– I have had enough of the political lunacy.

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Let me be clear about how I feel regarding the political lunacy in America today:

NO! I do not believe socialism is an acceptable substitute for capitalism, nor do I believe in a forced redistribution of the wealth. Capitalism promotes competition and risk, thereby forcing products and services to evolve for the better (see “natural selection”). I believe in the free enterprise system, whereby if you earn it, you keep it. This leads to personal initiative, fiscal responsibility, workmanship and to simply become industrious. Those touting Socialism are either naive or deliberately trying to undermine the country.

NO! I do not believe in inequitable taxation, everyone should pay their fair share, not more, not less. Further, I believe we should learn to live within our means and not incur exorbitant debt.

NO! I do not believe in excessive regulations intended to expand government bureaucracy and inhibit progress. I understand the need for rules and regulations, but not to the point they stifle American business.

NO! I will not be made to feel ashamed of my religious beliefs. I will not allow political correctness to inhibit me.

NO! I do not believe the main stream media accurately reports the news fairly or with impartiality. I do not support their slander and fake news.

NO! I do not believe there are multiple forms of gender, just two; male and female.

NO! I do not believe higher education is a right, but rather a privilege. There is nothing wrong with trade schools and the military.

NO! I do not believe school children need to learn new convoluted ways of learning basic math. I believe they need a solid foundation in history, government and civics to become responsible citizens.

NO! I do not accept the murdering of offspring, particularly as they approach childbirth. I believe in the dignity of life.

NO! I do not believe in open borders. I believe in the sovereignty of our country. People must follow due process to apply for residency and citizenship.

NO! I do not believe in entitlements for everyone, least of all to illegal immigrants. I believe this discourages initiative and encourages a slave mentality. I believe in helping the less fortunate, but this should be in large part by my own volition.

NO! I do not believe universal health care is a right (aka, “Socialized Medicine”). I believe it would degrade our health system by causing many physicians to quit their practice, forcing patients to wait longer to see a qualified doctor.

NO! I do not believe our drug culture should continue unabated. I believe in stiffer penalties for those engaging in illegal substances, not lesser.

NO! I do not believe law enforcement and the military are evil. I thank God for their service in maintaining safety, security, and helping others in time of peril.

NO! I do not believe our morality, citizenship or patriotism is better today than in yesteryear. I believe it is worse, thanks to the entertainment media and others trying to undermine our values.

NO! I do not reject the U.S. Constitution. I believe it is one of the most brilliant documents ever written. I also believe in the rule of law.

NO! I do not reject the electoral college. I believe it is a fair way to represent the interests of both rural and metropolitan segments of our country.

NO! I do not believe in the revocation of the Second Amendment, the right to keep and bear arms. I believe our schools and public institutions require protection, and treatment should be sought for those with mental and emotional problems.

NO! I do not like gridlock in Washington, DC, as I believe our elected officials were sent there to solve the country’s problems, not fight or perpetually run for office. I believe this is due to divisive political dogma, a flawed electoral process featuring unlimited terms of office, and the peddling of influence.

NO! I do not believe in certain political tactics designed to mislead the public, such as stereotyping types of people (e.g., Identity Politics), race baiting, and political correctness which is designed to alter behavior. Nor do I accept fraudulent voting practices. I believe people should prove their identify as lawful citizens, and vote only once during predetermined times. If a person cannot make it to the precinct or vote by absentee ballot, than they have failed their civic responsibility.

I am in favor of common sense, fair play, responsibility, accountability, opportunity and hard work. I am also tired of people trying to scam the system. I recognize our country may not be perfect, but we have a better nation than any other on the planet.

YES! I am tired of the crybabies, snowflakes, and those who would transform this great country into something unrecognizable by our founding fathers. Their actions are intolerable and I have had enough. Plain and simple: Take it elsewhere.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

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