SPECIAL: Netanyahu’s Speech: A Churchill Warning

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before a special joint meeting of Congress on Tuesday, March 3rd. Prior to his address, he was presented a special bust of Winston Churchill, the legendary PM of Great Britain and only other person to address Congress three times. During his address, Netanyahu capably played the role of Churchill, warning America about Iran and the pending nuclear negotiation deal. This was similar to Churchill warning America of the Nazi threat and the difficulties Britain faced.

During his speech, Netanyahu stressed the Iranian problem was not just a Jewish problem, but a world problem. He encouraged Congress not to consider the nuclear deal until such time as Iran ceases aggression against its neighbors, stop supporting terrorism around the world, and to stop threatening to annihilate the state of Israel. The only path to peace is if Iran changes its intentions and becomes a proper member of the world community.

Netanyahu’s speech was brutally frank and factual. He told us what the president will not. For several minutes during his 40 minute speech, he held the Congressmen spellbound as he lectured them about the realities of Iran. So much so, you could hear a pin drop in the chamber. Such a speech was refreshing to hear as opposed to listening to politicians dance around a problem. This resulted in both Democrats and Republicans applauding Netanyahu zealously. Again, the parallel to Churchill was uncanny.

This speech was not about the relationship between the Israeli PM and the President. It was about finding peace in a practical manner, not by hoping Iran will change its ways.

Netanyahu’s address was so powerful, he just established a template for politicians to follow as we enter the 2016 presidential contest. People want more facts and honesty, not more sound bites with superficial rhetoric.

Keep the Faith!

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