– Presidential politics aside, we should really be watching the Senate races.


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While we have been preoccupied with presidential politics, the real prize is the U.S. Senate which is currently in the hands of the Democrats. The House will undoubtedly stay in the hands of the GOP, but should the Republicans take over both houses of Congress, they will be in a better position to pass legislation to move the country forward again. Back in February, I wrote a column entitled, “Who is going to run on the coattails of the President?” Here we are, eight months later, and Democrats are still keeping the President at arm’s length. I have even seen local Democratic Headquarters promoting local candidates, but no mention of Mr. Obama. Frankly, it’s somewhat ironic to see the President become a pariah of his own party after he turned the country against George W. Bush in 2008. I guess what goes around, comes around.

As I mentioned in the February article, there are many people retiring from Congress and a new set of candidates running to replace them, but the following Senatorial incumbents bear watching:

California: Dianne Feinstein (D) Delaware: Tom Carper (D) Florida: Bill Nelson (D) Maryland: Ben Cardin (D) Michigan: Debbie Stabenow (D) Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar (D) Missouri: Claire McCaskill (D) Montana: Jon Tester (D) New Jersey: Bob Menendez (D) New York: Kirsten Gillibrand (D) Ohio: Sherrod Brown (D) Pennsylvania: Bob Casey, Jr. (D) Rhode Island: Sheldon Whitehouse (D) Vermont: Bernie Sanders (I)

Washington: Maria Cantwell (D)

Aside from most being Democrats, this list represents all of the incumbent Senators who voted for both Obamacare and the President’s failed stimulus programs. Yet, when you visit their election web sites, you find little regarding how they voted on these key pieces of legislation from the Obama administration. The only exception is Washington’s Cantwell who proudly proclaims her endorsement of Obamacare. The others though make statements that they are deeply committed to health care reform but fail to mention their role in the passage of the legislation.

In examining the web sites of the senators, I found a total disconnect between these politicians and the president who represents the head of their party. There is no link to the Obama re-election web site, no photos with the president, and absolutely no mention of President Obama in print. It’s as if he doesn’t exist.

These senators are perfectly cognizant of the results of the 2010 mid-term elections and are afraid of a repeat. It should therefore come as no small surprise they distance themselves from the one person representing their biggest political liability, namely the president. Aside from a couple of races, polls have shown that Republican nominees have made great in-roads in challenging these incumbents. It is not only feasible the GOP will take back the senate, it is likely. It all depends on whether American voters will remember how these Senators voted. Most will not. This article, therefore, is designed to remind them.

If you believe Obamacare and the stimulus packages are detrimental to the country, and should never be repeated, then these people are part of the problem, certainly not part of the solution.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

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