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The “Stop the Steal” protest was held on Wednesday, January 6th, 2021 in the nation’s capitol. This was a massive demonstration protesting what the crowd believed to be a stolen presidential election. The people assembled peacefully, listened to a speech by President Trump, and marched to Congress. While there, several demonstrators broke into the capitol building.

I happened to have two personal friends attend the function, and their account is in sharp contrast to the one depicted by the news media. They are a retired married couple, Steve & Marge from Virginia, who requested anonymity in this report as they don’t want any retribution. I have personally known them for many years, going far back to my days in Cincinnati. No, they are most certainly not “terrorists” as President-elect Biden labeled the group, nor did they support violence or were affiliated with terrorist groups like Antifa of BLM. Heck, the husband was at Woodstock and I kidded him about the comparison. They are just basic good, peace-loving patriotic citizens who pay their taxes and are concerned about the direction of our country.

I asked them for a synopsis of what they saw and heard. Below is their report, unedited, and not requiring any analysis from me. Their words alone are illuminating.

“It was not easy being in D.C. this week at the ‘Stop the Steal’ protest. We’re older folks – 68 and 70 years old. It was very cold, there were only a couple bathrooms, no place to sit and lots of walking on hard pavement. Maskless individuals were everywhere, and that’s certainly OK, however, we are at some risk so we wore our masks and tried to keep our distance.

All that said, we are so glad we went! Since November, we have spent countless hours investigating the claims Rudy Giuliani made about the Presidential election. We have watched at least 20 hours of live testimony held at state legislatures by people who had signed sworn affidavits on the election fraud they personally witnessed. The testimony of literally hundreds of witnesses was riveting and quite shocking. We saw the video in Fulton County where the fake ‘water main break’ occurred in the early morning hours. We saw videos of media and poll watchers leave and then we saw a person pull four cases out from under a table filled with ballots! ON TAPE we saw two women put piles of those ballots through voting machines REPEATEDLY. We heard direct accounts of ugly harassment and poll watchers being kept within a ‘corral’ such that they couldn’t see the legality of ballots. We also saw a video tape of Democratic poll workers in Detroit LOUDLY booing Republican poll watchers as they were escorted out of precincts and of windows being boarded up so “we the people” could not see what was going on in that voting precinct.

We also saw an inexplicable jump of literally thousands of votes for Biden occurring in the middle of the night, right after a number of polling places had stopped counting. All of those jumps JUST managed to put Biden in the lead in the battle ground states. We also researched many of the strange anomalies associated with this election, such as Trump winning 17 out of 18 bellwether counties and Republicans unexpectedly winning a number of house seats in spite of Trump losing overall and Democrats winning none of the toss up seats.

So, where is the news on this story, probably the biggest story of the decade? Where are our traditional conservative news sources, such as the WSJ or Fox News? Where is any main stream coverage ANYWHERE, reporting on this? THEY ARE NOWHERE!! And THAT, is exactly why we went, to protest the lack of coverage and to ‘stop the steal.’ We are now witnessing corruption on a scale we never imagined here in America. It is on all sides, politicians, over 99% of media and virtually all of our courts are going along with the steal. What is hard to fathom is that we are NOT asking to necessarily overturn an election. We are simply asking for proof, for a forensic audit of what really occurred, particularly in the battle ground states. The fact they refuse to do any kind of thorough examination of the ballots or the voting machines only further raises our suspicions of voter malfeasance.

Another reason to attend the protest was a desire to be surrounded by people who know what we know, who comprehend the gravity of what we have witnessed, who believe what we believe, and who understand what is happening, that our precious, beloved America is corrupt, right down to her very core.

As we walked the streets of D.C. on Tuesday night, January 5th, we saw people of all ages, all stripes, all races, and from all across the country. Some were in wheelchairs, some in strollers, many waving flags, virtually all smiling, on their way to a pre-rally event on Freedom Plaza. We listened to speaker after speaker including Peter Navarro and an amazing young man, 15 year old Chandler Crump, stir the crowd with passion and patriotism.

On Wednesday, January 6th, we headed toward the Ellipse where President Trump was to speak. On the way we were again impressed with the camaraderie of the crowd. It was such a relief to be around like-minded people. We passed a number of Chinese people who held up signs and gravely passed out literature on the dangers of the CCP. They were in the right place. Trump gave an excellent speech about his hopes and fears for the future of America. He was certainly not advocating violence as the media has so gleefully proclaimed, after all he was simply stating what we already knew. He was being his usual blunt and straightforward self, expressing his concerns of a corrupted election and how terrible this will be for our country. We have never been to a Trump rally before so we cannot speak from experience, but we detected an undertone of his sadness.

Since we were in the outskirts of the Ellipse we left a bit early to head over to the Capitol building where people had planned to head afterward as a way to show members of Congress their concerns about election corruption. On the way we noticed a few strange characters walking in the front. They stood out from the general congeniality of the Trump supporters. They were restless, watchful, anticipatory, of what, we did not know. They did not appear to be in unison with most of the crowd.

When we eventually arrived at the Capitol building, it was rather odd, for we did not see a policeman in sight. Why wouldn’t there be any guards or police officers? After all, we knew that this very afternoon the elector voting in Congress was taking place. Shouldn’t guards be on duty? As other people arrived we enjoyed some good moments. A highly entertaining Uncle Sam was standing on a cement podium speaking through a megaphone, shouting, ‘USA,’ or, ‘Stop the Steal’ and singing humorous lyrics to familiar melodies. The atmosphere was festive. Nearby a number of people had climbed scaffolding for the inauguration. That didn’t look safe. Where were the police?

After a while, people stepped over a short fence and walked right onto the Capitol lawn. Everyone was peaceable, friendly and in good spirits. While milling around we heard a few flash bangs. We couldn’t quite tell where they came from. Some younger people started climbing onto the front porticos of the Capitol. They were yelling down to the crowd slogans such as ‘USA’ and singing ‘God Bless America.’ Suddenly a line of DC police did appear. They stood in full gear on the grounds right next to the Capitol building. They were there for maybe five minutes and then they disappeared around to other side. At one point a gentlemen approached us and told us he was from Switzerland. He then said, ‘What are you going to do about this?’ We told him simply, ‘We don’t know.’ His phone rang and he left to answer. His question reminded me the whole world was watching and was probably wondering the same thing. What are we going to do about this?

We wandered toward the other side of the Capitol building. There the police were standing on the Capital stairs. By this time we noticed some people had broken a window and climbed into the building. Other than that, we knew very little about protesters being inside the building. As it started becoming colder and windy we decided to head back to our hotel room. As we were leaving, our attention was drawn to an agitated, sketchy looking young man, who was aggressively in the face of a police officer. It reminded us of Antifa tactics we had seen in videos last summer. We also observed someone had flattened all of the tires of a truck and a trailer with Trump signs.

When we got back to our room we turned on a news program. We were absolutely shocked to hear how rioters had stormed the capitol building and created such chaos it had to be evacuated. We understand people should not have breached the Capitol building; however, 99.99% of the people involved in the protest were completely peaceful. Hundreds of thousands of citizens showed up to express their concerns for our election system and our country. The message we hoped to convey to our country and our Congress had been completely hijacked.

All news coverage was about ‘riots.’ Nothing was said about the multitude of concerned citizens who had chosen to converge at this place. We have patiently been doing the right thing, waiting since election night for events to properly play out, for the people in power to do something, ANYTHING, to bring some kind of resolution to this terrible mess. After all, our leaders, our courts and our laws are here to protect us from this kind of power grab. Aren’t they? In retrospect, this is all rather disheartening. God help us.”

Keep the Faith!

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