MY ONE MILLIONTH READER – “Who’da thunk it!”


I was recently reviewing the statistics on the various forums where my columns appear and was pleased to discover I have finally passed one million readers. I don’t know who the person was but “Thank You” as well as the rest of you who follow my work in one capacity or another. This certainly didn’t happen overnight. I have been writing for over thirty years now so I’m actually not surprised to have passed the million milestone. Although I primarily write for the American market, my work has appeared all over the world. They particularly seem to love me in Australia, India, the Philippines, and South Africa. Now if I can just get Florida to take notice.

I have written on a wide range of topics. Because of the nature of my consulting practice, I have primarily focused on issues pertaining to management, business, systems, and technology. It has been only in the last seven years where I have addressed such things as politics and the nuances of our ever changing world.

As a writer, you are never sure what article will press your readership’s hot-buttons. What you think will be an excellent article may very well turn out to be a dud, and vice versa. What works in one publishing venue doesn’t necessarily work in another; different forums, different types of audiences. When I publish an article, I do so through many different channels such as blogs, forums, print media, not to mention a bulk e-mail blast (drop me a line if you would like to be added to the list).

When studying the statistics, I was surprised to see what was popular and what wasn’t. The following are my top articles from different categories:


“Personality Types” – this article alone has been read by over 60K people which surprised me as it was short and discussed a subject I presumed everyone knew. Evidently I was wrong.

“Common Courtesy” – this article has been read over 25K times and compliments the last article.

“Individualism vs. Teamwork” – this was my top article in various management related forums.

“Proactive vs. Reactive Management” – I was surprised to see this article rate so highly, perhaps because it is a subject which hits close to home with a lot of people.

“Craftsmanship: The Meaning of Life” – I was pleased this article rated so highly as I believe it to be an important subject.


“Pearl Harbor Day” – this piece was widely distributed and printed in several newspapers.

“A Graduation Toast” – this article also enjoyed wide circulation, probably by proud parents who felt the same way as I did.

“Bryce American History Quiz” – this was a fascinating compilation of American trivia pertaining to our government and history. The results were an eye-opener.

“Starting the Day” – this article’s popularity surprised me. I thought it was just a simple piece with a good lesson.

“In Praise of Slim Whitman” – I was particularly surprised by this piece which was posted in many places. I guess I underestimated Slim’s popularity.


“What Ever Happened to Obamacare?” – this became popular simply because people are very sensitive to this issue, particularly as we approach the election in November.

“Progressives: Liberals in Sheep’s Clothing” – this article, of course, set off the Left.

“The Missouri Compromise Parallel” – this was a particular favorite of mine as the similarities between then and now are remarkable.

“Is the Tea Party Losing Momentum?” – this too was widely distributed on the Internet and printed in newspapers.

“Obama’s Track Record – by the numbers” – reaction to this article didn’t surprise me as people are upset by the state of the country.

Most of the feedback I have received by the readers of my work, both pro and con, have been articulate, sincere and thoughtful. However, there is always a nut job ready to argue about something I have written, particularly when it comes to politics or religion. Such people are cowards who hide behind the anonymity of the Internet and typically use an anonymous name to mask their identity. Long ago I made it a rule not to engage in debate with such clods. Such debate only gives them undeserved recognition and emboldens their efforts. Frankly, they’re not worth it.

Whether you agree with my point of view or not is immaterial. If I made you stop and think about something you have perhaps overlooked or taken for granted, than I have done my job. I abhor apathy and people who are content to act like sheep.

As to my one millionth reader, I wish to extend a warm and sincere “thank you” for tuning in. Now on to the next million.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M. Bryce & Associates (MBA) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

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