– How people use the Internet to vent their rage at Republicans.

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Last week it was pointed out to me that most of the protests over coronavirus shutdowns in Democrat controlled states were by Republicans, particularly in Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Critics thought the protesters were being unreasonable in combating the virus and hateful towards the government. As Democrats have said when they protest, this is nothing more than a First Amendment right of the people to peaceably assemble. Yes, they are upset with the governors in terms of wanting to reopen the state so they can go back to work, but this is far from bring offensive.

What I find particularly hateful and vicious is the discourse from Democrats eminating from Twitter, the popular social media platform. Recently, I discovered several hashtag accounts representing some rather nasty people, to wit:

Republicans are destroying America – one user contended, “Where is the racist group GOP? Oh that’s right, they don’t give a crap cause they agree with and enable a racist, lying, xenophobic, corrupt reality TV figure. Kudos GOP, you are a stain on America.” (And this was one of the nicer entries).

Republicans for Biden – Interestingly, most people in this group fail to identify themselves. I therefore suspect it is a fraud perpetrated by someone else.

Republicans Virus – this is used to blame the GOP for the devastation of the COVID-19 panic.

Republicans Are Killing Us – Another forum to blame Republicans for the virus.

GOP Corruption Over Country – a lot of nasty accusations here.

GOP Genocide – Here, again, the GOP is painted as baby killers.

Trump Lies, People Die – more accusations of incompetence and carelessness.

Not My President – more name calling (including “Deplorables”) and finger pointing.

The hate from these groups is massive and unimaginable. Frankly, I was surprised that nobody was reprimanded by Twitter for their tongue. Interestingly, I earnestly sought Republican counterparts to these groups using words such as those shown above along with others. The closest thing I could find was:

Democrats the Enemy Within – accusations of wrong-doing, but without the venom.

Democrats Hate America – pretty much the same.

This was all I could find in this regard. This either means Republicans are either more civil in their discourse or perhaps this is another instance of censorship by social media to favor Democrats.

Keep in mind, this is but one social media, there are many others also producing such venom.

The hate spewed forward by the Democrats is reckless and scary. However, if they are trying to intimidate the Republicans, I think their rhetoric is backfiring on them as it is forcing Republicans closer together as opposed to scaring them off.

All of this hints at the problems people have with the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). At first, I thought this to be a joke, but now I’m convinced it is a legitimate problem. How do you know you have TDS, well, to paraphrase comedian Jeff Foxworthy:

“You might have Trump Derangement Syndrome if…”

– you blame the President for everything.

– you believe Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer only have the best interests of the country in mind.

– you see nothing wrong with the shenanigans of Antifa.

– you believe AOC is a brilliant intellectual.

– you think it’s time to replace the Constitution with something else.

– you believe Socialism should supersede Capitalism.

– you believe you are entitled to a plethora of freebies, including education, housing, etc.

– you still live in the basement of your parents’ house.

I just wish curing Trump Derangement Syndrome was as simple as giving everyone a dose of saltpeter.

Keep the Faith!

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