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I happened to watch the opening statements by the Democrat House members prosecuting former President Trump in Impeachment 2.0. Their arguments were laughable as they deliberately took the president’s comments out of context. They often quoted him in piecemeal, without describing his comments in its entirety. It was always my assumption the prosecutor’s job was to seek the truth in order to apply equal justice under the law. This is obviously not the case here as I believe the House prosecutors have deliberately distorted the truth and spread falsehoods.

This charade of a trial is designed at discrediting President Trump, in an attempt to prevent him from running for president again, but it is also aimed at suppressing his supporters whom the Democrats characterize as “domestic terrorists.” This demonstrates the lengths the Democrats will go to get their way.

Over and over again, I have heard the Democrats claim this or that was a “threat to Democracy.” Interestingly, they simply refuse to admit we live in a “Republic” and not a “Democracy.” Nonetheless, I see them as a true threat to the continuation of the USA as we know it.

I also do not consider Joe Biden a legitimate president for two reasons; first I have seen nothing to suggest the presidential election wasn’t stolen; years from now, historians will tout this as the biggest fraud ever enacted in the nation’s history. Second, I look upon Mr. Biden as an old man in his dotage, lacking the mental acuity to fulfill the job. It seems rather obvious to me someone is pulling his strings as he is certainly not capable of ramrodding the many executive orders he signed in the early days of his administration. I seriously doubt he understands everything he has thus far signed and the damages he has caused, particularly in the area of unemployment.

What we are witnessing is a genuine threat to our freedoms, particularly our cherished first and second amendments. The Democrats are attacking freedom of speech as they want to eliminate dissent. They will do this by enacting “domestic terrorism” legislation to suppress those who do not accept Democrat policy. Such legislation will also be used to shut down talk radio/TV. The “Fake News” will also do their part to spread propaganda and coerce political correctness, and social media will continue to discourage independent thought, and endorse Democrat positions.

The “right to bear arms” as defined by the second amendment will come under attack as well, not for safety or mass shooting reasons, but to disarm the populace. The one thing the Democrats fear is an armed public which could stop them from implementing their agenda. Hence the need for gun control legislation. Biden has made this a priority of his administration, which explains why he will attack the NRA and gun manufacturers. Although he wants legislation, look for executive orders to get the ball rolling. In response, the American public is on a record buying spree of weapons before Biden can issue his first order.

The Biden administration has already re-instituted more regulations aimed at expanding the federal bureaucracy primarily in the areas of environment, energy, housing, even the pandemic. Like the Obama administration, the government will become larger and more repressive thereby inhibiting business.

Punishment is the order of the day though as the Democrats attempt to shut down anyone opposing their programs, such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis who has been successful in containing the COVID-19 virus while allowing schools and businesses to flourish. This is in sharp contrast to Democrat governors in other states who have much worse records. In response, the Biden administration is threatening domestic travel restrictions to/from Florida, thereby attacking its economy. DeSantis will not back down and take legal action to refute such initiatives. The point is clear though; the Democrats will try to punish anyone opposing them. This conflict with Florida is just the first of many under the Biden administration.

This is obviously not the first time we’ve seen the Democrats try to bully their opponents, most notably their spying on the Trump campaign, siccing the “Fake News” to hound him, implementing two “fake” impeachments against the president, and stealing the election.

Biden claims he wants unity. The reality is the Democrats want submission to their view of the world and morality, which is a form of slavery. Some people are willing to acquiesce to this new culture, people who we label as “sheeple.” However, the 74 million people who voted for Trump will not. This is why the Democrats are working overtime to suppress Trump voters and why they want to prevent Trump from running again as he is the only person willing to stand up to them.

In a strange way, it is good that Biden became president so the American people can readily see how dangerous the Democrats have become. It will be interesting to see how this affects the 2022 election. In theory, there should be a major push-back. Then again, elections have been altered before.

If I have learned anything about the Democrats over the years, they will go to any length, and say and do anything to get their way, legal or not. They are not interested in freedom or even Democracy. It is about pushing their agenda to reshape the United States. It is all about control. So much so, they will make “Big Brother” seem rather small.

Keep the Faith!

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