– What is the true cause of our changing world and what can be done about it?

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In lieu of the riots in Baltimore, I thought I would talk about the importance of family values. Like millions of people, I watched in horror at the “protestors” on television. Perhaps a better name is “rioters” or “thugs” (regardless if it is politically correct or not, it is an apt description). The brightest spot though, was Toya Graham, the Baltimore mom slapping her son during the riots. It was refreshing to see a parent take charge of their offspring and straighten him out.

This incident says a lot about family values and discipline of our youth. This caused me to think about how parents raise their children today:

* If you were taught by your parents education was important, you will embrace it and take it seriously and improve yourself. If not, you are likely to drop out and grouse about others getting better paying jobs than you do.

* If you were taught by your parents the merits of work, you will become industrious. If not, you will probably become shiftless and undependable. Crime, drugs, and prison are likely in your future.

* If you were taught by your parents the meaning of responsibility, you will become dependable and a good citizen. If not, you will likely blame others for your problems and spend your life taking handouts and develop a dependency on welfare.

* If you were taught respect, manners and common courtesy by your parents, you will be considered socially well adjusted and experience prosperity through personal connections. If not, your social connections will likely be gangs, thugs, and criminals.

* If you were taught ethics by your parents, you will likely attend a place of worship and treat people fairly. If not, you will probably suffer from low self-esteem and treat people brutally.

* If you were taught right versus wrong by your parents, you will make better decisions. If not, you’ll make the wrong ones.

* If you were taught American history and the responsibilities of citizenship by your parents, you will likely become a patriot. If not, you will likely try to subvert the country.

It’s all about parenting. This, of course, means two things; first, parents are the prime source for personal guidance and social adjustment, and; second, they are role models for their offspring, good or bad. If they fail in either area, the child will likely take notice and learn their values from others, such as thugs and television. Children also have a tendency to emulate their parents. If they are misfits, the child will likewise become one. If they are industrious and responsible, the children are likely to assume these values.

Finally, if you were taught to be thankful for the little pleasures and bounties of life, regardless of how sparce they may be, you will lead a decent life.

Frankly, I think the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling should be mandatory reading in every household.

Keep the Faith!

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