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Posted by Tim Bryce on April 24, 2018


– The Democrats are desperate for a victory in November.

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I had a friend recently comment to me, “The biggest threat to the Republicans maintaining control of the Congress is Donald Trump.” Admittedly, he was never a fan of the president, nor did he vote for him in the 2016 election as he thought Mr. Trump was rather un-presidential and his rhetoric embarrassing. I countered that I found the president’s comments rather refreshing as compared to the stale gobbledygook typically coming out of Washington. I also find it interesting my friend doesn’t seem to have a problem with the disparaging comments made by the president’s opponents in the other party who frequently accuse him of corruption, racism, misconduct, and hate. Their unbridled distortion of the truth leads me to believe what is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

So far, Mr. Trump has delivered on a lot of his campaign promises and has reversed the socialistic direction spun by our last president. True, he possesses a super Type-A personality, which is typical of businessmen like him (e.g., Ted Turner), but he is the type of person who is more interested in results as opposed to facade. In other words, I’m less interested in his personality, and more interested in his ability to deliver on his promises.

Judging by his repartee in the media, the one thing Mr. Trump obviously understands, and others do not, including his fellow Republicans, is the country is embroiled in a war over the very essence of America. Since his election, the opposing party has worked overtime to thwart his every move. For example…

Because of urging from Democrats, the administration has been embroiled in an investigation regarding Russian collusion, which has yet to produce anything of substance. The special prosecutor is desperately trying to pin something on the president, anything, even to the point of violating attorney-client privilege.

Democrat members of the House want to impeach the president over fabricated charges.

Democrat Senators are still holding up presidential appointments.

Democrats are still buried in the administration who routinely leak information to the press and undermine the President.

Democrats control academia, the entertainment media, news media, and social media. Consequently fake news and spin is the norm today, all aimed at brainwashing the public.

Democrats want to abolish the 1st and 2nd amendments, if not the whole Constitution, claiming it is outdated.

Our young people are being engineered by the Democrats to be naive about government and ignorant of history, making them easy to manipulate.

Democrats support illegal immigration for the purpose of securing future voters.

Democrats support sanctuary cities and states to shield criminals as opposed to lawful citizens.

Democrats practice a “divide and conquer” strategy called Identity Politics, pitting citizens against each other.

Democrats are trying to remove God from our country.

Democrat Governors openly resist the president, such as Oregon, Montana, and Nevada refusing to send their National Guard troops to the southern border.

And it is now common practice for Democrats to tie up presidential orders in the courts.

This is more than just the Democrats resisting the president. It represents bureaucrats, the Washington establishment and the Media openly defying Mr. Trump, which is why he takes them to task every chance he gets, rightfully so I might add. In fact, in defference to my friend, I would like to see more GOP members of Congress sounding the alarm as well.

As I pointed out in an earlier column, this rebellion by the Democrats is caused by the radical Left who is currently in control of the party, the “Progressives.” Should they fail to take back at least one chamber of Congress in the mid-term elections, their grip on the party will likely slip defaulting control back to moderates, and maybe then we can start making progress.

So, it comes down to this…

If you believe in Socialism over Capitalism, you’ll vote Democrat.

If you believe the Constitution needs major surgery or completely revised, you’ll vote Democrat.

If you believe there is no room in our society for God, you’ll vote Democrat.

And if you sincerely believe the spin coming from the media, hook, line aned sinker, you’ll definitely vote Democrat.

As for me, I am not so gullible as to believe this nonsense.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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Posted by Tim Bryce on December 15, 2016


It may not be fought with guns and tanks, but it is a war nevertheless.

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The Democrats and main street media did not like losing the general election. They are still at a loss as to how Donald Trump won and, as such, cannot accept the election results. So much so, they believe there must be some foul-play afoot on the GOP side. Because of this, they are putting President-Elect Trump under a microscope and will contest everything he does from now on. To illustrate:

* During his transition planning period, they criticize every appointment Mr. Trump makes and casts suspicion regarding each candidate’s character and intentions. With rare exception, it appears Mr. Trump is selecting people with real-world experience, be it in business or the military, as opposed to people from academia. The Democrats and media simply do not accept this.

