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Posted by Tim Bryce on September 12, 2019


– With apologies to John Lennon.

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Note: Inspired by the recent Democrat presidential debates,
I penned the following piece, with apologies to John Lennon.


Imagine if the Dems win the election,
it’s easy if you try.
No God or heaven, above us only sky.

Imagine no possessions,
no ability to defend ourselves;
no combustion engines, no cars, no airplanes,
a void in transportation and
no way to produce anything.

Imagine all the people,
living life as feudal serfs.
You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m scared as hell.
One day you will be forced to join them,
you simply won’t have any choice.

Imagine no meat or income,
only climate change;
no education or history,
above us only fake news.

Imagine no honesty, ethics or shame,
only mind control.
Long lines for health care,
and nobody to pay the bill.

Imagine all the people,
living life as feudal serfs.
You may say I’m a dreamer,
but I’m scared as hell.
I hope someday we’ll wake up,
and the shining house on the hill will rise again.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. […] NOTE: This Bryce is Right column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved. All trademarks both marked and […]

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  2. Joan Schoenling said

    Good Morning Tim. . . . .I think you may have missed your vocation! Nice Lyrics!



    Liked by 1 person

  3. Joe Duhamel said

    W:., surely you know that without any alteration to the original, Imagine IS the Communist Manifesto. No need to apologize to Lennon, it is as he intended. 😉

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  4. Lawrence P. Marlin said

    I have always loved Tim Bryce’s blogs, but now I know he is also a talented song writer. Thank you Tim for another inspired column.

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  5. Tim Bryce said

    An M.W. of Virginia wrote…

    “Good rendition Tim. There are too many snowflakes and idiots out there that have no idea how the world really works. That’s why it’s so scary. “


  6. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. of Largo, Florida wrote…

    “Very clever. Sad but true. Hope me and mine never see it.”


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