– In the midst of primary season.

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In case you have forgotten, we are still embroiled in a national election, and the Democrats have yet to officially select their candidate to run against President Trump. Three more primaries are in the offing with Alaska and Hawaii on April 4th, and Wisconsin on April 7th. Due to the coronavirus, in-person voting has been cancelled in Alaska, and mail-in voting has been extended until April 10th. As of this writing, Hawaii and Wisconsin will proceed as planned. Following this, several more primaries are planned throughout April, May and June, with the Democrat convention scheduled for July 13-16, in Milwaukee.

It appears Sen. Bernie Sanders has lost the nomination to former VP Joe Biden thanks to Democrat traditionalists who helped push other nominees off the stage, and to the coronavirus which threw Sanders off the front page and TV screens. It is possible he may elect to take his supporters and form a third party, but this depends on how he performs in the remaining primaries. April 28th will be a key date as this represents a big primary day in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. If he fails to pass the muster, he is out, but if he does well, he may very well pick up his marbles and go elsewhere.

As an aside, the coronavirus may have an impact on the Democrat primaries as it may discourage people from voting, leaving only ardent supporters to cast their vote. Under this scenario, Bernie still has a shot at it.

In all likelihood, former VP Biden will get the nod as the candidate, but two things bother me about him; first, he is a liberal and not a moderate as the media is trying to portray him. Aside from abortion, Mr. Biden has a liberal background, particularly when it comes to gun ownership, health care, immigration, the Green New Deal, and civil rights.

Second, if elected president, Mr. Biden will be the oldest president in our history, inaugurated at age 78. During this campaign, there have been numerous awkward moments where Mr. Biden has sparred with voters, causing people to wonder about his mental acuity, and questioning if perhaps this is the onset of dementia. He is now being watched carefully by his handlers to avoid any more flubs or offensive remarks.

As to how the former VP would do against President Trump in a debate, he may have many years of government service, but he doesn’t have the business acumen the president possesses. It is likely he will not score well in a debate regarding the economy, a key issue for victory in November. The concern of the Democrats is that Mr. Biden will come out of the debates looking tired and confused.

We now return you to your regular programming of coronavirus panic.

Keep the Faith!

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