* Every one of Mr. Trump’s publicly made decisions has been ridiculed, be it the Carrier deal, the costs for Air Force One, or his feelings on intel briefings. This leads me to believe he will be less likely to tell the press much of anything during his administration.

* The Democrats recalled votes in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, a costly endeavor which bore no fruit and actually garnered more votes for Mr. Trump.

* There is a desperate movement to change electoral votes. One electoral voter in Lake Wales, Florida, Kathryn “Kat” Gates-Skipper, a Republican, claims she is being inundated with mail, e-mails, phone messages, even Christmas cards, not to cast her vote for Mr. Trump. It is obvious to her that her background was well researched as most of the correspondence she receives mentions her prior service in the U.S. Marines and veteran affairs. Interestingly, she claims most of the notes are coming from California and were openly from various Democratic organizations. Even the Associated Press reached out to her to ask about her vote. Kat is not alone in this full court press as she claims the two other electoral voters in Polk County are also being swamped with solicitations to change their votes and probably all of the other Florida electorates as well.

* They are trying to make an argument that Trump is a puppet of Russia. However, this is based on flimsy evidence regarding the Democrat’s and Republican’s e-mail servers, making one wonder if it was an internal leak as opposed to an external hack. In all likelihood, this will result in another expensive Congressional investigation with nothing to show for it.

* And there is still a movement underfoot to protest and stop the inauguration.

These maneuvers to delegitimize Mr. Trump’s victory are insidious and smacks of sore-losers. During his term of office, it is unlikely there will be anything done by the President-Elect that will be trumpeted as a success, be it a better health plan, developing a more robust GDP, better trade deals, tightening of our immigration laws, defeat of ISIS, Supreme Court nominees, or whatever. Even if Mr. Trump were to miraculously create world peace, the Democrats and media would still want him hung on a cross as he represents an outsider challenging the Washington establishment.

Even though Mr. Trump hasn’t been sworn in yet, the press is already considering who will be the Democratic nominee for 2020, with Joe Biden currently leading the pack (click HERE). Just as they underestimated Mr. Trump from the beginning, it is beyond their comprehension he will be successful as president and run for a second term.

All of this means Mr. Trump’s term of office will likely be the most tumultuous in recent memory. It will make Richard Nixon’s relationship with the Democrats and press seem like a cozy arrangement.

To his credit though, Mr. Trump ignores the criticism and carries on, giving the impression he is on a mission. All of this, much to the chagrin of his detractors. The President-elect’s only ace in the hole is that the GOP controls both chambers of Congress.

In reality, what we are witnessing is a change in our culture, not so much in terms of race or sex, but in the sense of our moral values, as to what is right and wrong. For example, the movement towards Mr. Trump means people want a less intrusive government with more freedom and personal initiative. This culture war is at the heart of the liberal agenda who seeks to change the very character of America. Cultural changes are naturally volatile as it represents a departure from the status quo. This is true in corporate culture, as well as in any change of government. People will either embrace the change or resist it. This explains why the Democrats and media are desperately trying to thwart Mr. Trump as his interests appears to be the antithesis of theirs, particularly Mr. Obama’s. In reality, Mr. Trump is a complex individual with considerable experience in world business, and claims to love this country. As such, he considers both sides of an issue before making a decision, something we should do more of.

Even though the Democrats and main street media are pledged to fight Mr. Trump to the bitter end, the one undeniable fact driving them absolutely bananas, is that Donald Trump will be inaugurated the 45th President of the United States on January 20th, 2017.

Keep the Faith!

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Posted by Tim Bryce on October 19, 2016


– Three reasons.

