– The louder they get, the stronger the candidate gets.

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As the Republican candidates shrink in size from 17 to three, attention understandably focuses on the front runner, businessman Donald Trump, a candidate depicted by the media as an outsider and threat to the Washington triad; the press, lobbyists, and politicians. He is a legitimate threat to the political status quo where each member of the triad scratches the back of the other, thereby allowing each to prosper. This also explains why the press defends Secretary Hillary Clinton vigorously, because she is very much in tune with the Washington establishment and wants to keep the money machine rolling.

Not surprising, Mr. Trump’s popular rallies have suddenly become regular targets for protests from the far left bent on silencing the candidate and derailing his chances for winning the White House. Whereas Trump is a capitalist who believes in the US Constitution, his critics are socialists who do not, and can best be described as anarchists.

Now, the liberal left and media liken Mr. Trump to a modern day Hitler, but this is a very weak comparison. Hitler was known for suppressing the freedom of speech, even going so far as to burn books. This is certainly not Mr. Trump’s policy as he believes in the right to peaceful civil disobedience. The only group trying to suppress freedom of speech is the liberal left who feels they are the only ones entitled to enjoy such freedom and nobody else, including Mr. Trump.

Like Hitler, the left claims Mr. Trump is a racist due to his positions on illegal immigration and terrorism. The reality is, Trump believes in the rule of law, unlike his detractors. He considers our sovereignty and security is threatened simply because we refuse to enforce existing laws and secure our borders. The racist accusation is, of course, a joke as his business probably has every minority on his payroll.

So who is organizing the Trump push back? It is much too organized to claim it is nothing but random individuals. Two organizations have been reported; MoveOn.org and Black Lives Matter, who have mobilized to support left wing activities. The protestors themselves are simply naive pawns.

Behind MoveOn.org is billionaire business magnate George Soros, a well known supporter of liberal political causes and a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Another major player among the antagonists is Bill Ayers, the former leader in the counterculture movement who is best known for his 1960s radical activism. In 1969 he co-founded the Weather Underground, a self-described communist revolutionary group intent on overthrowing American imperialism. In the 60’s and 70’s, his group was responsible for bombing public buildings, including police stations, the U.S. Capitol Building, and the Pentagon. This doesn’t exactly sound like peaceful civil disobediance, does it? Today, he is considered the elder statesman of anarchy at the Trump protests.

Mr. Trump’s Democratic opponents also shoulder some blame for the agitators. Mrs. Clinton through her connection to George Soros, and Sen. Bernie Sanders for his socialist supporters.

Even President Obama bears some responsibility for the agitation. He has been very critical of Mr. Trump’s rhetoric. More importantly, he sees Trump as someone who will undo all of the president’s social engineering initiatives.

In a recent Washington Times article, the president said of Trump’s rhetoric, “As a citizen who will still be leading this office, I will not support somebody who practices that kind of politics.” He went on to lament, “any effort to spread fear or encourage violence, or to shut people down when they’re trying to speak, or turn Americans against one another.”

However, as candidate Obama in 2008, he used some violent rhetoric of his own, saying to his supporters, “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors, I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face.” (June 2008).

Just as Jimmy Carter beget Ronald Reagan, Barrack Obama will beget Donald Trump. The incompetence of the incumbents is simply intolerable to the majority of Americans, thereby forcing the country to turn to an entirely different ideologue. And this is what concerns the president most, as well as the antagonists.

The reality is, the louder Trump’s opponents become, the more the country will take notice, and get behind the GOP candidate. No, they will not derail the Trump Train, they are only stoking the engine.

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