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Posted by Tim Bryce on December 17, 2019


– Democrats may not like it.

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Secretary Hillary Clinton has been flirting with the idea of running for president again. If she does, this will be her third try, having lost to President Obama in 2008 and President Trump in 2016. She drops strong hints everywhere she goes, be it on the speaking circuit or on the radio with Howard Stern.

Mrs. Clinton has good reason to believe she could win the nomination; according to a recent Harvard-Harris Poll, she was rated above all of the current Democrat contenders.

When Democrats were asked who they would vote for if Hillary Clinton or John Kerry got in the race:

21% – Clinton
20% – Biden
12% – Sanders
09% – Warren
05% – Buttigieg & Kerry

Normally, this should be of concern to the other candidates, except for two things: her health is still in question, and; it is quickly becoming too late for her to file the necessary paperwork for the key primary states. If she were to jump in the race now, this could be construed as another admission the Democrats are sporting a weak lineup, which is also the same reason why Mayor Michael Bloomberg threw his hat in the ring. Her only hope is to have an open convention where she would be nominated as a dark horse candidate. This would be unfortunate as all the other Democrats have been trudging through the states working hard for votes. It would also damage the concept of primary voting.

Basically, Mrs. Clinton is a person who believes she should get the nomination by acclimation, that it is below her dignity to campaign for primaries. She is a woman who feels cheated of the prize and blames everyone but herself for her failure.

Some Democrats honestly believe Mrs. Clinton is the savior of the party. The reality though is that her time has passed. President Trump would love to have a re-match as he knows he would handily win. Democrats should consider another candidate. The problem is, the leading candidates are showing their age. Next year, Senator Bernie Sanders will be 79, and former VP Joe Biden will be 78, as well as Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 78, making them the oldest people to serve as president if elected.

President Ronald Reagan was considered the oldest to serve at ages 70 and 74. Interestingly, President Trump is following Reagan’s path, also at ages 70 and 74.

The Democrats are badly in need of younger blood and new ideas. Unfortunately, Secretary Clinton is not it.

Keep the Faith!

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  2. Tim Bryce said

    A U.V. of Largo, Florida wrote…

    “I sincerely hope you are kidding. She should go home and write another whining book, and disappear.”


  3. Tim Bryce said

    An R.W. of North Carolina wrote…

    “The wicked witch of the west was killed 3 years ago. Her flying monkey hoard are sacrificing themselves yet today pissing the people off with their leader Pelosi. With solidity from the people the good will persevere. We will stay strong. We’re not as stupid as the witches think, except all the big cities across the US. We will persevere.”


  4. Lawrence P. Marlin said

    This a very good editorial. I have thought for quite a while Hillary would present herself at the convention as the compromise candidate.


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