– Here is one way left-wing politics penetrates the classroom.

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We have had suspicions about what academia is teaching our youth for some time now. For example, are they espousing liberal dogma as opposed to math, science, languages, literature, or even physical fitness? Recently, I came across some rather hard proof of their intentions in an 80 page PDF document titled, “Racial Justice in Education,” as produced by the NEA (National Education Administration), the largest labor union representing public school teachers. It is widely known the union is very liberal and actively supports the Democrats. To illustrate, according to OpenSecrets.org the NEA donated $20 million in 2016 to Democrat campaigns. One of its members is Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States.

The NEA booklet is touted as supporting “racial equality.” It states, “Our mission is to advocate for education professionals and unite our members and the nation to fulfill the promise of public education, to break down the barriers to racial equity, and to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world.” Sounds noble, right? The reality though is the booklet is to be used by educators to teach students about racism from a liberal perspective.

The booklet makes some rather interesting observations:

“Systemic racism is so deeply rooted in our history, culture and institutions that there’s no escaping it. Visible or not, its impacts are ever-present.” (page 12)

– This sounds more like an obsession as opposed to a true problem. I do not believe for a moment that Whites live simply to repress other racial groups. This smacks of paranoia.

“Racism is perpetuated by silence, and silence is complicity. Being ‘colorblind’ often serves as a pretense to downplay the significance of race, deny the existence of racism, and erase the experience of students of color.” (page 15)

– Translation: You must publicly state you are not a racist every 30 minutes but still beg for forgiveness.

“If you are white, you may be used to the privilege of not having to think or talk about race, especially your own.” (page 15)
“White people are racially privileged, even when they are economically underprivileged. Privilege and oppression go hand-in-hand:” (page 34)

– Does this mean Whites are privileged simply because of their race? Hardly. My family, for example, came up the hard way. My grandparents immigrated to the United States after World War I, legally I might add, and worked hard to move up in the world. We never looked down our noses at someone’s station in life, but we did expect people to work professionally and productively, assume responsibility for their actions, and behave morally. So, I fail to see how this is privileged. Neither did we consider ourselves “oppressed,” we were just happy to have the opportunity to prove ourselves through the American free enterprise system.

“Minority/minorities (definition) – A term that has historically referred to non-white racial groups, indicating that they were numerically smaller than the dominant white majority. Defining people of color as ‘minorities’ is not recommended because of changing demographics and the ways in which it reinforces ideas of inferiority and marginalization of a group of people. Defining people by how they self-identify is often preferable and more respectful.” (page 33)

– This is pure political correctness. For example, if your candidate loses an election, you are in the “minority” and the “majority” won. The use of the term is about numbers, not race, and I bitterly resent their insinuation.

“Illegals (definition) – Many outlets have changed their style guides to stop using ‘illegal’ as it applies to immigrants…”

– Another attempt to impose political correctness on the masses. In this situation, did the person try to enter our country lawfully? If not, it is an “illegal” attempt to gain access to the United States. As such, it is a perfectly legitimate word. Check any dictionary.

“Racism (definition) – Historically rooted system of power hierarchies based on race – infused in our institutions, policies and culture – that benefits white people and hurts people of color.” (page 35).

– This again implies only Whites can be racist, which simply isn’t true. I have traveled the world extensively, visited many cultures, and found racists just about everywhere. To suggest Whites have a monopoly over this is ludicrous. In reality, this is an attempt to make Whites feel guilty about being White. Sorry, but I simply do not buy it.

“Talking about racism is just a start. Taking action is the biggest driver of change. Create opportunities and strategies to move from awareness and analysis to action and impact. You and your students can go beyond the classroom by advocating for equity in your school and school district. Speak up and speak out. Be intentional about supporting more voices and leadership of people of color. And be proactive by proposing bold and concrete solutions that embody the values and vision of equity and inclusion for all.” (page 20)

– Shucks, and here I thought the purpose of public school was to teach math, science, languages, etc. I never realized it was intended to train students to become revolutionaries. Such discussions belong at home around the dinner table, not in schools.

The DEA booklet goes on to promote left-wing policies, such as:

* Eliminate police from schools. (page 52)

* Join state comprehensive immigration reform campaigns. (page 58)

* Support Black Lives Matter events and efforts to remove public symbols of racism and white supremacy. (page 63)

* Start or support a campaign to remove statues or change school names that celebrate white supremacy or demean people of color. (page 63) – (by who’s definition I would ask.)

* Fight voter suppression, voting ID requirements. (page 75)

The NEA booklet is strictly political dogma of the left and has nothing to do with teaching a normal curriculum which is what the taxpayers pay for. Instead, it is an instructional manual to teach students how to become liberal fighters.

I certainly do not deny the existance of racism, but it is certainly not limited to the United States, nor is it applied by a single race, but by all races.

It is apparent to me that whoever actually wrote the NEA paper hates Whites and possesses some rather intense anger issues. It is far from “fair and balanced.” Instead of trying to transform our youth into revolutionaries, I would much rather see a curriculum teaching them their Constitutional rights which expresses their individual liberties and equality, but that is not what the NEA is interested in. Instead, they are more interested in inflaming racism for political gain.

At least, we now know of one source where this type of nonsense is coming from, the NEA. Here, at last, is tangible proof, in black and white, on how the left is trying to mislead our youth. Parents should now try to find out who is using the document in the classroom. School boards should be asked this point blank.

For more background, see, “NEA ‘Racial Justice’ Guide Backs Left-Wing Priorities Like Defunding Police, Banning Voter ID,” by Maxford Nelsen.

A tip of the hat to old friend Rick Trader of Conservative Commandos radio show for the lead.

Keep the Faith!

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