– Are Americans stupid?

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MIT Professor of Economics and architect of Obamacare, Dr. Jonathan Gruber, put his foot squarely in his mouth when a video recently surfaced where he was quoted as saying about the Affordable Care Act, “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.” In other words, the American voter was taken for granted and assumed to be incompetent to manage his own affairs. More importantly, Gruber’s comments signifies the arrogance of the left and to what lengths they will go to pursue their hidden agenda.

Interestingly, the major television networks gave the story little, if any, air time. This is strange as Gruber basically suggested the Obama administration had misled the Congress and the country over his signature legislation. The lack of reporting of such a story smacks of a conspiracy and confirms the left’s manipulation of the mainstream media.

We also saw evidence of this when TV reporter Sharyl Attkisson was pushed out of CBS News. According to Politico, Attkisson, “who has been with CBS News for two decades, had grown frustrated with what she saw as the network’s liberal bias, an outsized influence by the network’s corporate partners and a lack of dedication to investigative reporting.” The lesson is clear, the left owns the main street media and there is no room for anyone who doesn’t play ball with them. The same is true in Hollywood as well.

As I wrote in my book, “Liberal Kryptonite,” to get their way, lying and deception is an integral part of the liberal playbook. We have witnessed this in such things as Global Warming, the War on Women, and now Obamacare. The intention is to create fear and outrage, thereby spinning public opinion. Normally, these claims cannot be substantiated, but in Gruber’s case, he accidentally let the cat out of the bag.

As another example, just prior to Thanksgiving, the White House quietly released plans for a whopping 3,415 new regulations, with several aimed at assisting the EPA. This, of course, was not picked up by the main street media and the public is unaware of the story. This is a back door maneuver engineered at a time when the American public is distracted by a major holiday. As an aside, this is certainly not the first time (or the last) the Obama administration has tried such a maneuver. It has been my experience, attorneys want to regulate everything; our actions, our perspectives and our way of life. This is just another way to promote social engineering. Such programming of the American people is unnatural and inhibits freedom and business. We need less regulations, not more.

It is this elitist mindset, as typified by Gruber and others, that should upset Americans. Basically, they are saying to the people, “You are stupid, but not to worry, we’ll do the thinking for you.”

So, are Americans stupid? Well, they voted Obama into office twice, so we know they can be easily fooled and manipulated. However, I would like to believe Americans are not as stupid as they are portrayed by liberals, if given the facts. I still believe in the sanctity of the human spirit. It is our respect for the rights of the individual and our ability to work as a team in times of crisis which makes America great. In contrast, the left sees the people as nothing more than cattle which have to be prodded accordingly.

The truth is, we ought to thank Gruber for teaching us this important lesson.

Keep the Faith!

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