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Posted by Tim Bryce on July 13, 2021


– Please, do not tell us it’s “good for you.”

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When they have commercials on television for food, you often hear about its nutritional value. In a way, it is like when you were a youngster and your mother admonished you to eat your lima beans because it was “good for you.” I realize our taste buds change over the years, but I never acquired a hankering for lima beans, even to this day.

To my way of thinking, this “good for you” argument is nothing but a clever subterfuge to get you to eat some rather nasty tasting food. In all likelihood, it was invented by unscrupulous farmers, advertisers, nutritionists, and mothers to induce us to eat through this form of brainwashing. It’s a dirty trick and they should just stop it. I would much rather eat something based on its appearance, smell and taste.

Let me illustrate, over the years I have consumed thousands of gallons of citrus drinks, be it juice, the fruit itself, or in some other form, such as a soda. Since I was a kid, I was told it was loaded with Vitamin C, which is good for our immune system and fighting a cold. In the many years I have ingested Vitamin C I have never had a problem contracting the common cold. The point is, if I didn’t enjoy the taste of such products, I certainly wouldn’t be drinking it just to prevent colds. It’s an old wives’ tale.

Then we have spinach which, among other things, is said to contain enough iron to make you as strong as Popeye. Sorry, I have seen nothing to this effect. Liver is also supposed to have a lot of iron, but I cannot bring myself to eat it simply due to the horrid smell, which they try to mask using onions and bacon. This does nothing more than ruin some perfectly good bacon.

Then you hear mothers pushing a variety of products containing “antioxidants,” which is a fancy name designed to frighten children. There are also vegetables like broccoli and kale which are sources of Vitamin A, C, calcium and manganese, etc. Try selling that to an eight year old.

As to lima beans, they are supposed to be a fat-free source of protein. What they don’t tell you is, many beans, including lima, are toxic if they are not boiled for 10-15 minutes. If prepared improperly beans can easily result in food poisoning. It’s like the pharmaceutical warnings you hear on television, “May cause nausea, vomiting, strokes, or death;” otherwise it’s great for you. So, as a kid, you’ve got to wonder if your mother was really trying to feed you something nutritious or if she had ulterior motives.

They should forget the nutritional sales job and simply concentrate on preparing something delicious and smells heavenly. Look, if we like it, we will eat it. Why not just give us the nutritional mumbo jumbo in pill form and let us enjoy our meal.

It’s all about filling the hole, nothing more, nothing less. Somehow I feel duped after all these years.

And when you still do not want to touch your meal, mothers try to lay the guilt-trip on you of, “Do you realize there are thousands of children dying from hunger in Africa.” They are not amused when you answer, “Well then, why don’t we send them my plate?”

First published: March 4, 2016

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