for the criminal to regain his/her rights following completion of their sentence, quite another to be allowed to vote while under such term of sentence. The Democrats are pushing for this as they believe it will cause the criminals to vote for their candidates.

Identification Cards

Voter identification has long been a bone of contention between Democrats and Republicans. Whereas the GOP wants to assure the integrity of the vote, Democrats claim it is a racist attempt to prevent minorities from voting.

One new twist to this recently emerged in Chicago which has produced a new identity card available to anyone, including illegal immigrants, allegedly to allow residents to use public transportation. However, it has been confirmed the new card will be accepted as identification when voting. In other words, you do not need to prove your citizenship in order to vote in the City of Chicago. Watch for other cities controlled by the Democrats to follow suit.

Lowering the Voting Age

Back in 1970, the voting age was lowered from 21 to 18. The thinking at the time was that if a young person was old enough to serve in the military, he/she should be allowed to vote. At first, this was embraced by young people, but over the years, their voting record can be described as “spotty” at best.

However, a new movement is underfoot with the Democrats attempting to lower the voting age to 16. It is slow in taking root, but the Democrats became inspired following the recent march on Washington in support of gun control by young people.

The big question of course is whether 16 year olds are knowledgeable and mature enough to vote responsibly, or will they just be a pawn of the Democrats and news media. Frankly, I’m surprised they stopped at 16, and didn’t seek the vote of 12 year olds for the same purposes.

Again, this is all being staged to embrace the ideology of the Left and secure votes for Democrats.

Voter Fraud Commission

Shortly after assuming office, President Trump appointed the Voter Fraud Commission chaired by Vice President Mike Pence. The purpose was to investigate voter fraud. Unfortunately, states controlled by the Democrats resisted and refused to hand over data from the 2016 Election to the commission, thereby making it impossible to verify any wrong-doing. So strong was the opposition by the Democrats, one could only suspect something was indeed wrong. Nevertheless, because of their refusal, Mr. Trump cancelled the commission in January.


It appears to be rather obvious the progressive Democrats are desperate for a win in the Fall. As I have said repeatedly, their future is in peril should they lose in either chamber of the Congress this year, which is why they are pulling out the stops and going to any lengths to win. This is so flagrantly obvious, it makes you wonder why there isn’t a national uproar over this.

The left cannot possibly win playing fair, which explains why they have a full court press on to change the rules. As such, they will concoct any scheme to usurp the rule of law and sanctity of the ballot, to win, which is why I refer to this as “Fake Votes.”

They are not interested in winning fairly and squarely, but any way possible, legal or otherwise. In other words, they are willing to kick over the poker table instead of suffering through the embarrassment of another loss.

Let’s hope American voters wake up to this soon before we no longer recognize the American electoral system.

Keep the Faith!

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8 Responses to “FAKE VOTES”

  1. Tim Bryce said

    An R.B. of Florida wrote…

    “God will be in control and His punishment will be great upon those who go against the freedom of us His people. These states are in alignment with the devil( the communist democratic party). The fact the communist democratic party wants to allow felons to vote, is absurd you committ a crime you alone give up your right’s of freedom, you are in prison that alone says your not allowed the freedoms of a law bidding citizen. The system wonders why they keep committing crimes hell they get the best food, medical care, room and board, clean clothes, phones, tv, movies, snacks, all free paid by hard working people’s taxes. Now they want them to be allowed to vote, this is unlawful. Then to allow 16 year old’s the vote which is saying they are adult’s, now this is a broader issue. These 16 year old’s are adult enough to get married, without permission, they are adult enough to financially and medically be responsible for themselves, they can live on their own, Join the military, have a driver’s license, drink alcohol, this is all part of being adults. The Democratic communists are willing to bring our country down to a third world country, because of that corrupt woman Hillary loosing she is like a decayed piece of wood, good for nothing. These people are destroying the greatest nation because of their childish jealousy, their pure evilness, their greed, the democratic party has been corrupt and racist since it started. That is why Dr. Martin Luther King was a Republican, he knew the Democratic party was a racist party. I knew how corrupt they were as a small child, growing up in N.Y.. The people of our great nation better wake up before we become totally indulged in being a third world country.”


  2. Lawrence said

    This is even better the second time I’ve read it. Because of your comments, I did some research and was appalled at the lengths the progressives are going to to rig the elections. Thank you for you insight.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tim Bryce said

    A G.D. of North Port, Florida wrote…

    “It’s common knowledge that the DNC uses dead people to stuff ballot boxes.

    Just look at how Hillary “won” the popular vote & the ensuing left-wing meltdown when the People said “Nope, not this time!””


  4. Tim Bryce said

    A J.M. of Palm Harbor, Florida wrote…

    “Great commentary, listened to the news on how Illinois wants to implement that identity card and informed my son who lives there. Yes the dems will stop at nothing to win votes. Felt they cheated in the 2012 election, and they will do anything now. Watched the weasel Al Sharpton up in Tallahassee trying to get felons the right to vote. We just need to out smart them.”


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