– Now there is proof of it.

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I am now convinced God possesses a sense of humor. Proof can be described in one word: toenails.

When you are young and very limber, cutting your toenails is not a big deal. Snip, snip, snip… and it is all over in a scant few seconds. However, as we get older and our joints stiffen, it becomes an arduous task to clip them. In fact, it is downright comical how we try to get down to our toes to perform the task. I cannot help but believe God laughs his ass off watching the contortions we put ourselves through to clip something as simple as toenails. It’s a riot. This explains why nail salons make a ton of money on pedicures as nobody wants to do it anymore.

Toenails also evolve over time into something that can look rather gnarly. We thereby become embarrassed to show our feet to others, including pedicurists who gasp at the sight of some of them. It can be rather nasty. Some require a few coats of Sherwin-Williams to make them look half palatable for human sight. Again, I can hear God chuckling over all this.

There are other things which must amuse Him as well, such as ear and nose hairs. I think He invented a mechanism whereby the more hair we lose from our head goes directly to our ears and nose. Then there is the problem of women who grow mustaches which embarrasses them to no end. Actually, I think this one is rather mean spirited.

The one that amazes me though is how the Lord consolidated our reproductive organs with our plumbing system. I think God was having a bad day when he came up with this one. No engineer in his right mind would combine the pleasure center with the sewer system. I think this one had Him in convulsions.

Then He made it so we either can or cannot urinate on a regular basis. It seems men cannot turn it on and women cannot turn it off, or vice versa, with neither being in sync. Feet then become swollen and other problems ensue.

There are many other little nuances in life He has created which seems rather ridiculous, such as nervous perspiration, sunburns, mucous, ear wax, an irritable itch here and there, pains and sprains, gas, and of course hemorrhoids.

Yes, God indeed has a sense of humor.

Keep the Faith!

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