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I have been following and reporting on Donald Trump since he threw his hat in the presidential ring in June of last year. Prior to this, I had little interest in his activities which included his television series. I also followed the campaigns of the other sixteen Republican candidates who, one by one, dropped out of the race. I listened to the GOP debates, heard many speeches, and finally settled on Donald Trump as the candidate I am willing to support. Now he faces Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, in the November contest, but I will not dwell on her foibles as I believe it is irrelevant for the purpose of this article.

When it comes to presidential elections, we typically vote for the lesser of two evils. I did this in 2008 and 2012. This year, it is different for me. Now, for the first time in a long time, I am an active proponent of a candidate, and would like to express my reasons.

First, as Mr. Trump has articulated, I believe we have many problems in this country, including the economy, immigration, security, jobs, trade, energy, morality, the military, a bureaucratic government inhibiting business, and much more. We are also moving dangerously closer to socialism and away from capitalism, thereby creating a dependency state we cannot afford. As such, it is my opinion our quality of life is deteriorating, our Gross Domestic Product is declining, the Federal Debt is out of control, and our nation is stagnating due to a lack of responsible leadership.

Second, Mr. Trump is neither a community organizer or professional politician. Instead, he is a businessman who understands competition and possesses such skills as negotiation, risk management, managing by objectives, finance, labor relations, human resources, recruiting, project management, and other related skills. This means he understands the necessity of organization, discipline, ethics, accountability, and productivity. This is something we have not seen in the White House since General Dwight Eisenhower in the 1950’s when America flourished. True, Mr. Trump possesses a “Type A” personality which tends to rub some people the wrong way, but it is well suited for establishing an entrepreneurial spirit and a resourceful “can do” mentality.

Third, it is time to take back America. As Rasmussen has reported for several years now, the American people believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction. In Mark Leibovich’s 2013 book, “This Town,” he makes it clear our nation’s capitol is about money and power and little else. While the rest of the country suffered through the recession, Washington’s unemployment rate was one of the lowest in the country and the city became a money-making engine for its residents, which is unusual for a town without any major industry (aside from politics and press).

In his book, Leibovich reveals the true culture of DC, where an incestuous relationship exists between Government, Journalists, and Lobbyists (which I refer to as, “The Three Pillars”). All scratch each other’s backs in order to climb their respective totem polls and grab as much money as possible along the way. He paints a picture of unadulterated collusion and makes it clear Washington exists not to solve the problems of the country but to line the pockets of the residents there.

It is now apparent, Americans no longer trust its politicians, lobbyists, and particularly the media. According to the Associated Press, only 6% of the American people have a lot of confidence in the press, and Gallup reports only 13% approve of the job Congress is doing,

Enter Donald Trump, an outsider willing to take on the establishment, which explains why they are viciously trying to undermine him. However, Trump has the populace on his side who realize it is time for some massive changes to our country. One indicator of the people’s attitude is BREXIT, whereby the people of the United Kingdom voted recently to withdraw from the European Union. This means they are rejecting globalization and returning to nationalism, a trend which is also happening in the United states.

This is all reminiscent of the 1976 movie, “Network,” where the anchorman, played by Peter Finch, goes on camera to encourage people to say, “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Such an attitude, should make “The Three Pillars” nervous in terms of losing control. Consequently, Mr. Trump is vilified from all three sides. No, he is neither a racist or a xenophobic; these are just clever subterfuges to cloud his message. He has simply raised the ire of the establishment who fears for its life. Make no mistake, the animosity against Trump was created by the establishment he hopes to correct.

Finally, I am disturbed by the thought of what this country would be like if the progressives command the Supreme Court and the other federal benches. This would certainly mean the country would be embracing socialism. I am more confident of Mr. Trump’s ability to select nominees than any other presidential candidate. The selection of justices is critical and will impact our country for years to come.

