BEFORE YOU VOTE: KNOW HOW YOUR GOVERNMENT WORKS – Printed Book, eBook (Kindle) – by Tim Bryce – NEW BOOK!

What American youth should know about government.

Your rights, your Constitution, your responsibilities, the differences between a Republic and a Democracy, Socialism vs. Capitalism, the Electoral College, how legislation is passed, the Media’s influence, and more.  It is a great GIFT IDEA for young people.

HOW TO RUN A NONPROFIT – Printed Book, eBook (Kindle) – by Tim Bryce – NEW BOOK!

The purpose of this book is to act as a guide to effectively run a nonprofit organization, be it a charitable, fraternal, religious, amateur sports, civic, social, veteran, political, professional trade, or homeowner/condominium association. All of these organizations typically experience the same type of problems, such as leadership, organization, membership, attendance, finances, records management, excessive politics, or whatever. Sadly, most of this is unnecessary and can be avoided with a little patience, common sense, and some good old-fashioned management. It is a GREAT GIFT IDEA. for anyone involved with such organizations.

This is a celebration of the human spirit as we age. It is filled with observations of the foibles of life we must all experience, sooner or later. It addresses those items we tend to overlook or take for granted, such as dogs, drugs, doctors, and our perspective on life. There are both humorous and serious essays on history, nostalgia, athletics, and the nuances of life that make it worth living. This book is a great reading companion for seniors. It will make them laugh, think, and bring back many memories. As such, it is a GREAT GIFT IDEA.

“You are amazing! I looked over the first part of your book, introduction, etc. Loved it. As a senior, I immediately connected with your theme and your introduction describing Aging, the Nuances of Growing Old, e.g., the frustration factor, growing old and why oldsters are mean (I think I am at that point!). Great you followed up with A Little Silly. Like that part. Loved your list of your senior moments. Can relate to frustration with robocalls and waiting on doctors. Loved too that you include a chapter on History Lessons.” 
– H. Nunn, Tampa, Florida

“I read your first three entries and I am hooked.
– L. Marlin, Tampa, Florida

NEW! (published November 2014) 4 book series describing common sense in an uncommon time. Urged on by his readers and listeners on the radio, Tim Bryce has produced a series of books based on his columns. The four book series includes:

  • “ESSAYS ON THE AMERICAN SCENE” – Humorous descriptions of the human condition in America.
  • “ESSAYS ON OUR EVER CHANGING WORLD” – Describes cultural changes and why they occur, particularly due to technology.
  • “THE FACTS OF LIFE REGARDING MANAGEMENT” – Lessons well suited for those aspiring to become effective managers, as well as for those who require a refresher or change of focus.
  • “LIBERAL KRYPTONITE” – Tim’s political writings warning America about the liberal agenda.

    “I enjoyed the optimism many of the articles had and I liked where you talked about generational politics. Overall, this presented optimism, hope and faith for the people of this country.”
    – Pat Shelton, Kansas

    “I find myself not only liking the way you think and the way you write, but the way you put what’s happening in our world of government regulation, technology, the medical community, and business into perspective for me. As in all of your writings, I find myself nodding my head, smiling knowingly, or laughing out loud in agreement with you…”
    – Joan Schoenling, Florida

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Stand Up for MORALITY –Book,  eBook (PDF & Kindle) & AudioBook (MP3)

– by Tim Bryce

A book describing the necessity of morality in American culture, the properties of morality, and how to teach it in a uniform manner. “Morality is something we all claim to know, but never openly discuss.”

“It is well written and the subject manner is timely and well presented. A subject the public needs to think more about.”
– Bill Petrey – Dayville, Connecticut

“Wow Tim this is truly fantastic. It really is.”
– Carol Van Drie – Lansing, Michigan

“It occurs to me that this should be required for discussion in schools as well as business.”
– Jan Smith – Skidway Lake, Michigan

The Lighter Side of THE BRYCE IS RIGHT!
– eBook (PDF & Kindle) – by Tim Bryce

Tim’s most lighthearted and humorous essays regarding life in the 21st century.

“It is a well written anthology that I would compare to the writings of Will Rogers, Paul Harvey and a touch of Charles Karault, i.e., A touch of life as The Bryce sees it! It brought back touches of life as we run through it helter skelter. I think we all could jot down pieces of our life as you

have and leave a legacy for our friends and family. Well done and thank you.”

– Leon B. Randall

                                      Holley, New York

TIN HEADS – eBook (PDF) – by Tim Bryce

Where transportation merges with communications. Fiction.

“It’s a great body of work. It has a fun and easy to read tone and tempo, and reads quick. But it breaks into some really beautiful moral (even

business) allegories and some powerful teaching moments.

– Greg Stewart – Los Angeles, California


An entertaining collection of essays that describes all of the little things
in life that drive us all stark raving mad.

“There is only one problem with common sense; it’s not very common.”

– Bryce’s Law

MORPHING INTO THE REAL WORLD – The Handbook for Entering the Work Force – eBook (PDF) – by Tim Bryce

A handy survival guide for young adults entering the work force. It makes an excellent
gift for college or high school graduates entering the work force.

