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I’m an early riser, but then again, I think any responsible adult who has raised children develop this particular habit. Mornings are my favorite time as it is quiet and you begin to plan your day ahead. On our side of Florida (the Gulf Coast), our sunsets are much better than sunrises. Fortunately, there are other things to observe early in the day. I particularly enjoy driving at this twilight time (between 6-7 am) as there are few people on the road. There is a stillness to mornings and it’s interesting to observe people as they begin their day. Many people like to check their e-mail and tune in to social medial early on, but I don’t believe they know what they are missing outside.

As I drive through my neighborhood on my way out, I see a few people walking and jogging, but mostly walking. Some are out with their dogs for their morning walk, carrying the obligatory plastic bags to pick up the pet’s waste. As part of their ritual, the dogs sniff the morning dew on the lawns, and challenge squirrels and birds already foraging for food. Flowers and Azalea bushes are just beginning to open for the day, painting marvelous tapestries on lawns. Those who walk alone either seem to be on a mission as they march, or stroll slowly along gabbing on their smart phones. I often wonder who they are annoying at this early hour.

Children are yawning as they meander to the bus stop for the first wave of pickups for the day. All wear a backpack and look like they are off on a hike as opposed to going to school. Car pools and families are also beginning to make the rounds.

Lawn maintenance crews are setting up for the day and checking their equipment. Most are cautious not to create a raucous too early in the morning.

As I drive by our small downtown area, I see deliverymen quietly making deliveries in preparation for the upcoming weekend. The smell of breakfast is in the air as you pass local restaurants with the sweet aromas of coffee and bread. Automobile and tire stations are opening their bay doors around this time. Managers are moving promotional products and signs outside on to the sidewalk, and mechanics prepare their work stations. Some slip outside for their last cigarette or cup of coffee before beginning the day’s work.

At the local barber shop, senior citizens are quietly lined up waiting for the door to open. I learned a long time ago not to try and have my hair cut at an early hour as I possess a phobia for stampedes.

Fishermen are busy fueling their boats, checking their rigging, and stocking supplies. It pays to stop and chat with them to find out where they’re going, what is biting, and what bait they are using.

I sometimes use this opportunity to drop by the post office to check our p.o. box and drop off mail. Occasionally I run into other people there. When I say, “Good morning,” some are taken aback and look at me like I have three eyes. Maybe it’s how I say it, then again, people are still a little groggy at this hour.

The few drivers I see on the road early in the morning seem heavily sedated. They are not in as big of a rush as they do by 8:00 am and the rest of the day. You do not hear the honking of horns yet, and people seem rather courteous on the road at this hour.

When I visit my friend in North Carolina, who happens to live in a rural area, the silence is inevitably broken by roosters crowing in the distance. I guess it is their way of telling everyone who the boss is, particularly the hens. As you travel in such areas, you see farmers already up and going about their business, be it to feed the livestock or start their equipment in preparation for sunup.

Friday mornings are a favorite of mine, not because it represents the end of the work week, but because there is a quiet dignity to the day. It is the little nuances of life I appreciate and certainly do not take for granted.

Keep the Faith!

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Tim Bryce is a writer and the Managing Director of M&JB Investment Company (M&JB) of Palm Harbor, Florida and has over 30 years of experience in the management consulting field. He can be reached at [email protected]

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