So, before you let the establishment make the decision for you. Consider, these Trump position papers and speeches:

America First Economic Plan

America First Energy Plan

Child Care Plan

Economic Vision

Health Care

Immigration Reform

Immigration Speech

Law and Order

Pay for the Wall

Radical Islam

Strengthening the American Military

Veterans Administration reforms

Frankly, I am not interested in what the press or the politicians say about Mr. Trump, they have lost all credibility with me. I am voting for Donald Trump because I believe it is time we elect a person who possesses the common sense needed to turn this country around and head it in the right direction. No, we do not need another community organizer or professional politician. We need an outsider who is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and tackle the true problems of the country. To my way of thinking, Donald J. Trump is the most qualified person to get the job done. Period.

Also published with The Huffington Post.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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Posted by Tim Bryce on June 15, 2016


– Much ado about nothing.

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Donald Trump’s failure to disclose his tax returns thus far has come under scrutiny by the press. They contend it is their “right” to review all candidate returns to assure they are not cheating or using unscrupulous tax schemes. Mr. Trump contends his tax returns are being audited by the IRS and, based on the advice of his lawyers, he should not release them prematurely. Of course, the press does not accept this and adamantly demands to see his tax returns. This confrontation finally resulted in Trump telling ABC’s Good Morning America that his tax returns are “none of your business” (Fri, May 13, 2016).

Let’s see if we can clear up a few things regarding this issue.

First, there is absolutely no legal requirement for a candidate to disclose his/her tax returns. This is something the press views as unwritten law, but there is no sand in it. Further, not releasing tax returns is certainly not without precedent. Tax Analysts, a nonprofit organization who monitors presidential tax returns, lists many exceptions:

* “For tax year 2001, both President Bush and Vice President Cheney released partial returns. For tax year 2000, Bush released only his Form 1040; Cheney provided a summary of his taxes, but released no forms.”

* Ronald Reagan did not report his returns for the 1980 election.

* Jimmy Carter also didn’t report his for the 1976 campaign.

* “Gerald Ford did not release his returns, but he did release summary data about his federal taxes for the years between 1966 and 1975.”

* “Franklin Roosevelt did not release tax returns during his presidency, but many returns were later made available by his presidential library.”

And there are no tax returns listed for Dwight Eisenhower and John Kennedy. So, as you can see, there is no mandate to release tax returns. It’s just something the press insists they have a right to. They do not.

Second, rarely does anyone read the tax returns, people just want to know if they have been released. In Mr. Trump’s case though, the attacking liberal media will go through it with a fine tooth comb, spotting any possible indiscretion and blowing it out of proportion. If and when Mr. Trump releases his tax returns, they will undoubtedly be squeaky clean, leading the press to conclude, “Well, yes, I guess he knows how to make money” (but will never openly admit it to the public).

Third, Mr. Trump provided a summary of his financials in his book published last year, “Crippled America.” Why is the press not interested in analyzing this report?

As long as Mr. Trump holds on to his tax returns, the press and his political opponents will claim this is a liability, that he has something to hide. However, let’s assume Mr. Trump is correct, that he is being audited by the IRS. Those of you who have suffered through such a review will probably side with Mr. Trump by saying, “It’s none of your business,” or possibly something a little stronger.

Also published with News Talk Florida.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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Posted by Tim Bryce on March 9, 2016


– Donald Trump possesses many of the same attributes as our famous WW2 field commander.

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Back in 1970, actor George C. Scott portrayed General George S. Patton of World War II fame. The opening monologue in “Patton” was memorable and set the tone for the General’s character in the movie. At the time, the speech was considered rough and crude. So much so, it wasn’t unusual for some viewers to walk out of the theater after only the opening sequence. It was most definitely not politically correct for the times. Actually, the speech was a compilation of several speeches Patton had delivered, not just one. Nonetheless, he said and meant every word. His “Blood and Guts” no-nonsense style captivated viewers which was rather unusual during the age of the hippie revolution and the Viet Nam War.

For our younger readers, General Patton was a senior officer specializing in tank warfare serving under General Dwight D. Eisenhower (“Ike”) in World War II. He commanded forces in Northern Africa, Sicily, and Europe. Patton’s battle philosophy was to constantly attack and never hold a defensive position. It was this no-nonsense offensive philosophy which carried his armies from victory to victory. He was well organized, competitive, innovative, insisted on discipline, results oriented, and possessed a huge ego.

