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Posted by Tim Bryce on August 23, 2018


– Come on, loosen up and laugh.

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It doesn’t seem long ago that I would hear someone in the office start the day off with, “Hey, did you hear the one about…” I don’t think too many people tell jokes anymore either because we have plugged into some device and tuned out the world, or because we are too sensitive to political correctness.

According to, an independent publication aimed at mental and emotional health, laughter is strong medicine. It boosts immunity, lowers stress hormones, decreases pain, relaxes your muscles, and prevents heart disease. It also adds joy and zest to life, eases anxiety and tension, improves mood, strengthens relationships with others, enhances teamwork, and more. In other words, we need to laugh, but we don’t seem to do enough of it lately, particularly in the office where we really need it.

I tend to see humor as a reflection of our moral values; what is considered risque is usually based on some moral taboo. Take comedians Buddy Hackett and Don Rickles for example; Hackett told some rather bawdy jokes that could make some people blush, as did Joan Rivers, and Rickles would make fun of your race, age, weight, language, IQ, etc. Everybody used to love these people and it would be Standing Room Only in Las Vegas to see them. Such comedy though is gone, and nobody would dare try to replicate their acts today as they would be perceived as racists, anti-feminists, and just plain crass.

Consider how Saturday Night Live has changed over the years. Whereas they were originally known for some imaginative avant garde humor that was hilarious, now it is nothing more than cheap political jokes. Late Night Talk Shows are no different.

As a kid, I loved the Sunday funnies and read every strip. But the funnies aren’t too funny anymore and the creativity of a Charles Schultz, Walt Kelly, Al Capp, Gary Larson, and Bill Watterson is long gone.

More than anything, I miss hearing a good joke. Today, when I visit one of the non-profit groups I belong to, the younger members will ask me to tell some of the jokes I heard from my travels through the corporate world. They may be ancient to me, some as old as 40 years, but in today’s society where jokes are generally frowned upon, they are new to the next generation and they love it.

Let me see if I can give you an example, this is one I heard from a neighbor years ago (I have to clean it up a little):

One day, an elementary school teacher was trying to teach some lessons of morality. She asked the class, “Can anyone tell me a story which leads to a moral lesson?”

Little Betsy raised her hand and said, “I can teacher. Not long ago I was visiting my grandparents’ farm in the country. They asked me to collect the eggs in the hen house and bring them inside. I collected all of them and put them in a basket. However, I accidentally tripped and dropped the basket, breaking all of the eggs in the process.”

“And what was the lesson learned there?” the teacher asked.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” Betsy replied.

“That’s very good Betsy, that is the type of story I’m looking for. Is there anyone else?”

Little Sally raised her hand and said, “I have somewhat of a similar story. I was visiting a friend recently who had an incubator with twelve chicken eggs in it. We watched in amazement as they all began to hatch. Unfortunately, my friend tripped over the power cord causing the incubator to turn over, break the eggs, and kill all of the chickens.”

“And what was the lesson learned there?” the teacher asked.

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” Sally said.

“Very good. Has anyone else got a story with a moral they would like to share?”

“I do teacher,” little Eddie said as he waved his hand. “My Uncle John was a pilot in Viet Nam during the war. One day he was flying a cargo mission and was shot down by the North Vietnamese. He crash landed in the jungle, and was only able to save his M60 machine gun, a machete, and a case of beer stored on the aircraft. He hid out in the jungle hoping a chopper would pick him up. After he had finished drinking all of the beer, he was discovered by the Viet Cong who attacked him. In defense, he took out his M60 and killed fifty of them. When he ran out of bullets, he used his machete to kill fifteen more, and when his blade broke, he killed five more with his bare hands.”

The teacher looked ashen at little Eddie reeling from his tale. She stammered, “And what…what…what is the moral of that story?” she asked.

“You don’t screw with my Uncle John when he’s drunk.”

Yea, I know, the joke is not politically correct and appears to be insensitive to life, but it has also resulted in gales of laughter both yesterday and today. It also illustrates how our sense of humor has changed.

Frankly, we need to loosen up a bit and quit taking ourselves too seriously.

Fortunately, there are still some sources of humor, but you have to sniff them out. Here are some different video segments and television commercials I have enjoyed over the last few years. I am sure most are now considered politically incorrect.

