– He appears to be more cool, calm, and collected with every passing day in office.

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The president’s first year in office can be described as tumultuous at the very least. He faced strong resistance from the Democrats in the form of protests, congressional attacks, fake news, and having many of his executive orders held-up in court. Nevertheless, Mr. Trump persevered and carried on without their support. Despite their efforts, the president still fulfilled numerous campaign promises to reinvigorate the economy, strip away government bureaucracy, and protect the nation.

The president at first seemed stiff in terms of adapting to the job, learning to shift from a campaign role to an administrator and commander-in-chief. Now that he has settled into his job, he gives the impression he is comfortable and confident in what he is doing. Whereas the liberals and media still attack him, the rest of the country has come to the realization Mr. Trump is now in charge and knows what he is doing. And this frightens the Democrats as we embark on the congressional midterm elections.

A few recent events revealed a new Trump, very much cool, collected and empathetic. Even the news media gave the president high marks for meeting with Parkland students and parents and discussing what can be done to improve school safety. Shortly thereafter, when the state governors came to the White House to discuss the same problem, he solicited input from both parties. Governor Jay Inslee of Washington used the meeting as an opportunity to criticize the president claiming the country needed more action and less Tweeting. In response, Mr. Trump showed remarkable restraint. Whereas he could have easily chastised the governor for his remarks, he bit his tongue and let it go as he wanted to maintain the positive momentum he had built during the meeting.

During the service at the Capital for Rev. Billy Graham, the president spoke eloquently and appeared to be genuinely touched by the Christian evangelist. He handled the service with great dignity and respect.

He appeared to be very much in control at the January State of the Union address to Congress where he invoked themes of patriotism and faith, both of which were spurned by the Democrats (and noticed by voters at home). The liberal’s portrayal of him as a self-absorbed over-bearing pompous ogre has worn thin. Because of his victories during his first year he is now perceived as a leader with a results orientation.

Even though Mr. Trump realizes the Democrats will fight him every step of the way until November, he will persevere and try to reconcile differences between the parties for the good of the nation. However, it is highly unlikely we will see any progress on DACA, immigration reform, upgrading our infrastructure, healthcare, or anything else, least of all the southern wall. Liberals are fighting for their survival and, as such, cannot afford to give the president another legislative victory.

Nevertheless, Mr. Trump will continue unabated knowing the country is watching the Democrats fight him every step of the way, thereby preventing the true problems of the country from being addressed. In the end, this will cost the Democrats dearly at the ballot box. While the Democrats have evolved into the party of hate, the Republicans, under Mr. Trump, are now considered the party of prosperity.

This is not to suggest the president has softened his position on anything, he can still be combative when it serves his interests. He has simply learned the mechanics of Washington and is moving full steam forward on his terms, not others. This is quite common in the world of business. In other words: make a big splash, acclimate and dominate, and change the corporate culture to suit your needs.

While the Democrats give the appearance of operating helter-skelter, the president conducts himself coolly, calmly, and with great aplomb. Liberals have been counting on the Mueller investigation and congressional Russian probe to distract America, but the fact nothing of substance has yet to surface is leading the country to believe these were nothing more than witch hunts and a waste of time. In other words, there is a very strong chance Mr. Trump will come out of this smelling like a rose, carrying forward congressional candidates on his coattails.

Keep the Faith!

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