Patton’s politically incorrect ways embarrassed General Eisenhower on more than one occasion, causing Ike to reprimand him. Nonetheless, Ike knew George was his best battle field commander causing him to recall Patton back to the front and turning him loose on the Nazis. Patton liked to characterize his relationship with Ike, as what General William Tecumseh Sherman was to Gen. U.S. Grant during the Civil War. Sherman was a ruthless warrior who split the South. He may have lacked polish, but he got results.

“Patton” was a movie sensation at the box office, and won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Actor (Scott), Best Director, and four other awards. It touched a nerve with the American people who appreciated Patton’s straight-forward approach as opposed to what they were witnessing in Viet Nam at the time.

The parallel between Patton and Donald J. Trump is uncanny. Trump is politically incorrect and doesn’t sugar-coat his position on anything. Like Patton, he relies on offense when conducting business or campaigning for president. And as should be obvious by now, this election is not politics as usual, this is war.

With each state primary Trump wins, the media becomes more intimidated and attacks him more viciously. It has become so bad, should he win the Presidential election, he might be inclined to put the press corps outside on wooden benches during his administration. Nobody would blame him.

Today we are hearing more and more about holding a brokered Republican convention, meaning the nominee would essentially be selected from a “smoke filled room.” Trump’s GOP opponents think this is a great idea as they know they cannot defeat him. No, the Republicans should play it straight. If he wins, he wins; if he loses, he loses. Simple. If they mess with him, Trump should take the RNC to the wood shed following his election.

So, why do people hate Donald Trump so much? Several reasons come to mind:

* He is beholden to nobody. Because he is self-financed, he cannot be controlled by a Super PAC or the media. They resent this, and are not used to losing control over a candidate, presidential or otherwise.

* People do not understand a Business Type-A personality, particularly bureaucratic “Type D” personalities who are not adventurous and prefer security (entitlements).

* There is petty jealousy over his success, particularly his detractors in the press. They despise his brashness.

* They are scared of his agenda if elected. As a capitalist, he is the antithesis of Democratic Socialists. Career politicians are also frightened he might upset the system in Washington.

* They prefer the current status quo of gridlock, entitlements, and debt, thinking it is natural.

Some people claim to find him acerbic and uncouth. Like Patton, Trump is a straight-forward personality appealing to a certain type of people, namely the “Silent Majority” who wants results as opposed to gridlock and facade. People cringe when he discusses certain sensitive subjects, yet he has been right about such things as illegal immigration, American companies fleeing the country, our policies in the Middle East, our unbalanced trade deficits with other countries, the divisiveness of the country, the control of the government by special interest groups, etc. Whereas other politicians try to tactfully discuss such subjects, Trump tells it as he sees it, warts and all. People either appreciate his unbridled enthusiasm, or they do not. Either way, they respect his ability to get things done.

Trump is a populist because he says what the silent majority thinks, all of which resonates with mainstream America. He may seem pompous, but he speaks from the heart and appears to believe what he says. Further, Trump hasn’t been caught in a lie; and tries to tell the truth, as ugly as it might seem. For example, when he contends, “The World Trade center came down during Bush’s administration,” it may be unpopular to say this, but it was true.

Like Patton, Trump doesn’t seem to care about political correctness. As a businessman, he cares about addressing the true problems and talks about them openly.

He is getting better with the press, but he is still not afraid to body slam a reporter who treats him unfairly. And since the media is predominantly liberal and opposes his every move, can you blame him?

Let’s face it, nobody wants Donald Trump to win except the voters. Point him in the right direction, like Ike did with Patton, and he will be unafraid to form ranks and conquer his objectives.

“Alright now you sons-of-bitches, you know how I feel.

Oh, I will be proud to lead you wonderful guys into battle anytime, anywhere. That’s all.”
– (“Patton”)

Also published with News Talk Florida.

Keep the Faith!

Note: All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies.

Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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