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Posted by Tim Bryce on June 4, 2020


– Antifa raises its ugly head again.

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Three things occurred to me as I watched rioters and looters burn American cities following the tragic George Floyd incident:

First, it was a nifty way to cure COVID-19. The virus was forgotten faster than President Trump’s impeachment. Not only is the American public tired of COVID-19, so is the news media. It has become glaringly obvious, people want to return to the economic prosperity we enjoyed prior to the COVID-19 panic. The Dow is already rebounding and we will put people back to work, much to the chagrin of the Democrats. Plain and simple, the people want the prosperity we had before and have had enough of the media’s shenanigans.

Second, the destructive element in the Floyd protests was triggered by far-left agitators, namely Antifa, a group of zealous young people bent on destroying the country. President Trump is now pushing to have Antifa declared a terrorist group, thereby allowing the government to address them under the Patriot Act. This must be approved by Congress thereby presenting an interesting dilemma for the Democrats; Antifa ultimately represents the paramilitary arm of the Democrats, and includes a substantial number of voters. Should they be declared terrorists, this will stain the reputation of the Democrats. In addition, if Congressional Democrats vote to declare Antifa terrorists, they will lose a lot of their own voters in the fall, but if they don’t declare them terrorists, they will be viewed as supporting terrorism in general. In other words, it is a “lose-lose” proposition for the Democrats.

As an aside, the image of Antifa members incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay is very appealing to me. Through interrogation, they would likely name George Soros as the mastermind behind it all. Go figure.

Third, all of this means an assured Trump victory in the Fall. The American people want peace and prosperity, not helter-skelter. If the Floyd people had protested peaceably, there would have probably not been a problem. The fact looters and rioters showed their ugly faces doesn’t sit well with the public, and since they are more identified with Democrats as opposed to Republicans, this means it is going to hurt the Democrats in November. It has also set race-relations back once again.

Democrat Mayors and Governors who allowed the violence to occur will pay a heavy political price in the fall, as well as city councils and state assemblies. By allowing this violence to fester and grow, the Democrats should be worried as they most likely lost the House, the Senate, and the White House, not to mention governor mansions and mayoral seats.

If people had just protested peacefully, the Democrats would have had no problems. The fact they didn’t just cost them the election.

NOTE: Click HERE for more information on Antifa.

Keep the Faith!

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  2. Wayne Brown said

    Tim, I do not believe the guy the street has any idea who is behind the funding and logistics of ANTIFA. I say this because I see it in the same light as to how the CIA has operated for most of its existence moving information from paid staff employees to field operatives who hand-off to “contractors” who are pretty much working in the blind. This was a big issue in the Kennedy assassination and many questions still exist as to who did what for who today in terms of that killing. The thug on the street is taking money in the blind to carry out these acts. Most of them likely do not have a job and with little income are not likely to charter buses to go act out in other cities. This is orchestrated as I am sure you know. There are so many layers between Soros and the street that, short of one of his lieutenants coming forward, there is likely not way to connect the dots. There are also logistics that the average rioters would not have in place…i.e. bundles of bricks delivered to predetermined sites. I am totally convinced that Soros is behind it mainly because his public comments have painted such a picture of his intent. I also believe that elements of the Deep State and the Democrat Party are playing ball here as well in the hopes that these actions will send Trump into a negative spiral prior to the election. From my perspective, in light of any action that Trump has taken to quell this situation, I think you would have to be pretty dumb to give up on him on the basis of this violence–the numbers do not add up. When I look at the situation in Missouri during the Obama years then look at this one, it certainly points to both Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA attempting to capitalize on what should be just a tragic circumstance. ~WB

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