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I recently had a friend confide in me that he had found Jesus. Frankly, I didn’t know he was missing. Religion is always a touchy subject, but in the Christian world we still find people who have sudden epiphanies about their faith. I think these are the same people who slept through Sunday School years ago and are just now catching up.

Not long ago, I went back for a high school class’ reunion. I hadn’t seen most of the people in quite some time. Those that were jerks in high school were still jerks as grownups. The people who were “wallflowers” in high school actually turned out quite well. However, what I found particularly interesting were the people who were heavy into alcohol and drugs or had promiscuous reputations in high school had all found Jesus. Some wore prominent crosses around their neck and it was kind of awkward trying to talk to them. When you asked them about what they were doing with their lives, they would inevitably tell you how Jesus had saved them. I never did find out anything else about them. I even had one guy quote me chapter and verse on the evils in the world today. I thanked him for his words but said I needed some more ice for my drink.

I guess the secret to finding Jesus is that you must have screwed up pretty bad somewhere along the line and, in desperation, you turn to the Bible where you have your revelation. What I find disconcerting though is that these people now feel they are authorities of the faith and unless you share their zealousness you are perceived as a heretic. I fail to see how those of us that didn’t screw-up, attended church, and practiced our faith accordingly were somehow not on a par with those who just caught on.

I don’t want to be too harsh on my friends who find Jesus though. After all, I would rather have them study the Bible than continue down a road of self-destruction. But guys please remember this, just because you’ve found the faith, doesn’t mean the rest of us have been napping.

First published: May 26, 2008

Keep the Faith!

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