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For some time we have witnessed how political correctness has affected our speech, manners, even our senses of humor and history. We are asked to forget everything taught to us as it was undeniably wrong, at least according to the far left. Normally, such antics would be dismissed as silly, but then again, there is a subliminal agenda underway here. Two recent examples remind us of how strange it is becoming.

For many years, the expression “okay” was considered a quick way to verify something was satisfactory and ready to go. The question, “Are you okay?” would normally be answered with a thumbs-up gesture or the “OK” symbol expressed by holding up your hand and having the tip of the index finger touch the tip of the thumb. The people at NASA used it for years during the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs, not to mention the Space Shuttle and other programs. The expression became so popular, just about everyone used it in all walks of life.

This all changed recently as “OK” is now considered an expression of racism, and as iconic as the one finger salute. Today, the Left contends the hand gesture is a symbol of “White Power” as the three fingers are alleged to represent a “W” (for White), and the thumb/index finger connection represents a “P” (for Power); “White Power.” I don’t know who exactly dreamed this one up, but it is a real stretch of the imagination to do so.

We may laugh at the use of this symbol as a mark of white supremacy, but an actor at Universal Orlando didn’t find it amusing when it cost him his job. The actor, who remains unidentified, was dressed in character and made the “OK” symbol while standing behind the back of a biracial girl in a photo on the set of a movie. Universal confirms the story. In addition, the Anti-Defamation League updated its data base of hate symbols last week with the “OK” gesture.

Frankly, I never realized NASA was so racist. 😉

Next, we recently learned the use of mathematics is racist. Calling it “Weapons of Math Destruction,” Dr. Cathy O’Neil, a mathematician from Harvard, contends math, particularly statistics, has been used extensively to regulate blacks by whites. As such, math is used for discrimination and therefore is evil. She explains this in a recent YOUTUBE video. This one is particularly hard to swallow, maybe it is her green hair that is at the root of all this.

I saw an interview on Tucker Carlson recently where another liberal defended the notion of math being used for racist purposes, but took it further by contending all whites are, by definition, racists. I was confused by this as she was white as well. Perhaps she meant all liberals are nuts for suggesting such an idea.

All of these taboos are getting out of hand and I wonder when it will ever stop. Probably never.

The next thing you will hear is that expressions such as “please” and “thank you” denotes racism as it suggests subservient behavior towards others thereby creating a master/slave relationship. In this case, they are mistaking simple manners with racism.

So, is political correctness “OK” with you? Oy!

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Keep the Faith!

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