“Every young person entering the workplace for the first time should be given a copy of this book.”

– Bill Petrey

MORPHING INTO THE REAL WORLD – The Handbook for Entering the Work Force – Book & Seminar – by Tim Bryce

A handy survival guide for young adults entering the work force. It makes an excellent
gift for college or high school graduates entering the work force.

“The abundance of information the book provides is a good start for anyone about to take the first step into the real world. Though the concept of adulthood may seem intimidating, it’s comforting to know that someone has at least written a guidebook for it.”

– The Miami Hurricane

PRIDE METHODOLOGIES FOR IRM – Book, eBook, audio book, and HTML version by Tim Bryce

Complete tutorials on Information Resource Management (IRM), a powerful and universally applicable management concept. Includes in-depth descriptions for how to perform Enterprise Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Data Base Engineering, and Project Management. A complete

Glossary of Terms as well as an index is included.

The original and still the best.

THE BRYCE IS RIGHT! – management eBook & Training – by Tim Bryce

A frank and candid description of the state of the art in management. Includes essays on the problems in management today, along with some pragmatic advice on how to deal with them. The book doesn’t ramble; it gets straight to the point and represents a common sense approach to managing in today’s corporate world with a dash of humor thrown in. This “food for thought” eBook is a handy handbook

for today’s managers and the next generation of workers.

“Very interesting book. Good work! It reminds me of some of the early works I read by W. Edwards Deming. Too bad the American corporate gurus of his day didn’t pay him heed.”

– Charles Cole

Lyndhurst, OH, USA


Information Resource Management (IRM) represents an imaginative new way of thinking and conducting business in the information age. It is not just another way of using computers. Rather, it is concerned with the development and control of all the resources required to produce information. To many, IRM will represent a radical departure from the mainstream of thinking in today’s data processing world which is generally technology oriented. The purpose of this book is to convey to executives a practical approach for the design and development of information resources consistent with their business objectives. Ultimately, the IRM approach demystifies the information systems

development process and puts control back in the hands of executive management where it belongs.

#1 Best Seller in Japan


Offers sage advice on how to run a Masonic Lodge, editorials on the future direction of the fraternity, and stories aimed at entertaining Masons. Written by a veteran management consultant and Freemason who knows how to provoke thought and engage discussion. It is time well spent for any Mason concerned about the

future of this ancient fraternity.

REVIEW – “This is a most enjoyable, thought-provoking and, at times, argument-provoking book; but it is never boring. It is a collection of Tim Bryce’s articles written for various magazines and internet web-sites; about 70 give or take. These articles grouped together under the following headings: Lodge Administration, Management Issues, Masonic Commentaries, Membership, Grand Lodges, Masonic Stories, and Masonic Quotations & Poetry. In the introduction, the late W Bro Theron Dunn tells of the trouble the author has had with his local Masonic authorites for some of his controversial views. Do not be put off by this – W Bro Tim Bryce is certainly controversial at times, but always interesting and he makes you think about your Freemasonry and what you can do to serve the Craft better. Each of his articles takes not much more that 15 minutes or so to read; but he writes so well that you will be thinking about what he has said for some time. Sometimes you will agree with what W Bro Bryce has written; sometimes you will think, why that’s so obvious why didn’t I think of it; sometimes you will disagree with what he has written. I don’t think that W Bro Bryce is looking for agreement from you – what he wants from you is to think about the issues he has raised. At the end of each article, he writes two post

scripts: ‘Keep the faith’ and ‘THINK’.”

– David Shearer

Western Australia

REVIEW – “Tim Bryce captures and presents poignant and thought-provoking essays and observations in this great book. It is not a large book, nor is it difficult reading or increadibly heady material. In signature Bryce fashion, he cuts to the chase and presents his material in a simple, digestible, but keenly observant manner. He cites his own experience as a Past Master, and things he’s learned through his Masonic career – it is a compillation of his blog posts, online articles and essays, but the way they are categorized and packaged into this great book is worth having and sharing. I highly recommend this book for any Mason in the Officer Line or one who serves Masonry in

any capacity (Past Master, Active Mason, or even a sideliner waiting to get more involved)”

– Dustin Tarditi – Raleigh, NC – (Amazon review)

REVIEW – “As a young Master Mason, you strive for light. This book is a beacon of light that shines as bright as the Sun itself. Any question you may have is answered and new ones are brought to mind. Check out his other posts on the internet. The 3 types

of Masons has to be one of my favorites, not in this book, but worth finding.”

– Earnest Sparks – Memphis, TN – (Amazon review)

REVIEW – “This book is full of Masonic information and Masonic Education. It is full of suggestive ideas and principles to assist a Well informed Master Mason making him a Free thinking Master Mason. I recommend this

book to all Master Mason who are seeking to themselves in all endeavors of Freemasonry.”

– Le’Roy J. Smith – Baltimore, MD – (Amazon review)

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Copyright © 1971-2019 by Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

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