Key & Peele – Substitute Teacher

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Bud Lite Dog

Bud Lite History

Bud Lite Invisible Fence

Bud Lite Institute

Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

Hahn Beer

Haynes Baked Beans


Trunk Monkey

Verizon – Yes, Yes

As Larry the Cable Guy would say, “I’m sorry, but that’s just plain funny.”

Come on, snap out of it and LAUGH!

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 40 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

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Posted by Tim Bryce on December 18, 2015


– Come on, take a moment out of your day and laugh.

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It occurred to me recently I haven’t seen too many people laughing. As for myself, I cannot remember the last time I fell down howling about something funny, and for those of you who know me personally, you know I love a good joke. Unfortunately, thanks to political correctness, it appears jokes are a thing of the past. Our gloominess may also have something to do with the state of our nation. Even in business, you don’t hear too many people raving about succuss. It seems we are all stuck in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it. I like to believe humor is the distraction we all need in this hour of distress, if for no other reason than to distract us. To this end, I am offering the following list of videos featuring humorous situations which, I hope, will cause you to at least smile. Some are old, and some are new. Either way, I hope you find something amusing in this eclectic set of subjects.

The Fielding Mellish Honeymoon Night – From the movie, “Bananas,” starring Woody Allen and featuring Louise Lasser as his recently married wife. To consummate the marriage, Allen surprises everyone by staging a fight sequence ringside in his bedroom, with Howard Cossell as the sportscaster.

Sam Kinison, Marriage and World Hunger – People from the 1980’s and 90’s will remember wild man Sam who met an unfortunate death in 1992. Kids today, are starting to discover him again. This segment was one of his first performances held at “Dangerfield’s” comedy club. Both of his subjects here are not only hilarious, but also make a valid point.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the Bunny Attack Scene – This is from my favorite Python movie, possessing some ot the best sight gags around. In this bit, King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table are traveling in search of the Holy Grail. Here, a guide takes them past a cave which holds great danger.

“The Magic Christian” hunting scene – an avant-garde movie featuring Peter Sellers as Sir Guy Grand, an eccentic British multimillionaire. His adopted sun is played by Ringo Starr. The two participate in a bird hunt in the English countryside with friends, except it turns into something only a multimillionaire could afford.

South Park, The Dog Whisperer – this is one of the most imaginative and avant-garde series on television. This particular episode is a favorite of mine, featuring Cesar Millan, from NATGO’s “The Dog Whisperer.” In this episode, Cesar’s dog training tricks are used to control Cartman.

Johnny Puleo & His Harmonica Gang w/Milton Berle – Held on ABC’s “Hollywood Palace” in 1965, this features the legendary Johnny Puleo in a famous slapstick routine.

Jonathan Winters roast of Johnny Carson – Winters could improvise a situation at the drop of a hat. Here, he portrays an old farm friend of Johnny’s from Nebraska.

Don Rickles & Frank Sinatra on Johnny Carson – Rickles visits Johnny’s set to make fun of Sinatra, only Frank has the last laugh.

Steve Martin, the Great Flydini – a classic magician sketch by Martin on Carson’s Tonight Show.

WC Fields, Honest John – this classic scene demonstrates how well the comedian captivated the attention of his audience simply by playing pool.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog at Star Wars release – From Conan O’Brien’s late night show, Triumph the insult comic dog is puppeteered and voiced by Robert Smigel. Conan has sent him to several unusual venues over the years ripe for his talents. In this segment, he visits a bunch of nerds waiting to attend the premier of a “Star Wars” movie.

Julio Iglesias & Johnny Carson sing – another classic from the Carson library where Johnny impersonates Willie Nelson and joins Julio in a competent duet of, “To All the Girls I Loved Before.”

If one of these segments (can get) got you to smirk, smile, or belly-laugh, than I have accomplished my mission. Go ahead crack a joke, say something politically incorrect, think outside the box. Believe me, you’ll feel better. As the cast of Monty Python said, “We all need a little silly.”

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Keep the Faith!

Note: All trademarks both marked and unmarked belong to their respective companies.

Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at

For Tim’s columns, see:

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Copyright © 2015 by Tim Bryce. All rights reserved.

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