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6 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. tim…I am looking to find the ribbon and spools for the Remington rand adding machime model m84645..i think is what it says on the bottom…black bakelite green button pad …crank handle….and where or can I still get parts…thx


  2. Susan said

    Hi Bryce
    Susan here, I am a big fan of your work. I started following your blog in late 2009. I have recently worked up the courage to message you. I love everything you post about and strive to be more like you everyday. All of your blog posts are inspiring and help me to get through the day. I get so excited when I see you post something new. I consider you one of my closet friends, even if I have never met you. Thank you for everything.
    Love and giggles

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  3. Mike said

    Hello Tim Bryce, I just listened to you for the first time on radio. I am a Tarpon Springs resident, formerly from Palm Harbor. Proud to know you are in Palm Harbor. Just wanted to say “thank you” for your comments this morning concerning the ” Middle Class “. You are one hundred percent correct, and encouraging. We somehow need to “teach” this understanding to every American, This exact message should be required reading and a directive for all elected officials in every branch of our government. I plan to tune you in on a regular basis. Again Thank you, Mike.

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  4. Bro. Tim,

    I was subscribed to your Posts when connected through my Yahoo account (

    I have recently changed servers and my new address is now

    Would you be so kind as to make the necessary changes so that I may continue receiving your Posts?

    Many thanks.

    S & F

    R.W. Bro. Russ Blinco Jr., PDDGM
    AF&AM, GRQ


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