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Posted by Tim Bryce on August 13, 2019


– President Trump or the Democrats?

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Following the mass shootings in Dayton and El Paso last week, President Trump came under fire by both the Democrats and Media for encouraging the incidents which, of course, is baseless. There was no consideration for the wackos who actually shot the people. In the minds of the Left, the President pulled the trigger, or at least that is what they want us to believe.

Campaigning at the Iowa State Fair last week, former Vice President Joe Biden claimed, “We have a problem with this rising tide of supremacy, white supremacy in America and we have a president who encourages and emboldens it.”

Biden went on to say the president “has fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation,” in both “language” and “code.”

Other Democrat presidential hopefuls made similar accusations. The Main Stream Media also made similar assertions:

New York Times – “Trump Has Dragged Us Into the Gutter”

Politico – “Trump’s his own worst political enemy after tragedy”

The Hill – “Congress can’t combat mass shootings due to McConnell and Trump being ‘in bed with the gun lobby'”

New York Daily News – “Trump tries to comfort America, sorta”

There was no interest in the rationale of the shooters, they just used it as a political opportunity to blame President Trump for anything going wrong, everything from tragedy to hemorrhoids. I still insist the Democrats and Media would do this to any other Republican elected president in 2016, had it been Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Ted Cruz, et al. They would have been smeared and vilified as much as Donald Trump. To illustrate, consider how they disparaged the character of President George W. Bush. By the end of his term, he was one of the most despised presidents, which opened the door to Barrack Obama.

The big difference though, President Trump is willing to push back, unlike other Republican presidents and much to the surprise of his opposition. Whenever they attack him, which is now a daily occurrence, he counter punches on Twitter or on camera. Whereas other Presidents accepted the abuse, President Trump does not.

The Democrats and Media are fully cognizant the president is not a racist, xenophobe, white supremacist, or whatever the adjective du jour happens to be. For example, Andrew Stein, a long term Democrat from Manhattan who has known the president since 1973, insists he is no racist. Far from it.

The Democrats and Media would have us believe the president’s rhetoric “emboldens” people to become white supremacists. In reality, it is the rhetoric emanating from the Democrats, with their lies and deception, that is angering them and causing people to form allegiance with Mr. Trump. There are simply a lot of people today who have had enough of these shenanigans and are forming ranks behind the president. The Left may like the accusations, but moderates and conservatives have had enough.

These false accusations spread by the Democrats, of course, is an old trick from the Saul Alinsky playbook, the legendary radical community organizer. Under his approach, all is fair in politics, regardless if it is ethical or not. In fact, he openly supported dirty tricks to mislead the public and elect his candidates.

In all likelihood, this approach will backfire on the Democrats in 2020. For every false assertion they make, they drive another nail into their own coffin. Should the Democrats in the House vote to impeach the president, this will not be met with enthusiasm by the public, thereby causing the president to clinch the election.

This is what happens when you do not have a bona fide party platform with positive ideas and programs to improve the country. Instead, they resort to dirty tricks. Make no mistake, it is not President Trump who is causing hate in the country, it is the Democrats, the same people who embraced slavery and Jim Crow laws, not the Republicans.

Keep the Faith!

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  2. flmiii said

    Good One. I will use it!




  3. Lawrence P. Marlin said

    This column is soo… true. I am appalled by the comments I regularly read in the newspaper and see on TV. And, it is not just the editorials, the Associated Press may be the worst offender. Their “news” articles are so full of opinion, you have to search for the actual news. When you do discover the news, it appears facts are ignored or twisted. Certainly almost all the quotes are by those opposed to the President. And, as Mr. Bryce notes, this did not begin with President Trump. It has been that way for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Tim Bryce said

    An M.W. of Virginia wrote…

    “Good article Tim. The Dems want to interfere in every aspect of your life and control everything & everyone. The hard core left is a bunch of miserable negative people who believe if only we do this or we do that, maybe we’ll be happy. But they’ll never be happy because they’re filled with hate & misery. They want to spread that to everyone else. (My sister in Oregon is a classic example.) Conservatives just want to be left alone.”


  5. Tim Bryce said

    A P.P. of Palm Harbor, Florida wrote…

    “I believe the media is mostly to blame. They seem to be working for the Democrats now. All of this hatred will backfire on them. Trump’s economy is too good for the American people to turn their back on him. I believe it will be a 2020 landslide.”


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