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Posted by Tim Bryce on June 5, 2018


– A culinary delight for our men and women in uniform.

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During my lifetime, I have read a considerable number of books pertaining to history, including the military, but I recently came across something for veterans and those currently serving in uniform, a combination cookbook and memoir dedicated to our men and women in the service. It is 240 pages of recipes and interesting military tales from our veterans. Titled “Homefront Cooking,” it is written as a labor of love by authors Tracey Enerson Wood, Carol Van Drie, Mary Elizabeth Riffle, as well as over 50 contributors (including yours truly).

The authors solicited favorite recipes and stories from our vets. Some of the recipes are elaborate, some simple, yet all are delicious. In my case, I described my father’s military career during World War II where he had the unusual distinction of serving in both the Army and the Navy at the same time. I included one of his favorite dishes, lovingly called “Slop,” based on the fare he had while undergoing flight training in Laredo, Texas. The recipe was rather simple and economical, yet something we relished as a quick family meal.

The book contains recipes for everything from breakfast to dinner and dessert. The photos included make all the entrees look simply scrumptious. The stories accompanying the recipes are both humorous and heart-warming. The authors have done an outstanding job assembling a publication that would be cherished by anyone in uniform. Their goal is to honor veterans, while preserving moments of personal history before they are forgotten. It is worth noting, all of the authors’ profits will be donated to military service organizations. This specifically includes The Robert Irvine Foundation. Chef Irvine is perhaps best known for his highly rated TV show, “Restaurant: Impossible” on the Food Network and actively supports the troops.

The book comes in two forms: Hardbound for $24.83, and in eBook form (NOOK Book and Kindle; prices vary).

Here are the details:
Publisher: Skyhorse Publishing (May 8, 2018)
ISBN-10: 1510728708
ISBN-13: 978-1510728707
For info, see their Twitter account: @HomeFrontCkBk
Or on Facebook

The book is available from:
Skyhorse Publishing
Barnes & Noble

For questions or to organize a book signing, contact the authors at:

This is a great gift idea for anyone who has served in the military, both in terms of the recipes and the stories.

Thank you ladies for your hard work in putting this altogether, and thanks for the memories.

Keep the Faith!

P.S., Be sure to see my video, “The PRIDE Renewal Tour,” on YouTube.

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  1. Carol said

    Thanks Tim.

    Just mentioning – Tracey said you look different than your current photo – from her comments – my advice is to change your pic! Update it to the new you!

    Thanks again!

    Carol Van Drie

    A Cookbook about the military with all Author proceeds going to the military!

    Order the cookbook now!


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