– Voters are getting older.

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Not surprising, Florida is a preferred destination for tourists in winter and retirement. We offer plenty of warm sunshine, sports and attractions, golf and tennis, boating and fishing, fine restaurants, comfortable living, no state income tax, southern charm, and aside from the occasional tropical storm, a safe and comfortable environment. People are coming to Florida in droves, either to vacation or live. It is the #1 state where people are moving to. Not surprising, we have a construction boom here.

According to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau, over 221.5K people moved to Florida in 2018 alone. The top states where residents are migrating from include:

NY-63.0K (D) VA-31.7K (D) PA-31.7K (D) NJ-30.1K (D) IL-27.6K (D) TX-24.1K (R) OH-22.4K (R) MI-20.8K (D) MA-20.3K (D)

SC-15.2K (R)

These people flee their states for a variety of reasons including: inclement weather, jobs, high state taxes, political culture, etc. Some people see themselves as economic refugees escaping from states facing financial instability. In the 2018 Mercatus State Fiscal Rankings, it examined the financial stability of the fifty states, plus Puerto Rico. The report considered debt and financial obligations, as well as state pension programs and health care benefits. From the list above, the following states were ranked at the bottom of the Mercatus study, including: IL (#50), NJ (#48), MA (#47), NY (#41), and PA (#35). As an aside, tiny Connecticut was rated #49 and, even though it had smaller numbers, saw migration to Florida jump 63% in 2018. By the way, Florida is #4 on the list.

Interestingly, I came across another report from the Census Bureau indicating the lion’s share of people coming to Florida are seniors. The Bureau reported the proportion of Florida’s population that is 60 and older is growing more rapidly than other components of the population. They estimate 32.5 percent of Florida’s population will be 60 and older by the year 2030, an increase of 34 percent from 2012.

This means nearly a third of the populace will be seniors thereby creating a voting block to be reckoned with, even beating the Millennials. They also have a better voting turnout record than the youngsters.

Of course, seniors include both Democrats and Republicans, but they generally do not like Socialism and will not vote for it. As much as I would like to believe seniors are predominantly conservative politically, there are many who have gravitated to liberal causes as they grow older. The point is, we will start to see politicians cater more to the interests of seniors, and less toward younger generations. In other words, a shift is in the offing.

One thing I have observed about seniors is that more thought goes into who or what they will vote for. They are active, experienced, inquisitive, and not afraid to debate issues in a calm manner. Seniors are much less impetuous and boisterous than Millennials.

Bottom-line, the face of Florida politics is getting grayer, and the Millennials better watch out.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is an author, freelance writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

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